Spacing Out While Doing Rapid Image Cycling

Spacing Out While Doing Rapid Image Cycling

Whether you are cultivating a Rapid Image Cycling practice and have a need to make sure you are really doing it, or if you are just curious about what people who do this meditation consider, I hope this tip helps.  If you don’t know what Rapid Image Cycling is, or are struggling with all the parts, here’s a simplified spinning meditation.  I use this simple method with my private clients, who after a 7-minute training, are often able to cool down hot cancerous tumors, reduce pain and gain a beautiful state of emotional/spiritual well being.  

I teach my private patients how to do the spinning in their imagination while they are doing something else. Yes, multitasking!  Many of my students learn this the first session… right out of the gate.  The part is easy. The problem many face is that they lose their focus on the spinning, minutes go by, and they forget they are spinning.  It’s hard to sustain being in two places at the same time.

Lest you think it is a super-human skill to do two things at a time, take heart!  This is a natural, normal thing all of us do all the time.  If you drive a vehicle, you can talk, listen to something, learn something, look at the scenery, listen to ambient sounds, be aware of danger, strategize how to navigate…  all while moving your foot on and off the gas, turning the steering wheel, and occasionally operating the temperature controls.  

You can most likely walk and chew gum.

You can take a shower, wash your body, contemplate the plans of your day, while singing, and getting great ideas (some of my best ideas come from the shower)!

You can converse with a family member while you cook, serve food, and eat.

You get the idea.  Most of the time we are doing at least two things at once.  So the practice of doing a spinning meditation while being focused on physical, emotional, and/or thinking activities is not a skill that can only be developed by especially gifted people.  Does it take practice?  Sure, but it’s not hard to practice, and it can make a huge difference in your life!

Here is a spinning meditation drill that previously I reserved for private clients who come to me for energy-healing and training on how to treat their beloved friends, family members and pets with cancer.. 


If you are wondering what a spinning meditation is please know that, with this simple 7-minute instruction, many of my clients are able to cool down hot cancerous tumors and reduce pain.  Once they are good at that, I often introduce them to William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling technique.  They learn it quickly and easily.  Then I guide them on how to manage their naturally-healing tumor, or other ailment, using my 40 years as a holistic health professional and 13 years specializing in energy therapy for cancer.

Back to the ranch:

What is the difference between forgetting you are doing your spinning and putting it on automatic where it’s still happening but you are only peripherally aware of it?

Try this quick drill:

  1. Imagine a disc of light, about the size of a grapefruit or your fist, rotating rapidly behind your head.  Rotate it at least as fast as a blender.
  2. Stop the spinning… notice what changes in your body and the energy field around your body.
  3. Start the spinning… notice.
  4. Stop the spinning… notice.
  5. Start the spinning… notice.

Hopefully you feel a difference, somewhere.  I tend to feel an uplifting, spacious sensation when I am spinning.  You may feel something different.  If you don’t feel a difference, try spinning much much faster (like the “speed of green” which is 5.45 x 1014 Hz). This awareness is something you want to cultivate.  

If you were walking, holding hands with a loved one, you have probably cultivated the ability (back when you were an infant) to know when you are no longer holding hands.  Even though you are talking, walking, noticing the view, thinking about stuff… when you let go of holding hands, you notice.  The above drill will help you start noticing what it feels like when you are doing and not doing your spinning or cycling meditation.  It’s important to do this from an automatic part of you, but not entirely forget that you are still doing it.

Hopefully that short drill helped you feel the difference.  The next step is to do this spinning meditation while walking, talking, and thinking!  In the attached video, I go through another drill that helps you do just that.  It’s best watched or listened to, not read.

If you or your loved one (person or animal) is struggling with cancer or something else you suspect I can help with, let’s talk!  Use this link to schedule a complimentary get acquainted call.

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