Distance Healing

Distance healing. It happens. Down through the ages, it has happened. In every human culture, it happens. If you are worried about your health, it is one of the most efficient, affordable, effective ways to activate your healing process–to take whatever you are doing now to a higher level.

As terrible and frightening as the illness is, it comes with a gift. It opens us up to our raw, honest relationship to our life.  It comes with its own healing power as it cracks us open to our own experience of spiritual realities that were only theoretical before. The shadow of illness comes with great light. I want to help you claim that light, that information, that healing. Distance healing offers one way to amplify your own connection to the part of you that knows how to heal, what to heal, why to heal, and when to heal. If this is what you want, you are in the right place!

2 Ways to Prepare for Distance Healing

Clarity about your intention

  • What do you seek healing for?
  • Why do you want it?  What deep, authentic, heart-and-soul-felt reason motivates you to heal?
  • You can email this to Suzanne prior to your session, or you can just tell her when your session starts.


  • Quiet and comfortable. You can be sitting or lying down. It’s OK to have a loved one or pet with you if they are participating. Otherwise, set up an undisturbed space.
  • Hands-free phone or Skype to speak with Suzanne during your session.
  • Make sure you are hydrated (don’t skip this one, please.)

3 Things to Do During Your Distance Healing Session

  • Open your heart to the possibility of healing. This is a gentle, hopeful inner request of the experience.
  • Relax your mind and body.  Try to avoid a desperate “white knuckle” grasping for healing. Let Suzanne know, so she can help you relax.
  • Observe carefully, being fully present with the process…or get out of the way and sleep.

3 Things to Avoid in Distance Healing

  • Never try to help or fix others with distance healing without their approval.  The person being healed needs to be involved, even if it is just to give permission.
  • Don’t limit the healing by insisting it looks and feels a certain way.  Simply notice what the healing feels like and what changes happen.  Then you can decide what you think.
  • Don’t mistake Suzanne as the healer.  She may be a catalyst and a remarkably astute guide, but the healing happens between you and YOU.  Healing is about claiming your innate ability to transform adversity.  It should never be about “giving up” your power to another very human being.

3 Things to Do After Your Distance Healing Session

  • Avoid believing or disbelieving in what just happened, as this tends to take it out of the physical realm where healing needs to occur.
  • Carefully observe any physical changes, emotional changes, and even spiritual changes.
  • Be grateful for any positive shifts.  Take a physical action that demonstrates your gratitude.


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