How the terror and cruelty of cancer can help us heal.

How the terror and cruelty of cancer can help us heal

How the terror and cruelty of cancer can help us heal

The trauma of cancer is palpable.  Remember when the diagnosis first came?  Whether it was you,  a family member, friend, or a beloved pet that got the cancer diagnosis… remember what that was like?  Were you reeling with confusion and overwhelm?  Were your brilliant plans…especially your 5, 10 and 40-year plans turned on their heads?

Eventually you hunkered down to some sort of plan.  Some of you set your course with your oncologist.  Others of you set your course with less conventional methods.  You were diligent as you researched your options and considered your actions.  You were skillful as you implemented your plan.

And then,

More bad news:  the cancer has marched on.  Your efforts have been in vain.  Cruel news that cut and hurt.

Most people experiencing cancer in their own body or on their loved one’s body has had these cruel moments of ruthless destruction aimed at us. Suffering is certainly part of any human’s life, but there is something particularly cruel about the havoc that cancer wrecks on lives.  

How can energy healing help when it is THAT bad?

I suggest that energy healing is THE tool for “when it is that bad”.  The trauma of cancer… either the trauma that started the cancer process years ago, or the trauma of working through the disease once you know you have it are particularly suited to be met and transformed with energy therapies.  

These traumas don’t just live in our psyche.  They live in the cell memories of every physical part of us.  They are sometimes started with emotional trauma, but also from a physical trauma or spiritual trauma.  Soon the trauma is coloring everything, consuming everything, contaminating everything, haunting everything.

Energy therapies go beyond the little pieces of dysfunction that are…everywhere.  Energy therapies are inherently holistic and holographically able to penetrate and help everything.

I have a huge bag of energy medicine tools, having spent my 40-year career discovering them and using them.  I’d like to share one of my favorites.  I call it:


This tool may help you heal your relationship to the ghosts of trauma that haunt you and disempower you spiritually, psychologically or physically.  Follow the steps below to scry into your illness (or your loved one’s illness) and be present with that connection.  The way out of the haunting of the trauma is through it


Spin an image of a ball or disc of light somewhere near you.  Make it go very very fast.  Faster than a blender.  Go as fast as a color, or as fast as the frequency of angels or archangels.  Go as fast as the part of you that knows how to heal can resonate with.


Keep your imaginary ball of light spinning while you think of a beautiful sunset.  It’s so beautiful!  Your spinning feels like applause and mirrors the joy and grandeur of the beautiful scene.


Sense the ugliness and disharmony of the illness that is residing in you or your loved one.  Keep your spinner spinning even though it may want to grind to a halt, get wobbly, or otherwise express turbulence.  Use your will to allow it to spin at a frequency so high that it is invisible to the frequency of the disease.  The disease is like a psychic “address” that you are present with while you spin anyway.  One moment of this gesture is to offer the frequency to the illness as medicine.  Another moment of this gesture is to spin so fast that you are invisible to the illness.  It has no way to counteract the healing frequency, but the whole and healthy part of the body’s healing forces is activated.


Be in two worlds at the same time.  Part of you is spinning with the freedom of health and harmony.  Another part of you is watching the shadows of cancer.  You are witnessing the show as an observer.  Watch what happens.  Avoid trying to make anything happen, no matter how well intentioned.  Avoid “putting” love and light into the situation, but certainly notice if love and light are being emitted by the process—it’s fine to celebrate.  If you get negative images or feelings… keep up your spinning and they will transform… always.  

By connecting in this way to our traumas, we heal.  Notice what your healing experience is like.  Did it penetrate down into the physical?  Was it more a spiritual or psychological relaxation?  Get curious and adjust your form.  Offer this frequency medicine to your situation.  Don’t force anything as I promise you that your psychic will is not as powerful as the will that emerges out of Nature.  You don’t know how to change all those biochemical relationships so that the body can feel a little or a lot better, but something not-you-conscious-mind actually does know.  

Be the witness of the miracle… best not to perform it yourself.

Big or small… be grateful for the time spent cultivating the natural healing forces.

This article was inspired by this Facebook Live Group Energy Healing Session 


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In Harmony

Suzanne Clegg

2 thoughts on “How the terror and cruelty of cancer can help us heal”

  1. I thought this was a lovely meditation until I read the word ugliness in relation to cancer. The cancer in my body are my cells that are crying out for attention as a beautiful mirror for me, and I feel compassion and love and gratitude towards them. How can something that many people say changes their lives for the better be ugly?

    1. Yes, I do try to help my clients get to a place where there is only positive regard for reality. That clearly did not get communicated in the blog, but I appreciate your comment and now I have an idea for a blog describing the stages that people’s relationship to their condition progresses through. There are different therapeutic strategies depending on where the individual is at. My attitude is not one of dolling out the right attitude to my patients, but to open them to possibilities. What can they create relating to their tumor as ugly? What can they create relating to their tumor neutrally? What can they create if they relate to their cancer as a beautiful mirror? Questions like that put them in charge of their point of view in an often chaotic situation which is very therapeutic. Thanks for your comment!

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