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About Suzanne Clegg

Suzanne Clegg

I am always finding another way to do things…usually naturally.

I like to think of myself as a global kind of person, so if the culture I am familiar with doesn’t have a solution, I find out if someone from another culture has a solution. This has led me to learning systems from so many different points of view! Chinese, Western

Science, and Anthroposophy, are the main systems I work with, and I’ve dabbled in many more. If my patients don’t get better, I don’t blame them….I blame my method! I figure that there must be another way to look at the situation that will reveal different approaches—different solutions. If I don’t like the side effects of some procedure, I find that with a little digging, there is always another way. I am grateful to my patients who didn’t respond easily to what I offered, as it was for them that I reached beyond what was known and helped them heal another way.


I am a pioneer in energy medicine:

35 years ago I was doing nutrition in hospitals (that was radical back then). I had my own health problems – endometriosis for which they offered hysterectomy. I really wanted to have children so I was open to looking at another way. Ten acupuncture treatments later I WAS FINE! This turned my world around. I had almost allowed a hysterectomy so that I could function and ten little acupuncture treatments fixed my premenstrual, menstrual, and postmenstrual issues (yes, I only had about 4 good days a month)! I went to graduate school in neurophysiology to study acupuncture, way before funding for such endeavors was remotely possible. Four years later, I had learned about the politics of medicine and realized that I was ahead of my time. It was best to just be an acupuncturist and let science catch up. Acupuncture and nutrition were a nice profession for me. I had two beautiful daughters whom I enjoyed raising on whole food, treating with herbs and homeopathy.
Acupuncture was sometimes not enough. I was drawn to Harmonic Medicine…I became a sound healer and shaman. The sound opened up my inner vision and I developed as a Medical Intuitive. I became able to tell instantly how my patients were responding and what they needed. This was my foundation when I asked my long-time acquaintance, Bill Bengston, to mentor me in his work with cancer. He taught me his approach and how to manage a naturally-healing tumor. I am now pioneering my own innovative approaches to cancer, Alzheimer’s, digestive disorders and eye conditions.

I am a Medical Intuitive:

Since my youth, I could sense spiritual realities hidden to most. I don’t need to be physically present with people to “see” the spiritual information I look for in the healing sessions. With this subtle energetic feedback, I am able to tweak my energy field in order to get out of the way and let Source do its healing work with you.

I call my company Spirit Gate Acupuncture, PC

Time after time, year after year, when a patient has a treatment, their very own personal “spirit gate” opens. I create a space that allows them to naturally open to inspiration, love, wisdom, peace…all that good stuff that makes natural healing so nice and so effective.

I am a scientist:

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a National Board Certified Acupuncturist. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Food Science and spent four years in graduate school studying neurophysiology. Recently, I have been caught, on a Sunday afternoon, curled up in my recliner reading a biochemistry text. In addition to loving the medical sciences, I also consider myself a “spiritual” scientist. I like to ponder and carefully consider the non-physical order that governs energy healing.

I am a teacher:

I have been teaching my whole life. Most recently I was Senior Faculty of the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine. I have also co-taught workshops with energy medicine researcher William Bengston, Ph.D. I mentor other healers in my Speed of the Heart Image Cycling™.

I love working with cancer patients/family members:

I love their raw honesty. The private mentoring I received from Dr. Bengston taught me how to help people through the process of naturally healing their cancer. I have integrated his method into my Octave Resonance Healing™ approach.