15 Tips for Successful Group Distance Healing

15 Tips for Successful Group Distance Healing

15 Tips for Successful Group Distance Healing

Every Friday, we hold a live Facebook session for distance healing in a group setting.  Members who have participated for many group sessions and newcomers may both notice there are different parts of the process.  The question here is: how do you participate as a patient?  How do you allow yourself to receive the actual healing? 

Even if you are not here as a patient, you are here as a caretaker for someone you know, or your pet, with cancer.

So, I wrote some ideas on how to participate as a patient.

1. Open your heart to the possibility of healing 

Opening your heart to healing happens around the chest area, somewhere around the center.  Whenever I have a warm fuzzy feeling, I know my heart is open.  Then I make sure I feel it in my body.  With this process, we are trying to bring Heaven to Earth; not just trying to think heavenly thoughts, but to actually make a difference in people’s physical bodies.  It happens through resonance. 

2. Invite the Divine process 

It is important to include the divine part of you, i.e. your supra-consciousness that has access to the information to turn on the apoptosis in your cancer cells.  Apoptosis is a cell that undergoes self destruction.  If you want to tap into your future free-and-healed Self, it may help to include the divine in your participation as a patient.

3. Activate your Octaves with breathing, emotions, imagination, and thinking

For my Octave Resonance Healing, I use a four-fold system which includes physical, life force, emotions/images, and self awareness octaves.  You have to take a deep breath to feel your life force and be in your living body.  Whether you are watching the weekly session live with us or watching the recording later, you need to make sure your physical body, and your sense of liveliness, is present in your awareness. 

4. Use time 

This process involves using time to resonate with your fellow participants.  If you were live with me on Facebook, you would have noticed that there are other people present as well at the same time, and you tune into the time.  If you watch the video later, you tune in to the idea that it’s all happening at once and that the past is in your presence.  If you haven’t watched the video at all, tune into the Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group.  These videos will serve as a portal for you to feel like you were present in the live session. 

5. Use space 

Using space involves how you feel or how you notice someone’s physical presence in a room without seeing or touching them.  For instance, if you are sitting with your back to an entryway and you notice a movement, it is probably someone coming in but you don’t initially know who they are; the room will feel different.  That feeling, or sensation, is something we all have yet we don’t remember to turn it on.  On that note, it helps to activate that feeling, that sense, during a group session. 

Whenever we are doing a group distance healing session, we need to understand that everyone is present with each other.  We may not have walked into the same physical room together, but we walked into the same cyberspace together.  You will notice how you can feel each other’s presence.  Simply know that there is awareness of your presence, and your own awareness of others in the group.  You will feel it during the session, or if you watch the video later.

6. Use the Guided Visualization

This process involves the use of guided visualization to simultaneously be present in your body, time, space, and everything that was said above.  The guide of visualization strengthens your ability to allow healing.  It doesn’t do the healing, it provides a groove, a track in space, or a portal to help you focus on a similar set of things.  Coming together into this energetic line, or alignment, strengthens you as you go through the guide of visualization. 

7. Don’t mistake what has been said so far with the actual healing

You can visualize how resonating and meeting with the group opens the door, but the actual healing happens in your body.  It is something inside of you, your mind and body, and your totality that opens to the grace of the universe.  It is the divine information that tells you how to heal.  No!  You are not putting it in your body, you are waking up to it! 

8. Use observation rather than blind belief

We all have different things we believe in so it is not about our beliefs, it is about actually getting to a place of observing our beliefs.  This puts you into an observation mode which is an even freer part of your consciousness that enhances the healing.  Knowing that you have all these boxes of perception and beliefs, by nature, is not a realistic totality.  These boxes have been collected and they work in many situations.  Knowing we are in a perceptual box, a way to open this to healing is to be curious; to ask a question. 

9. Ask questions…be curious

If we are busy saying we are going to get better, we won’t win that way.  It will appear as if you are bossing God around, and it doesn’t work like that.  Instead, you should ask to be shown the way out of the predicament.  There is a sort of openness, and that openness will allow you to enhance your ability to heal.  So, be curious.  And ask, for instance, “what can I be aware of, that with my awareness, would enhance my ability to receive healing?”

10. Go to the pond in the guide of visualization 

Going into the pond of visualization requires you to be part of the Spirit Gate Cancer Support Group, as the pond is where we visit during these sessions.  If you are a patient and your name is on the list to be read, there is a place, a pond, where the healees are put on little boats in the water.  Therefore, as a patient, I encourage you to actually get on a boat.  Imagine stepping onto the water and having the waters of manifestation rise up to hold and support you through your journey.  Endeavor to make that a real sensation. 

11. Notice how the healing of others is helping your healing

It is said that the rise in tide lifts all boats.  This is part of the reason why group healings work.  You can activate your healing by appreciating the healing of other people and pets.  Pets are so pure that when they heal, it is real and powerful.  If you know any dog, cat, horse, etc., with cancer, you can add their names to the list provided in my Facebook group.  Just by hearing the names of others being read by me during the group session can help your healing as well.  Reading names and knowing we are all present helps to support the process of healing.

12. Begin to wonder, as your name is read with healing intention

When your name is mentioned, certain thoughts will go through your mind.  You will begin to wonder if you should hunker down, receive it, feel joy in your heart, and feel yourself being healed.  Those are possibilities, but an even better one is to just be your authentic self.  You will then begin to notice what the healing looks like now, and try to let it be whatever it is.  Some days you might feel the need for all those bells and whistles and music of the spheres, etc., while other days you might feel like nothing.  In my experience, feeling nothing is what we are actually going for because if the healing is happening and we are feeling the physical changes, without making it into a glamor trip, I know that we are not just egotistically wishing.  We are actually witnessing.  This is why sometimes I don’t do anything.  It’s on purpose.  When your name is read, you simply become curious.  There is no right or wrong way to feel.  An additional resource for understanding this is watching my introductory masterclass.

13. Notice changes 

As we leave the guide of visualization, you can notice any changes that happened.  If you have been healed or healing has started, you will feel things and be aware of things.  You might also notice your inner sight or get visions of something as you are leaving the guided visualization.  You might notice something relax inside, maybe you’ll hear inner sounds, or have body sensations.  You might feel your pain change.  Just notice, whatever it is to notice.

14. Ask what you should do after healing

It is important to ask what to do to keep the reception of the healing going for the next few days.  One of the axioms of spiritual work is to ask and it is usually given 100% of the time.  It involves your ability to read the signal and interpret it.  So just ask and you will either get an idea right away or soon you will say, “I can do that.”  And that will be something that you can say you do have the time for, the money, and consciousness for, and it might even be fun.  Healing often feels light.

15. Take breaks

Taking breaks is very necessary.  Just like you go to sleep every night and take a break from consciousness, I also like to take a break from healing everybody all the time.  Certainly my desire to be of service is in the background all the time.  Think of the heartbeats with rhythms and cycles and that it is part of how Heaven comes to Earth.  It comes in cyclic, vibratory frequencies.  So, if you are always on, it’s like the white-knuckle grip that doesn’t always let you receive.  Remember to take breaks.


Now let’s do the healing. 

Please join the Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group to:

  • Engage with other group members, sharing experiences with the practice of healing, making connections, and providing support
  • Learn how to give and receive energy healing
  • Participate with a group of amazing healees and healers during our weekly group sessions
  • Join our weekly group sessions, live or later, to receive teachings, guided meditation, and guidance with spinning energy, or Rapid Image Cycling
  • Add a person or pet’s name to the list for Suzanne to read with healing intention
  • Be present! It’s free!

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