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Ewa Zmyslona​

Facebook Healing Sessions

Suzanne offers a weekly free Distance Healing Session in her Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group. Read what folks have said about their experience.  Feel free to join and participate yourself!

This was my first participation in a live circle healing session, and it was an amazing experience. Though new to spinning and healing, one could feel a connection that was both inner and outer. As my hands usually feel hot while working on my wife’s condition, I felt my whole body get warm while in the green cylinder by the pond. Also it was beautiful to see the names and boats on the water, where as the cylinder increased speed, I noticed wisps of white clouds spiraling above each boat, eventually turning green also. It was overall an exhilarating experience that I hope transfers to healing energy manifesting with each individual person and animal on the list. Thank you from my heart Suzanne, and to the great community of healers here!
Greg Golam
This was a very loving and serene healing. Recently I have surrendered to being in the boat and receiving rather than being a healer. I like what you said about family and support people and can see how my cancer has impacted on those close to me often in positive and strengthening ways. It’s as if their souls have been contracted to be on this journey. This somehow makes it easier for me to receive. I felt surrounded by such a strong circle of care and light and thank all who were present. 🙏
Dorothy Jane
I just finished Bill's CD and am re-reading the Energy Cure. I've also had a few sessions with Suzanne and am working with her book. After my first session with Suzanne, I got SO much more out of Bill's books. I had been confused by his description of cycling and Suzanne made it easier for me. I am currently spending about an hour a day on cycling. I am working with a bunny who had a cancer diagnosis and am also working on some other animals with other diagnoses.
Geri Engberg

