Heaven to Earth

Heaven to Earth

One way to think of energy healing is that the information for healing is coming from a dimension where it is pure and coming into our more physically-focused dimension where we have ailments.  Using this metaphor, when the information penetrates our bodies, physical healing is enhanced.

In the attached video I guide viewers through a spinning meditation that uses an image of a current going from Heaven to Earth (with you in between), and watching the magnetic spinning field emanate from that.  

This is helpful if you are a total beginner to spinning meditations for healing, if you have been working with sound healing and frequency healing for some time, or if you are using William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling technique and you want to change it up.  

Here are the steps:

  1. Imagine a vertical axis going through your upright torso.  
  2. Imagine this axis is a current of love that is flowing through you from heaven to earth.
  3. Use the “right hand rule” to imagine a spinning magnetic response to the direction of this current.
  4. Notice the right speed of the current that generates a magnetic spinning field.
  5. If you have learned Rapid Image Cycling, feel free to put your images in the spinning field. (Click here for training in that).  Otherwise, the spinning alone can be very therapeutic.
  6. Watch, notice, and be curious about any physical sensations you get.
  7. Watch, notice, and be curious about any emotional reactions you get.  Be just as aware and welcoming to anger-fear-sadness as you are to reverence-devotion-awe.
  8. Occasionally, stop actively imagining the current and magnetic field and just feel the echos of the exercise in your body/mind.
  9. Keep this up until it feels complete (2-30 minutes).

Reach out and let me know if there is a difference between this spinning image and the images of a spinning top, turning bicycle tire, or blender.

Resources to learn Energy Healing:

Free Distance Healing Live every Friday 10:30 AM Eastern Time on Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group.  I guide participants through a simple distance-healing method. More healers and healees present tend to make it more powerful.  You can join us live or watch the replay!

Read my short Book, also available with Kindle, There is Another Way, I wrote this as a primer for how to work with cancer in an animal or a person.  People have another layer of complexity but everything that applies to animals also applies to people.

Take my Masterclass on Octave Resonance Healing.  This is a one-hour introductory hands-on-healing class.

Playlist: 11 videos on Ways to Enhance Distance Healing

Book a call with me to start your one-on-one training and distance healing

Browse the Cancer FAQs where I’ve answered many common and important questions.

Playlist: I’ve recorded my Cancer FAQs answers, too.

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