Are you working with my Octave Resonance Spinning exercise and/or William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling?  This blog and video offer some suggestions on how I have discovered to keep my practice of these meditations fresh.  I like to practice not as if I am “doing something in my head,” but rather, meeting once again with a good friend, This way, my process stays fresh and continues to grow as my special tool to catalyze healing and manifestation.

Working with your Rapid Image Cycling List and then spinning it is a meditation practice, which like all repetitive inner work, can get stale.  Working with a spinning ball of light without a “list” in it, is also a meditation practice (See this video for how to get started with a healing spinning meditation in about 7 minutes).  In other videos I have described why a spinning meditation is a great tool.  If you are not familiar with Bill Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling exercise, please use this link to purchase Bill his training for a discount.  These are my ideas about how I use his method, so don’t take them as his ideas…they are simply my way of playing with the material

Why is it important to keep our list fresh and alive?  Let’s use the analogy of a personal friendship.  If we regularly meet someone for lunch or coffee, or something like that, we could say that they are probably a good friend (why meet up regularly if they are not a good friend?).  If they were a very good friend we would probably do many different things with them, but even if our “thing” was to just meet weekly at a restaurant, it would not be the same meeting each time.  Each of us would have had different life experiences and adventures since our last meeting.  We would want to catch up on what was new. We would want our meeting to help us create something new together, or enjoy each other’s tales of their recent adventures.  If we always talked about the same people in the same way or the same stuck places in our life, without anything new developing,  we would probably start finding excuses to not meet regularly.  Without a buzz and a zest for something new, relationships fall flat.   Lively loving relationships are interesting.

If you have been doing Rapid Image Cycling for more than a few months, how do you keep it interesting?  Without that interest, the whole practice loses traction and becomes just another great tool that you aren’t really using.  That’s a downer, and Image Cycling is a healing tool, so that’s a clue there is something missing in your relationship.  What do we do when something is missing in a relationship?  We change something. Then we watch to see if more liveliness and interest comes into the interaction.

These three categories contain millions (!) of ways to change things up:

  1. Change the size.  Your spinning ball of light can be the size of a chemical reaction, a pea, a grapefruit, a basketball, a house, a planet, etc.
  2. Change the location.  Is your cycle in front of you?  How far?  Behind you?  How far?  To the side?  Inside you?  Below you?  In outer space?  Does it change size depending on where it is?
  3. Change the shape.  All of our three dimensional existence vibrates.  There are interpenetrating cyclical grooves that form our reality.  Take your pick.  Have your cycle look like:  a tornado, a bathtub drain vortex, a blender blending, a bicycle tire spinning, a ball spinning, a disc spinning, a dryer, a washing machine, a solar system, etc.  

Here’s the real key to keeping your relationship alive:  

Just like with a human relationship, it’s not nice to boss the other around.  It is nice to ask politely if our friend would like to change the restaurant we regularly meet at, talk about something else, include someone else, have a full dinner instead of just tea.  You get the drift. 

In your relationship with your cycle, you can also awhat it would like to do.  Yes, you are not crazy, you are simply acknowledging that when you ask a question, you get a new idea.  You are trying to nurture your healing practice, always welcoming new ideas about how to do things better.  It’s as simple as asking.  ASK your cycle what size it would like to be.  If it is stuck in a rut… offer some suggestions, “would you like to be golf ball size or basketball size or something else?”  You will get a click when you have it.

Regarding location, you can take on the persona of Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham:  “Would you like it in a box?  Would you like it with a fox?  Would you like it here or there?  Would you like it anywhere?”

It’s a fresh lively relationship that is a more powerful healing tool when you find the size, shape, and location that your cycle wants to be in the here and now.  A little direction is fine, but ultimately, it’s a two-way living relationship.

If you are wanting to freshen up your relationship, sometimes getting a third party involved helps.

Take your practice where it is actually benefiting you with a 1-session, 3-session, or 10-session deeper dive into your healing practice. A simple request of already being familiar with Bill Bengston’s work (reading his book, listening to his audio training, or attending one of his days-long training, etc.) is required.  That way you can tell the different between yours and my “playful improvisations” and what is Bengston’s form of his exercise.

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