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  1. How Spirit Gate Cancer Support Group helps you 
  2. How to submit names for healing
  3. What members of the group say

I created this group to support people and pet parents who are looking for “another way”. This is a forum to ask questions, share experiences, learn or tweak your energy-healing skills, as well as give and receive distance healing sessions. 

Energy medicine for people and pets with cancer can be a powerful way to decrease pain, cool tumors, extend life, and promote overall well-being in your beloved human or animal companion. These techniques don’t hurt, and they may help…a lot!

How Spirit Gate Cancer Support Group Helps you

Facebook Group

We have a Facebook group supporting people and pets with cancer!

Anyone who is interested in Distance Healing is welcome to join the group. This is what my group members get exclusively:

  • Free group distance healing sessions.

Be part of a group that cools down hot cancerous tumors and reduces pain in people and pets!

  • Get answers to your energy medicine questions.

We have amazing healers in this group. Between them and myself, you can get the answers you need.

  • Share your knowledge with the group.

It’s a GROUP, and we cherish the conversation.

  • Motivating each other.

Where else can you share the tweaky nuances of what you discovered? Where else can you get wild applause for cooling down your dog’s tumor?

  • Octave Resonance Healing Approach, Bengston Method, Reiki, Donna Eden, etc etc.

All are welcome and we support each other.

  • Exclusive interviews with other energy medicine practitioners.

I consider myself an expert in my own system (Octave Resonance Healing Approach) and the Bengston Method. I know a LOT about other methods. For me the method is the means to the end. Conversations with people with different points of view helps us all develop.

  • See how people and pets with cancer are improving their quality and quantity of life.
  • You can help people and pets with cancer–you don’t have to personally be living that nightmare.

The weekly distance healing sessions are also training in how to DO distance healing. I want to get some DRAMATIC results with this group and more people present on the calls creates a stronger group resonance which enhances the effect. All you need is an open heart

How to Submit Names for Healing

This distance healing group works a bit differently from others. Yes, we go through a list of names of people and pets who desire to heal. The difference is that we keep the list alive by submitting names fresh every week. Suzanne finds that submitting a name fresh keeps a connection with a living human being who cares. If the list just keeps getting bigger and bigger, it can go a bit stale. If you are adding a name for someone who is not you, make sure you have their permission to be included in the healing session. Good energetic boundaries make for better outcomes for all!

Please note that only members of the Spirit Gate Cancer Support group can submit names for healing.

P.S: This Distance Healing session is absolutely free!! If you would like to make an energetic exchange that may enhance your results, please use this link to make an optional financial contribution: https://spiritgate.com/donate-now/

How to add names for healing sessions:

  • Wait for the Google Form* link that I will be posting one day before the actual healing session. If the session is on Friday, the document will go up on Thursday on Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group.
  • Open the link and follow the directions to submit the name of a person or pet with cancer, or someone who is supporting them. Everyone will be included in the healing session, but only those who have cancer will have their name read out loud by Suzanne. If you have more than one person, that’s great. Simply submit one form for each person.
  • Make sure you have permission to include anyone in the Distance Healing session.
  • That’s it!
  • If you miss the live event, you may continue submitting names until the closure of the healing event (usually the following Monday night). When Suzanne does the healing session, she “time travels” into the future and includes those whose names will be showing up on the list later
  • You will get an email reminder to log onto Facebook before the live event.

*A little more about the Google Form:

Facebook Group

There are TWO lists. The first is for people and pets with cancer who are requesting healing. The SECOND list is for supporting people who also want to heal. Suzanne will read the names on the cancer list out loud. She will LOOK at the other list and include the names in the healing session but individual names will not be read out loud.

Note: This is not a typical prayer list. Make sure you have permission from the people whose names you submit, or you are their guardian if they are a child or pet. We keep this list fresh by asking you to resubmit names each week. It helps to add phonetic spelling if you think it will help Suzanne pronounce the name.

As you add your name(s), really feel how they are joining this week’s gathering. Let the deed of typing their name be part of what lovingly holds them in the healing intention.

What if you can’t figure out how to add names?

If the technology is daunting, have no fear, you are not excluded! You can write the names for healing in the chat thread of the announcement for the next session, or the chat thread of the live session Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group. Perhaps someone in the group who is Google-forms-savvy will add your name for you.

However, if that doesn’t happen your name will still be present energetically in the “Others” category when Suzanne speaks the names. It’s her experience that the place you put the names, and even the speaking of the name, is not as important as putting them somewhere that the group can acknowledge, as well as the fresh intention to include someone in the healing. It also seems to enhance the healing if you are present at the same time, though there are many exceptions.

