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Are you excited about his well-researched method that shows time and time again, complete cancer cures in mice? Perhaps you have taken his workshop or listened to his audio training, and now what? How do you actually make it work for you?

Hi, I’m Suzanne Clegg. Back in 2009, I was personally mentored by Bill Bengston.  It was while he was writing his book, The Energy Cure.  I had known him socially since 1994, and I had enjoyed his research triumphs and struggles vicariously through my husband, who worked with him at St. Joseph’s College.  I was a seasoned acupuncturist, nutritionist, herbalist, and Senior Faculty at the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine, but I couldn’t get his results with cancer!  I asked him to mentor me, and he agreed.  I had to forget most of what I knew as an energy healer to deeply comprehend his method. I worked so hard to break out of mindsets that were preventing me from allowing the healing. (Thank goodness I now know how to make it easy for my patients!) For a few years, I would take my patients to Bengston, and he would coach me in my technique and share his clinical experience with how to manage a naturally healing cancer. That mentorship changed the direction of my career.  After my first few cures, I became obsessed with all the tweaky details of his method. After treating hundreds of patients over the years, I recognize pitfalls and create solutions to the common hangups that prevent people from healing.

I have practiced the Bengston Method of people and pets for over a decade. It has been so rewarding to help so many in this way! Friends and family members are glad to have taken an active role in their loved one’s healing process. Patients show varying signs of recovery, including longer life and less pain and discomfort.

Check out William Bengston’s Book & Audio Set, as well as other Free Bengston Energy Healing Method® Resources, just click the button below.

One of my most favorite things to do in the world is to put my hands on a hot cancerous tumor and witness the person’s body cool it down and stop its pain. Often the mood of the room fills with light and love and a certain spiritual “presence.” This healing doesn’t come from me; rather, it comes from my patients’ relationship with their Source. It is truly my honor to work with people with cancer. 

Deepen Your Rapid Image Cycling Practice

You may know this technique from William Bengston.  Together, we can deepen your practice so that it works for you even better.

Connect with your future in a deeply human and spiritual way so that your Rapid Image Cycling List becomes a living spiritual reality and resource for healing, not just a mind technique. 

Many people get stuck with “hypercycling”, which I can usually help them succeed at with about 10 minutes of coaching.

This may be new to you.  I teach it to many of my patients and encourage them to study it from the source by listening to Bengston’s audio training or attending his workshops.  See www.bengstonresearch.com

Suzanne was personally mentored by William Bengston

Suzanne has known William Bengston socially since 1994.  Her husband and Bill were professors together at St. Joseph’s College.  She followed the adventures of Bill’s mice research and met people he cured.  In 2009 she finally took him up on his offer to teach her how to work with cancer.  For several years, she would take her client to him, have him watch her work, and learn his method.  He would also visit her clinic and mentor her process with her clients.  It was a unique opportunity to learn what to expect with naturally healing tumors.  Suzanne works independently of William Bengston and integrates his method into the other things she knows.  There is so much more to supporting a naturally-healing tumor than simply Rapid Image Cycling while touching—even though that is a core practice!

Use the Bengston method with a real live person or pet with cancer

There is a LOT more to managing a naturally healing tumor than can be taught in Bengston’s workshops, audios, and books.  If you want to do his method, definitely attend and consume those resources! Then when you need guidance from someone with many years of clinical experience with his Method, ask me for help.  I have been helping people holistically since 1980 as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Licensed Acupuncturist, herbalist, Harmonic Medicine Practitioner.  I have been using the Bengston Energy Healing Method since 2009. I can help you in a one-off session or as ongoing support for your healing journey.

Avoid doing things that can stop the Bengston Energy Healing Method

Mark Twain said, “It’s not what you know that gets you into trouble.  It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” I have seen the Bengston Method work and have seen it not work enough times that I recognize how to encourage when it is working and help you adjust something when it isn’t. Don’t waste your time doing it wrong.

Learn how to tell if The Energy Cure is working

I use my Octave Resonance Healing Approach as a framework that helps patients relate to the process.  I have written about 22 ways to tell if it is working in my book,  There Is Another Way: Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer, available on Amazon.  Often, intuitive abilities have more to do with knowing what to notice than having superpowers.

Learn how to include your authentic spirituality in your practice

One of the axioms of the Bengston Energy Healing Method is to avoid blind belief in the cure but rather, have open-minded skepticism.  I wholeheartedly endorse this attitude.  I’ve seen zealots muck up the works time and time again.   However, in working with hundreds of patients, I’ve learned that something must be done with pre-existing spiritual beliefs!  You cannot pretend you don’t have them! I can help you be conscious of your beliefs, put them in a place in your consciousness that will enhance healing rather than limit it.  This is usually a matter of going deeper into your authentic spirituality, never abandoning it.

How do you learn the Bengston Method when you are in crisis, scared, or overwhelmed?

