Energy Healing and Coaching for People and Pets with Cancer

Simple and Flexible to Fit Your Situation

Promote healing

Reduce medication

Reduce pain

Offerings & Fees

1. Free Distance Healing weekly via Facebook Live on Spirit Gate Cancer Support Group. Suzanne guides participants through a simple distance-healing method. More healers and more healers tend to make it more powerful. You can join us live or watch the replay!

2. Book There Is Another Way – Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer by Suzanne Clegg. It is a primer for how to work with cancer in an animal or a person. People have another layer of complexity, but everything that applies to animals also applies to people.

3. Energetically Charged Cotton Suzanne sends you a large sheet of cotton that has been energetically charged with healing energy specifically for you. You cut pieces from the cloth and wear them on your body. $225 includes shipping within the continental US; otherwise, shipping is extra.

4. One-hour Introductory Class for only $47, receive a self-paced, hands-on-healing video instruction on giving simple, effective energy-healing sessions to your beloved family member and/or pet with cancer.

5. House Calls Discuss with Suzanne  She works from her RV and may be traveling near you!

6. Private Remote Healing Sessions Suzanne performs remote healing while coaching patients and their caretakers on implementing hands-on healing therapies for cancer and other concerns. Each video/phone session is a customized blend of remote healing, training in hands-on healing, Harmonic Medicine, Medical Intuition, Bengston Energy Healing Method®*, Qi Gong, a review of lab tests, lifestyle, and nutrition counseling.

Pay-As-You-Go Sessions Price
Energetically Charged Cotton*
30 Minutes
60 Minutes
Discounted Treatment/ Coaching Packages Price
Energetically Charged Cotton*
Included in all packages
Ten 30 Minute Sessions ($300 savings)
Twenty 30 Minute Sessions ($700 savings)
Forty 30 Minute Sessions ($2,500 savings)

*Shipping included if within the continental United States.

**Refund Policy: See below in the FAQs.

Suzanne Interviews Everyone Prior to Treating Them. She Only Accepts Patients She Thinks She Can Help. Schedule a Get Acquainted Call Below.

How to Work With Suzanne

Free Get Acquainted Call


Not sure if energy healing for cancer is right for you or how much support you need? Book a FREE Get Acquainted Call with Suzanne Clegg to learn more, review your goals, and plan your next steps. 

Prior to your conversation, review the relevant pages from SpiritGate.com, such as Cancer FAQ, Bengston Method, About Suzanne and Octave Resonance Healing Method.

Private Distance Healing/ Coaching

Each video/ phone session is a customized blend of remote healing, training in hands-on healing, Harmonic Medicine, Medical Intuition, Bengston Energy Healing Method®, Qi Gong, review of lab tests, lifestyle and nutrition counseling.

You come with a health concern and Suzanne will use her 30+ years experience to help you activate your natural healing!

Octave Resonance Healing Approach™

One-on-One Distance Healing or Coaching.

Each video/phone session is a customized blend of:

1. Training you in a home energy-healing practice to fit your situation

2. Get feedback on your Image Cycling process (See FAQ below)

3. Medical Intuitive feedback on your healing process

4. Distance Healing using various forms of prayer, Bengston Image Cycling, and Octave Resonance Spinning meditations

5. Train family members how to do hands-on-healing on their loved one

6. Learn specific sound-healing protocols tailored to your situation

7. Training on Acutonics self-care sound healing practices

8. Lifestyle and nutrition counseling


About Suzanne Clegg

Suzanne is a pioneer in holistic healthcare and is the founder of the Octave Resonance Healing Approach™. Her 40+ year career includes being a Licensed Acupuncturist, National Board Certified Acupuncturist, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, herbalist, sound healer, and medical intuitive. She has four years of graduate training in neurophysiology and is former Senior Faculty of the Acutonics® Institute of Integrative medicine. She was personally and extensively mentored by William Bengston, Ph.D., in his healing method.

She has developed her own style of treating people with cancer. She combines distance healing with coaching family members to do a simple energy medicine technique to comfort and perhaps extend the life of their loved ones.

Yes, she does work with non-cancer health concerns. She also coaches people in self-care energy practices that may bring abundance and health to their lives.

Click here to learn more about Suzanne.

Frequently Asked Questions

*William Bengston does not “certify” nor supervise practitioners doing his method. You should learn his method from his seminars, audio and book. Suzanne was personally mentored by Bengston in 2004-2005 and has been working with his method ever since. She works independently from William Bengston and can only coach you on HER applications of his method. She can do healing sessions using her experience, which includes extensive experience with the Bengston Method and much more. Her clients appreciate the creative, deep, authentic places she takes them with their Image Cycling practice and her ability to help them relate to how it is working, and her wealth of experience in naturally healing tumors. People come to Suzanne to heal and value her experience in the Bengston Method and everything else that has formed in her 40+ year natural healing career. If you are coming to Suzanne directly, without knowing anything about Bengston, you are in the right place! She will help you immediately get started effectively treating yourself, and then add the Bengston Method if it is right for you.

Refunds: Enrollment in a group is a commitment to a process. You may request a refund after your first group session. You will be refunded your fee minus $97 for the session you attended and if you already had a private session, the fee for that ($345). If Suzanne has already energetically charged your cotton and sent it to you, the cost of that ($225 + shipping) will also be deducted from your refund. Once you have attended your second group session, there will be no more refunds.
Recordings of group sessions are not permitted to protect the privacy of participants.

Dates of Groups: Most Saturday mornings at 11:00 am Eastern. If everyone involved agrees, we can change this time. As demand for group support increases we will add sessions so as to keep the group size at 4 or less. You have 6 months to use up your 12 sessions. If only one person shows up, Suzanne will still hold the session, but will reduce the time to 30 minutes instead of 45 minutes for a group.

Group Session Cancellations: Once you register for a certain session, you must cancel within 24 hours of the session to not be charged.

Refunds: We are happy to give you a refund at any time during your individual sessions package, however you will lose the package discounts. Your refund will be the total package amount minus $345 for each used hour and $200 for each used half-hour session. The price of any cotton shipped to you is also subtracted from your refund.

Expiration: Packages must be used within 6 months. Refunds are not given for expired packages.
Cancellations are honored if made 24 hours in advance. You are responsible for paying for any last minute cancellations.

Overtime: At the beginning of the session Suzanne will agree with you on the anticipated time for the session. She will let you know when the time is almost up and may choose to “go over” 5 or so minutes. If it is over 10 minutes, that time will be recorded as part of your treatment package.
Reminders. You will receive a monthly email letting you know how much time you have used in your treatment package. It’s good if you keep a separate record.


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