The list stays open for several days. You can add your name(s) after the live event. After it is closed (usually Monday night), we take down the old document, wait a day, and start afresh.

Cancer is a family affair and it’s just fine to submit the name of family members affected by their loved one suffering from cancer. Just make sure you have their permission, as it enhances the effect and creates good energetic boundaries.

Please join our Distance Healing session every Friday at 10:30 am Eastern Time (New York time) Here’s a link to find what time that is for you: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com

During this Live session, Suzanne does a bit of teaching about Distance Healing and then guides participants through a simple distance-healing method. More healers and more healers tend to make it more powerful. You can join us live or watch the replay!

What Group Members Say.

I really like today's emphasis on Passion, linking the spinning to what one truly wants in their heart. There seems to be much power in having what one loves in life, linked to the energetic healing energy. For me, linking my love for my wife, the patient, and extending that to my friends here and in life, and then onto the heart really intensified the spinning, creating a very audible pitch in my awareness, which also increased the speed of the twirling to an amazing supersonic level.

Today's session had a newness to it, like getting the view of the pond from another higher level, adding to the perspective, more wider and clearer. Thank you, Suzanne and all who attend, may your weekend be healing and bright!

💓 ✨🙏 🌞

Greg Golem wrote about January 2022 Distance Healing Session:

Suzanne, your bubbly energy was so fun today. My spinning tube morphed, and I felt HEAT....first emanating from the heart area, then the solar plexus, and finally circling around the belt area. Still feeling it. First time anything like that has happened. Wishing you all the very best outcomes from today's session. Thank you so much, Suzanne.

Angela Keiser Baranowski wrote about October 2021 Distance Healing Session:

Beautifully said. Although I’m in remission, this group has given me so much, I want to continue to feel this healing, meet my familiar gatekeeper ( dad, who’s in spirit) and be part of the healing for all of us. Special love, yes. ❤️

Dorothy Jane wrote about June 2021 Distance Healing Session:

I have very very good news from my beloved cousin and best friend ASLI B. From the stage four uterus cancer she is slowly slowly recovering. All the metastasis in her lungs shrunk to more than half of a size. The whole family is very very happy. She is full of hope and gratitude. I cannot say as a family member what my part in this recovery but I can say this group helps to that X-factor which is the best medicine to heal. She keeps taking chemo. She walks in the fresh air. She makes breathing exercises. She takes hypnotherapy and massage. She absolutely feeds her self very healthy meaning, no sugar, no industrial food, no white flower with a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits and healthy oil. This is all what I can say. Thank you all being here. Love and the best wishes. You will be all healed, this I believe.

Nisa Milasli wrote about March 2021 Distance Healing Session:

I did the session next to my sister's cat, Papa Sidekick. I had my hand on his head during the meditation and at one point, he started hiccuping! I think he could definitely feel the energy from today!

Lindey moss wrote about January 2021 Distance Healing Session:

I could feel the healing very powerfully even though I wasn’t able to be live with you all on the call. I have just watched the session, so peaceful and enlightening. Bringing my love to you all.

Jacqueline Nicoll wrote about October 2020 Distance Healing Session:

At the beginning, I had my eyes closed, and I was sort of in a light sleep. I was hearing you speaking, but I was in my Mother’s house, and a fluffy gray cat came up to me. She doesn’t have that kind of cat. Then I heard you saying to go down the path, and I was on a path I’ve been before. When you said come to a barrier, I thought of my usual hedge with a gate. But when you said to just let it come, and don’t create it from my ego, there was suddenly a force field and the hedge was gone. The cat was there, too. When I went through the force field I was in this Nature center near our home. The sun was bright, and everything felt illuminated with light. There were beautiful flowers, rolling green hills, and the pond to one side. I joined the circle, and was spinning my cylinder. I sort of felt part of me was there, but part of me was somewhere else. I heard you saying the names, but I was sort of going in and out of sleep. Then I was leaving the circle, and going through the force field. It was a different experience today. Illuminated. Thank you.

Betsy Soule Golem wrote about October 2020 Distance Healing Session:

I just attended the session and through my closed eyes I saw a kind of grid with little points of light all spinning individually but at the same pace and in the same direction. For me this felt like a field of healing which has a place for everyone. 💚

Hanneke Munsters wrote about September 2020 Distance Healing Session

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