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[Suzanne Clegg, RDN, LAc had helped hundreds of Cancer patients (and other diseases) all over the world remotely and during her in-person sessions here in the US. She has been helping people recover from their “incurable” diseases for over 35 years now by using any of these holistic healing methods:

  • Octave Resonance Healing Method.
  • Bengston Healing Method for Cancer.
  • Acutonics®️ Sound Healing.
  • New York State Licensed and National Board Certified Acupuncturist.
  • Registered Dietitian.

Energy medicine for people and pets with cancer can be a powerful way to decrease pain, cool tumors, extend life and promote overall well-being in your beloved human or animal companion. These techniques don’t hurt, and they may help…a lot! Methods like the Clegg Resonance Cycling Technique, Bengston Energy Healing Method, Reiki, Healing Touch, Acutonics, Acupuncture, Quantum Touch, IET, Eden Energy Medicine, prayer, etc etc can be powerful adjuncts to veterinary and medical care. You may know one of those techniques. The problem has been… NO ONE TELLS YOU HOW TO ACTUALLY WORK WITH CANCER ENERGETICALLY. You are just supposed to do a technique and hope for the best. Suzanne Clegg wrote the book “There Is Another Way. Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer”. It is a primer for how to work with cancer in an animal or a person. People have another layer of complexity but everything that applies to animals also applies to people.

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Suzanne Clegg, RDN, LAc
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If you are new to the office, please use the link below to schedule a complimentary “Get Acquainted” call with Suzanne Clegg prior to your visit. If the online scheduler does not have convenient times, call the office and we can arrange a different time.

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