Are you clinging too hard to energy healing?

Are you clinging too hard to energy healing?

Your cancer is life-threatening.  You are grasping (hard) at straws.  You’ve even turned to energy healing!?  You need to live and you are afraid that if you let go, you will just stop caring and float into death.  Grim thoughts.  Paradoxically, if you can let go of the white-knuckle grip, you will be more receptive to energy healing.  That starts to make sense, so you try to let go.  But you find that only the superficial 5% lets go.  Your deep terror, anger, confusion, and sadness rears its menacing head and you understandably cling onto any light-filled, freedom-loving, all-powerful thought you can muster.  It’s as if there is a black hole pulling you into death.  The straws of healing, light, and love you grasp are ever so slightly comforting.  Fighting the pull of the black hole seems pointless, but our love and light seem impotent against it.  Cancer marches on.  You’ve heard of some people who tapped into the light and were cured.  It’s worth a try, so you cling harder and harder to the light.

There is another way

Detached observation of the light and the dark while doing a spinning meditation.

It’s quite do-able!  Really!

In this video, I guide viewers through a drill that engineers a detached inner stance.

  1. Start your spinning visualization (see this link for a simple explanation on the technique).
  2. Think of something pleasant or neutral while you spin.  Notice how easy or difficult it is.
  3. Switch your thoughts to the shadow of cancer, your “black hole of despair” or similar dark thoughts.  Keep spinning but notice if the speed, or some other quality, of the spinning changes because you are now focusing on this negative thought.
  4. Go back and forth a few times between pleasant or neutral and negative.  This sets up your spinning as a non-physical, perceptive device.
  5. If your cycling slows down with the negative thought, ask the part of you that “knows” to find a frequency that allows you to spin fast anyway.  Ask for help from the part of you that isn’t blocked or stopped by the mere thought of disease.
  6. The goal is to achieve a place of detachment where no matter what you are focusing on, your spinning happens.  This meditation is more nuanced than “faster must be better.”  Faster spinning is not always better than slower, but if your cycle clunks to a stop while thinking of your dire circumstances, that’s interference.  Instead, claim your freedom, find a frequency of healing regardless. 

Watch the video for the drill.  Use it to detach from your white-knuckling grip.  Simply witness what is happening in the here-and-now as you practice your spinning meditation.  Let me know what you learn… there is much that is discovered when you play with this!

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