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Anger Soup Transform Anger into a Strengthening Elixir

Anger Soup – Transform Anger into a Strengthening Elixir

You know what it like to be angry: Anger is always a judgment that something is wrong, shouldn’t have happened, needs to be fixed.  There are mild annoyances and seething resentments.  There are little spits of anger and there is the anger that could seemingly blow up the earth.  There is anger that passes through …

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Heaven to Earth

Heaven to Earth

One way to think of energy healing is that the information for healing is coming from a dimension where it is pure and coming into our more physically-focused dimension where we have ailments.  Using this metaphor, when the information penetrates our bodies, physical healing is enhanced. In the attached video I guide viewers through a …

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Rapid Image Cycling—Change it up!

Rapid Image Cycling—Change it up!

Are you working with my Octave Resonance Spinning exercise and/or William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling?  This blog and video offer some suggestions on how I have discovered to keep my practice of these meditations fresh.  I like to practice not as if I am “doing something in my head,” but rather, meeting once again with a good friend, This way, …

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Spontaneous Remission from Cancer.

Spontaneous Remission from Cancer.

“Spontaneous” Remission from Cancer. Suzanne Interviews Her Client Ewa Suzanne Clegg helps people with cancer using her Octave Resonance Healing Approach.™  Some, while working with her, have completely reversed their cancer.  Others she has helped “heal” as they transitioned through death.  In this video, Suzanne interviews Ewa Zmyslona who had a dramatically quick cancer remission.  …

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