Healing Stories

"I definitely felt the energy. Then I got goosebumps all over my head and it felt like the top of my head had expanded by about a third. Afterwards I got the same feeling of joy and love and peace that I had last time and also had the moment of emotional release accompanied by tears."
Amanda Lepore
I did feel a flowing .. like lava, from my heart entering into a growing pool of magnificent Healing, Loving Energy...my thanks to you and all who affected the Ethers with such benefit for us and so far beyond...​
Irene Munaco​
I can cook more, can dress myself more easily, feel more hopeful
Donatella Versace
I have noticed that after a group session I feel calmer
Daryl Hannah
Yesterday I started having an odd sensation right under my left hip, the kind I haven't had since the last surgery on it in 2000. Kind of a raw funny bone sensation, but a little too mild to be called pain. This morning I was able to sit on the toilet with both feet flat on the floor. I haven't been able to do that without severe strain since I was a kid. Finally, one my cycling images is touching the floor. It seemed I was getting closer than ever so I started measuring it. I am now about 6 inches away, which is at least 5 inches better than usual, and more than a foot better than I was doing in December. In summary, this is starting to get really good!”
I heard of Suzanne in Bill Henderson’s newsletter. She is an energy healer. I was diagnosed with lung cancer; and, at this point, conventional Western Medicine does not have much to offer me. I’ve been seeking alternative therapies, and decided to contact Suzanne based on Bill’s newsletter. I didn't know what to expect but was open to the experience. Suzanne began with a physical inventory of how I was experiencing my body, such as areas of pain, heat, coolness. We also discussed the tremendous emotional upheaval that cancer has been for me. We talked about the spiritual journey cancer has led me on. During the treatment she let me know exactly what she was doing, how she was focusing and what she was thinking about. She received images which helped me adjust and allow the healing in. At the end of the treatment she had me touch my tumor area: it had actually cooled down! Her treatment made me feel grateful ... and even a little hopeful! In the hours and days after the treatment I experienced some emotional clearing. I have joined Suzanne’s community healing group, and am looking forward to continued healing.
Lara Flynn Boyle​
This group healing was very good for me. At first, I wasn't sure I can do it, but Suzanne's help it wasn't so difficult. I have been taking Laxpro, so I don't know why I am doing better. But I believe, cycling was something to do with it. This meeting was very fulfilling for me and very meaningful. I hope to continue to learn more from you. Thanks you for spending time and giving us great opportunity.
It has been so useful for me to redirect my thought patterns from constant worry to the pleasant imager of goals already met and enjoyed. I feel more of a sense of trust in God and in my ability to heal and flourish.
Suzanne’s ability to “see on the other levels” is wonderful. She “looks” and is “present” and my tumor pain subsides. I also feel happy in a deep place inside me. It’s like the healing lets joy in and that is what does the work.
In just one treatment, my jaw pain was gone! It has been hurting a little for many years. Over the past year it had become non-stop excruciating! I had a bad feeling about the very invasive surgical options given to me, and now I don’t need anything!
Before meeting Suzanne Clegg in the summer of 2010, I was familiar with some complementary care interventions and advanced biomedical treatments, for I am a clinical psychologist who had been a staff member of a clinic targeted for the treatment of autistic spectrum individuals, many of whose needs had extended beyond the treatment range of conventional Western Medicine. Additionally I have been trained in and practice EEG biofeedback, an evidence-based health care intervention that generally improves brain and central nervous system functioning, which in turn seems to allow the mind-body to heal itself. In a very broad sense it is an “energy treatment,” for both the brain and the rest of the body rely upon energy (electricity) to functioning. I was diagnosed with lobular breast carcinoma just a year ago (mid-June 2010) and spent the first month following the diagnosis learning about the typical course of cancer treatment in the United States, gaining more test information, including an MRI and breast thermogram and seeing surgeons for first and second opinions of recommended surgery (radical left breast mastectomy and optional right breast removal to parry the possibility of future cancer being detected on the opposite side of the body). I was rather aghast at the invasiveness of the procedure that was being offered to me and its tortuous post-operative course to recovery, as well as the proposed grave insults to both the integrity of my body structure and to my immune system. At the same time I was exceptionally fortunate in that in my past I had worked as a Director of Physician Training for a large proprietary hospital corporation and in that role had had the privilege to learn that what is considered to be “standard-of-care” in the medical and surgical fields at any point in time does not represent all of what is known, or possible, in order to return an individual to a fuller state of health, i.e., that there is always a considerable lag time between introduction of an innovation and its acceptance by the core of professionals in a field. Consequently I recall that there two prominent thoughts that seemed to guide my path from mid-June onward. 1) There must be a better treatment for the cancerous process that had gotten beyond the usual controls of my immune system 2) If it turns out that I must have the 6 cm. tumor removed surgically, there must be a more respectful and less disfiguring tumor removal operation being pioneered and performed somewhere than the only two procedures that oncological surgeons seem to know how to do. I recalled a neuroscientific colleague’s have told me just months earlier about some very interesting basic research he and colleagues had done in 2010 on the effects of distance energy healing being performed by Dr. William Bengston in New York State on Long Island and how they had discovered that indeed, while Dr. Bengston was healing, he was also in an altered state of consciousness as compared to other individuals with his clinical EEG showing an unusual predominant Schumann resonance. I researched what further spare information I could find about Dr. Bengston’s approach, made contact with him and graciously received his referral to former protégé Suzanne Clegg, LAc, whom he stated was carrying on his energy-based work with amplification techniques derived from other complementary disciplines including sound healing and acupuncture in which she was trained. As my personal health goal was to boost (or re-activate) my body’s natural healing capacity, I was immensely intrigued. and indeed wasted little time in contacting Suzanne Clegg and arranging for travel to meet with her and see what might be done in my situation. At the time there were major obstacles of little time available for being away from my work,*, lack of personal savings so that I needed to borrow money from a family member to cover the initial week of intensive on-site treatment, and tremendous social pressures to do what had been proposed by the medical establishment, which—as I looked further into outcome data—appeared to me to be hardly resoundingly encouraging as to long term survival. On the other hand, my inner knowing and early contact with Suzanne Clegg buoyed me along. I did a combination of in-person laying-on-of-hands and subsequent remote healings with Suzanne. In one of the treatments Bengston was present--watching and coaching Suzanne on the process. It was fascinating to see how they interacted, each one describing to the other what he or she was feeling in different parts of my body and then the other’s confirming it. I felt relaxed and confident throughout. In the ensuing 3 months, Suzanne Clegg continued to connect with me energetically. My test levels improved, but the tumor remained. My daughter, who at the time lived with me, was worried, and I received telephone calls and e-mails from anxious friends and other relatives. It became burdensome and rather stressful to try to explain to each of them why I was choosing the path I had. My hope had been that I might be able to return to New York to work more extensively with Suzanne until the tumor had receded, but the resources simply were not available. At the same time, I had providentially come upon a pioneering oncological and plastic surgery team in Los Angeles that had devised an advanced one-stage mastectomy and reconstructive surgical procedure that leaves no visible scar. Thus I decided to remove the result of cancerous growth, the tumor on December 17, 2010. Somewhat miraculously, only 3 lymph nodes needed to be removed, a surprising discovery considering the size of the tumor. Not only did I have little discomfort and no pain medication after the general anesthesia, I returned to work part-time within a week of the surgery and full-time within 2 weeks. A subsequent MRI in the early spring of 2011 detected absolutely no cancerous activity in the area. Although I did make some alterations in diet and attempted to rectify some tested nutritional levels by adding certain supplements (such as more Vitamin D) to my diet as I discovered new information about possible effects on cancer of certain compounds, I do attribute the robustness of my health as evidenced by clean test results (MRI and ) to the modified Bengston method of Suzanne Clegg. My oncologist advised undergoing both radiation and the use of aromatase inhibitors, neither of which sat well with my thoughtful consideration of both my options and the longevity data that roughly applied to my situation in different post-surgical treatment scenarios. As a result of going through this process I believe I have been bathed in healing energy that continues to gently resonate with and healthfully regulate the processes of my body so that it can hold on to its own healthful functioning affected and supported by Suzanne Clegg’s profound work. It seems clear to me, as well, that this work has had an incredibly positive and strongly reassuring impact on my outlook and the thoughts upon which I allow my mind to dwell. Based upon my positive, albeit remarkably brief, experience from 2010 extending into 2011, I am delighted to endorse Suzanne’s continuing and expanding the range of her healing energy work, for she has kept the connection to me, my well-being and personal happiness on her “cycling” list, which I am convinced is impacting me each day as I continue to enjoy cancer free good health.
Grayce Stratton