The problem I had for many years was that it took a lot of effort for my patients to learn Bengston Energy Healing.  Yes, the hands-on healing techniques work better when you or your family members learn it themselves but how do you take on a huge learning project when you know it is dissolving all around you? I found that if I could get people to see immediate results, they were able to “learn as they healed.”  Problem solved!  Motivation engaged!  I like to cool down tumors, stop the pain, or otherwise see noticeable physical changes during every single session.  I often empower family members to accomplish this with about an hour of training.  Once this is happening, each session can deepen their understanding of how to do it better.

How to manage a naturally healing tumor

You can learn the basics of the Bengston Method from his audio or his classes.  It is quite another thing to actually go through a healing process.  This is where my clinical experience can help enormously.  I like my patients and their caregivers to do 90% of the hands-on healing techniques. I am their resource for how they are doing it, and how they are responding, and giving them tips and encouragement.  When I intuitively connect with a patient when I am doing Distance Healing, I am able to sense things about cancer that most people can’t.  Then I teach you what to pay attention to, and suddenly, you are noticing that you are “doing it!”
Check out William Bengston’s book and audio set, as well as other free Bengston Energy Healing Method® resources HERE.

What does the Bengston Energy Healing Method® treat?

The Bengston Method has been formally researched for cancer in mice. I have had success using it to help cancer, Alzheimer’s, ALS, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, asthma, bronchitis, digestion, hormones, pain, and emotional and spiritual problems. As with cancer, I do the Bengston Method in a context that includes bio-medical, lifestyle, nutrition, and other holistic measures.

Is the Bengston Energy Healing Method® right for me?

Not everyone will benefit from this technique or even get the full results expected. A variety of factors may influence your ability to benefit from this energy-based technique (See CancerFAQ). Fortunately, there are many ways to tell if you are responding.

Can the Bengston Method be used over a distance?

Yes! I use the method to cool down hot cancerous tumors while speaking with you on the phone.  These conversations/healings often take away the pain and help with psycho-spiritual issues.  That being said, it is my experience that the treatments are often stronger when there is a human touch. Friends or family members can assist the process by touching their loved one with cancer (human or animal) while I do the remote healing. These Zoom sessions allow my patients to receive hands-on healing affordably and conveniently in their own homes.  My role is one of a healer and a coach with decades of clinical experience.  I empower family members and patients to give/receive plenty of energy work when it is needed.  Cancer is a family affair, and involving everyone gives them something concretely helpful to do rather than watch their loved one suffer.

Can I do the Bengston Method on myself?

If you are the one with cancer, I work with you directly and train you how to be present with your SELF while doing the Bengston Energy Healing Method.  You may learn how to reduce your own pain, charge your own cotton, and learn to connect authentically with your own healing forces.  You will learn a soul-full way to do Rapid Image Cycling (part of the Bengston Method) in a way that creates a beautiful soulful connection to your healing process.

Are there any side effects of the Bengston Energy Healing Method®?

Each person’s journey is unique. The main risk people encounter is that if they do not respond well to the Bengston Energy Healing Method®, then they may have wasted precious time and may have avoided doing something that could have saved their life. Fortunately, there are ways to tell if you are not responding.

If a patient feels uncomfortable after a treatment, which consists of Suzanne gently touching a few places on the body, it is an indication that healing is probably happening. For example, a tumor may get softer and larger before it implodes and disappears. The method seems to help “clear” stuck emotional conditions, and there can be some long overdue emotional issues that suddenly become important to deal with. Sometimes patients get a “sample” of what was stuck in their energy field as it leaves!  Deep personal insight about the meaning of the illness in one’s biography is common. The method works multi-dimensionally. Good healing often rearranges not only the body but also any toxic relationships with people or work.

How does the Bengston Energy Healing Method® differ from other forms of energy work?

The main difference is in the results it gets. For example, I was doing energy work, including acupuncture, harmonic medicine, shamanism, and therapeutic Touch for years, but I did not successfully treat cancer until I was mentored by William Bengston. Since then, I have learned to guide the typical reactions people have to the method so that it works for them or to realize that it is not what they need.  Most energy medicine providers say, “ask your doctor,” but a physician rarely sees naturally healing tumors, so patients crave someone with experience in the physical aspects of healing.  Like other healers, I can intuit how my patients are doing, but I don’t like to rely on psychic impressions.  My clinical experience of seeing so many people through their life-threatening situations helps us stay grounded.

Another difference between this method and others is the level of involvement of the patient.  Human patients need to learn the Rapid Image Cycling technique and be actively involved (animals don’t.) I help patients learn how to relate to their process so they can cool down their tumors (or other physical problems) by themselves.

While I consider the method spiritual, my approach is more “observational” than “faith-based.”  I help you link your authentic experience of “the beyond” by helping you observe subtle shifts in your physical experience. The body will tell you what it needs if you know how to observe.


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