How To Do Energy Healing While Doing the Dishes

How To Do Energy Healing While Doing the Dishes

Even if you’re familiar with energy healing, you still may feel there is not enough time in your day to do it or maybe you’re not able to keep it simple and light (and therefore, effective).  This article will help to dispel those pesky hangups and misconceptions.

First, here are a few basic ideas regarding energy-healing work:

  • Healing and health can be thought of as a high frequency vibration and sickness can be thought of as a low frequency vibration.
  • In three-dimensional reality, duality and polarity are ever-present.  At some level, everything is binary – yin/yang, up/down, hot/cold.  Everything is in relationship to everything else.
  • It is possible to observe polarity, and set up a healing “form” – then just witness it working, sort of like turning on a light switch.  You turn on the light and once it is on, the light shines.  We are not “turning on God,” though as healers, we do connect to the healee in ways that clearly initiate certain flows and changes, sparking a response.
  • Healing happens between the form and the formless, between the healee and their Source.  The gazillion other things that happen in a healing session don’t happen because we are amazing; it happens because we’ve unblocked our access to the Grace of the Divine(or, the source information matrix).  When someone heals – whether it’s from energy work, surgery, medicine – it’s because something in them responded.  As “healers” we strive to catalyze a stronger connection between the two; that’s the only tricky part.
  • We cannot manage the Formless Void.  We cannot manage God.  “Managing” works in the realms of polarity while healing comes from a dimension where qualities cannot be manipulated.  Instead of managing the healing, manage your own inner world and notice if a healing response between the patient and their Source is catalyzed.  Otherwise, your ego may be busy managing the healing. You’re still doing some good (and it’s often part of a healing process), but working from the ego rarely invokes the seemingly miraculous transformations that we’d love to experience.

With that said, how do we bring light to the dark without our egos over-controlling and diminishing results?

Enter a paradox.

The trick is to do two (or more) seemingly contradictory things simultaneously, allowing us to witness what happens in the space between those polarities.  Similar to putting steel near a magnet.  Yes, you brought the two substances together – that was your job – then the forces inherent between the steel and the magnet go to work and draw them together.  Your job was just to introduce them.

When you give someone an energy-healing, set up a spinning meditation that is at an extremely high frequency – much faster than a blender, faster than the speed of light, so fast that only the Grace of the Divine knows.  

This way, part of your consciousness is spinning so fast as if it’s at the edge between doing it and not doing it, because of its speed.

Then, focus on what you are offering to heal.  Include in your awareness whatever there is to notice in the here and now – the view out your window, your irritation with or loving connection with your dog, your task list, a memory, your furniture.

There’s lots to notice in your here and now.   Simply be present with a lot of it.  Your intention to heal is held at the same level as your awareness of other things in your present moment and you are doing your very fast spinning.

When I work privately with people, some of what I do is to help my clients BE in this here and now location in their consciousness while they do their spinning meditation in the background.  Know that you don’t have to “think positive thoughts” – you just need to be authentically in the now while spinning at an extremely high frequency.  The reason is because your vibratory frequency is already higher than almost any positive emotion you could be generating.  With a bit of practice you can do this in a relaxed, easy state that is occurring in the background of your awareness while you focus on the life that is happening around you.  For example, I can spin while I write these words.

This sets up a paradox.  On one hand, I am thinking about how I need to clean something, write something, meet with someone, or finish something.  I am feeling frustrated or happy or who-knows-what about all that.  On the other hand, I have a spinner going around at more than a trillion cycles per second in the background.  I experience this paradox as stretching open the matrix that is holding my 3-D reality in place.  If I also lightly hold a healing intention, magic happens.

Watch the above video where I explain briefly how to have a hands-on-healing session that illustrates this concept.

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