Connect to Your Body to enhance Rapid Image Cycling

Connect to Your Body to enhance Rapid Image Cycling

In this week’s Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group I talked about a technique to enhance Rapid Image Cycling and help us freshen up Image Cycling practice (*see below for how to learn this).

I’ve noticed that one of the elements in the healing process is our connection between our cycling, which we do with our thinking (a more “spiritual” place) and the physical body of our patient (a more “earthly/matter” place).

A hallmark of Rapid Image Cycling is that we are in two dimensions at the same time.  Part of our consciousness is spinning a list of images around in our head (a thinking activity not focused on the physical so I call it “spiritual”) and the other part of our consciousness is in the here-and-now (which often means we are physically focused). 

The question I asked is, “What can I be aware of about the connection between the hyper-cycling (spiritual) and my physical (matter) experience that will enhance healing?” Sometimes performing a distance healing while simply thinking of the name of our patient, with no physical contact works well.  Other times, holding our patient’s hair with our physical hands or gazing at their photo with our physical eyes actually enhances the effect.  Other times, putting our physical hands on their body in a healing way enhances the effect (see this link for an hour-introductory course in how to give a hands-on-healing).  I don’t believe that there is a best way to do energy work as it depends on so many variables.  I do think that like art, the way we effectively do Rapid Image Cycling will vary moment to moment, and certainly from time to time.  This is why Bengston’s admonishment to “avoid ritual” and “be playful” is so powerful.  It keeps the connection between spirit and matter fresh.  Very important.

Maybe it’s because I’m a kinesthetic learner and an acupuncturist who has spent 40 years palpating people’s bodies, but I am so so accustomed to healing with my hands, that my style of Rapid Image Cycling is to not simply fly off into a mental outer space with my hyper-cycling.  I do, at times, do that, but it’s only one option.  I like to go back and forth between supreme detachment and some sort of connection with the physical.  

Here are a few ways I do this:

  1. Microcosmic Orbit to access the Breath Cycle.  This is a Chi Gung exercise where you do a very slow cycle around the midline of your body.  On your inhale, imagine a pearl going from your perineum to the top of your head.  On your exhale, the pearl travels down your front midline where it deposits Qi into a cauldron in your pelvis.  In the attached video I guide you how to do this and give a few variations.  Then you imagine that this orbit is actually a chain (like a chain saw), and there is at least one gear attached to it.  The smaller gear rotates many more times than one cycle of the breath.  Then there is a smaller and smaller gears attached in a string, until maybe a seed-sized gear is holding your Rapid Image Cycling list.  It is spinning thousands or millions of times with every breath.  Focus on this tiny cycle attached to your breath.  This connects your cycling to your body.  Notice how it feels different than when you are simply cycling any random way.  It’s not better or worse, but if you practice, it will be the perfect way to do it at certain times.
  2. Heart Beat.  Link the frequency of your cycle with your heart beat.  It’s a trick to feel that you are cycling all the time (assuming your heart keeps beating!). You use the Law of the Octave to double-double-double the frequency of your heart beat and let your cycle spin at that speed.
  3. Swaying.  When I do a distance healing, my body naturally wants to sway.  The swaying is in response to the healing rather than generating the healing.  I like to find my cycling speed inside this swaying, imagining that with every sway of my body, my cycle buzzes around a Godzillian times (that’s a number so big only God knows).  Sensing my body being guided by the frequency while  witnessing the healing in my patient helps me span heaven-to-earth.  It’s part of why I get the results I do.

This article was inspired by the conversation I had in the Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group.  See the video for the live version of this topic.

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