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Bengston Energy Healing

William Bengston found he could cure cancer.

Dr. William Bengston, PhD successfully demonstrated an energy-based techniques could successfully cure cancer in experimental mice. The animal studies were conducted over ten years in five different universities. His method appears to have promising health benefits for people as well.

How does Suzanne know William Bengston?

Suzanne has known William Bengston socially since 1994.  Her husband and Bill have been friends and co-workers at St. Joseph’s College since then.  She followed the adventures of his research and met people he cured.  In 2009 she finally took him up on his offer to teach her how to work with cancer.  For several years, she would take her client to him, have him watch her work, and learn his method.  He would also visit her clinic and mentor her process with her clients.  It was a unique opportunity to learn what to expect with naturally healing tumors.  Suzanne works independently of William Bengston and integrates his method into the other things she knows.


Check out William Bengston’s book and audio set, as well as other free Bengston Energy Healing Method® resourcesHERE

What does the Bengston Energy Healing Method® treat?

The Bengston Energy Healing Method® has been formally researched for cancer in mice. Suzanne Clegg has had success using it to help cancer, Alzheimer’s, ALS, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, asthma, bronchitis, digestive, hormonal, pain, emotional and spiritual problems.

Is the Bengston Energy Healing Method® right for me?

Not everyone will benefit from this technique, or even get the full results expected. A variety of factors may influence your ability to benefit from this energy-based technique (See Cancer FAQ). Fortunately, there are many ways to tell if you are responding or not.

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Can the method be used over a distance?

Suzanne Clegg discovered that she could use the method to cool down hot cancerous tumors while talking to people on the phone.  She can also take away pain and help with psycho-spiritual issues.  That being said, it is her experience that the treatments are much stronger when there is human touch. She often supports people between in-person treatments with distance healing sessions. Since many people travel long distances, this helps to keep the healing momentum going between treatments. The other way to benefit if one lives far away, is to have Suzanne train a friend or family member in the Bengston Energy Healing Method®. That makes daily treatments much more convenient.

Are there any side effects of the Bengston Energy Healing Method®?

Each person’s journey is unique. The main risk people encounter is that if they do not respond well to the Bengston Energy Healing Method®, then they may have wasted precious time and may have avoided doing something that could have saved their life. Fortunately there are ways to tell if you are not responding.

If a patient feels uncomfortable after a treatment, which consists of Suzanne gently touching a few places on the body, it is an indication that healing is probably happening. For example, a tumor may get softer and larger before it implodes and disappears. The method seems to help “clear” stuck emotional conditions and there can be some long over-due emotional issues that suddenly become important to deal with. Sometimes patients get a “sample” of what was stuck in their energy field as it leaves!  Deep personal insight about the meaning of the illness in one’s biography is common. The method works multi-dimensionally. A good healing often rearranges not only the body, but also any toxic relationships to people or work.

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How does the Bengston Energy Healing Method® differ from other forms of energy work?

The main difference is in the results it gets. For example, Suzanne Clegg was doing energy work, including acupuncture, Harmonic Medicine, Shamanism, Therapeutic Touch for years, but she did not successfully treat cancer until she was mentored by William Bengston. Since then, she has learned how to navigate the typical reactions people have to the method so as to guide patients to making it work for them, or to realize that it is not what they need.  Most energy medicine providers say “ask your doctor”, but a physician rarely sees naturally healing tumors, so patients crave someone with experience in the physical aspects of healing.  Like other healers, Suzanne can “intuit” how her patients are doing, but really appreciates her clinical experience of touching and looking at tumors that helps her patients stay grounded in their life-threatening situation.

Another difference is the level of involvement of the patient.  Patients need to learn a mental technique and practice it when they have strong emotion. Suzanne helps patients learn how to relate to their process so they can cool down their tumors (or other physical problems) by themselves.

While Suzanne considers the method “spiritual”, her approach is more “observational” than “faith based”.  She helps her patients link their authentic experience of “the beyond” by helping them observe subtle shifts and changes in their physical and emotional and spiritual experience.  The body will tell you what it needs if you know how to observe.

The Bengston Energy Healing Method® is useful for many physical, emotional and spiritual situations.  If you are particularly interested in how Suzanne Clegg’s cancer program, please read the Cancer FAQ section.  She is also developing an online training program for people who want to try her version of the Bengston Energy Healing Method®.

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Suzanne Clegg, RDN, LAc is a New York State Licensed and National Board Certified Acupuncturist, a Registered Dietitian, an Acutonics® sound healing therapist, a medical intuitive and an herbalist. She is one of the few people William Bengston has extensively mentored. She often recommends that her patients buy his book and audio set which explains in detail what patients can do to enhance their results using energy healing.  She will soon be leading online courses in her version of the William Bengston technique.