Energy Medicine for People and Pets with Cancer -

What if I told you that your body is designed to heal itself?

Your body is an amazing thing. It can heal itself, and it even wants to heal itself. But sometimes it forgets and needs gentle reminders. If you’re sick, or if you’re suffering from chronic pain, that means your body’s natural healing ability has been disrupted in some way. I help people just like you recover from chronic diseases every day. I got my B.S. in Nutrition & Food Science from Utah State University (1980), and joined its Neurophysiology doctoral program (1983 – 1988) while studying for the Tri-State Institute of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (1987 – 1990). I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, a Licensed Acupuncturist, and a Medical Intuitive who has been helping people recover from their “incurable” diseases for over 35 years now. I can help you overcome your health challenge by using any of these holistic healing methods. I worked for Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center teaching Sound Healing to their therapists in 2009 and 2014, New York Hospital (Cornell University Medical Center) (1988 – 1989), Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (1987 – 1988) and Holy Cross and Cottonwood Hospitals (1980 – 1982)

  • Acupuncture (with needles or tuning forks)
  • Acutonics® Sound Healing
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Functional analysis of laboratory test results
  • Detoxification
  • Reducing environmental toxins

All treatments, whether online or in-person, are designed to get you back to full health without harming your body or using unnatural/unmedical methods.

Here Are Just Some of the Problems I Help People Overcome:

  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Digestion Issues
  • Migraines
  • And many other serious issues

No matter what condition my patients have come to me with, they’ve always gotten the care and support to free themselves from their pain and really live again. You’ll have the option of an in-person visit where you’ll be welcomed into a warm and loving environment, or a remote healing session.

What Makes My Healing Method Special?

Unlike most energy medicine providers, I have a strong biomedical background and use energy medicine as part of an overall holistic approach to wellness. I’ve worked in hospitals and health centers, and have over 35 years clinical experience taking things as non-tangible as energy, or as basic as food, and creating real, physical, measurable results.

My patients have been helped, and often completely healed, using only natural holistic methods. What that means for you is that I don’t waste your time using methods that don’t get the results you need.

I have the experience to know if you’re responding to my treatment or not, and will work with your physician as part of your health care team. My Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ is based on the idea that there are multiple levels, or octaves, of healing.

They are:

  • Octave of the Spiritual
  • Octave of Emotions and Images
  • Octave of Life Force
  • Octave of the Physical

These octaves, or aspects of yourself, are not separate. And when I help you get them harmonized they’ll resonate together. That’s when true healing happens. Too often, modern medicine fails to heal patients because it doesn’t account for the four octaves, usually only relying on the physical. But my unique approach successfully activates all four octaves, allowing your body to naturally heal itself, risk-free.


This means that you’ll get real physical improvement in your health…often without resorting to drugs or surgery. You don’t need to “believe” in the Octave Resonance Healing Approach™. In fact, it’s better if you try to keep a neutral mindset. All you need to do is simply observe how it’s working. It’ll either be obvious that you’re improving, or I can help show you the subtle signs your body is giving you. Blood work and scans ordered by your doctor also help us know that you’re on the right track.


What our patients are saying

I did feel a flowing .. like lava, from my heart entering into a growing pool of magnificent Healing, Loving Energy…my thanks to you and all who affected the Ethers with such benefit for us and so far beyond…

Irene Munaco

Becca’s Healing Story

Hamster Healed with Energy Medicine.