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Healing Journeys

David and Jennifer

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Allen Fernandes

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Becca’s Healing Story

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Ewa Zmyslona

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Facebook Live Healing Sessions

Suzanne offers a weekly free Distance Healing Session in her Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group. Read what folks have said about their experience.  Feel free to join and participate yourself!

This was my first participation in a live circle healing session, and it was an amazing experience. Though new to spinning and healing, one could feel a connection that was both inner and outer. As my hands usually feel hot while working on my wife’s condition, I felt my whole body get warm while in the green cylinder by the pond. Also it was beautiful to see the names and boats on the water, where as the cylinder increased speed, I noticed wisps of white clouds spiraling above each boat, eventually turning green also. It was overall an exhilarating experience that I hope transfers to healing energy manifesting with each individual person and animal on the list. Thank you from my heart Suzanne, and to the great community of healers here!

Greg Golam

This was a very loving and serene healing. Recently I have surrendered to being in the boat and receiving rather than being a healer. I like what you said about family and support people and can see how my cancer has impacted on those close to me often in positive and strengthening ways. It’s as if their souls have been contracted to be on this journey. This somehow makes it easier for me to receive. I felt surrounded by such a strong circle of care and light and thank all who were present. 🙏

Dorothy Jane

I just finished Bill's CD and am re-reading the Energy Cure. I've also had a few sessions with Suzanne and am working with her book. After my first session with Suzanne, I got SO much more out of Bill's books. I had been confused by his description of cycling and Suzanne made it easier for me. I am currently spending about an hour a day on cycling. I am working with a bunny who had a cancer diagnosis and am also working on some other animals with other diagnoses.

Geri Engberg

Suzanne, I have had a spiritual and healing practice for a long while but from joining this group a year or so ago I have realized how important making it a living ritual is. I want to thank you for reminding me to always follow my intuition, to follow my practice where it leads me and not be stuck in a pattern of meditation or chanting that the have developed over the years... I feel more connected with my inner guidance and healer.... again thank you so much. .

Bobi Thomas

Healing Stories

"I definitely felt the energy. Then I got goosebumps all over my head and it felt like the top of my head had expanded by about a third. Afterwards I got the same feeling of joy and love and peace that I had last time and also had the moment of emotional release accompanied by tears."

Amanda Lepore

I did feel a flowing .. like lava, from my heart entering into a growing pool of magnificent Healing, Loving Energy...my thanks to you and all who affected the Ethers with such benefit for us and so far beyond...​

Irene Munaco​

I can cook more, can dress myself more easily, feel more hopeful

Donatella Versace

I have noticed that after a group session I feel calmer

Daryl Hannah

Holy Nights Octave Spinning

Suzanne has conducted a special live guided meditation last December to create goals and new beginnings. This workshop helps members to resonate with healing possibilities for every month of the upcoming year. Read what members have said about their experience.

A few thoughts from our twelve nights. It was a lot deeper and more fulfilling than I could have expected and such a beneficial project to do at the start of a year. So, I’ll definitely repeat it next year if you decide. The act of bringing out the paper, choosing oracle cards and colours for each month felt fun, playful and creative, tapped into some childhood feeling of freedom and its a surprise how unique each month is in terms of drawings and colours. For example, January is full of red swirling spirals and question mark signs. Quite apt I think! I’m looking forward to checking in each month. On a deeper level, it felt good to be part of a loving group with you as guide and as I know you from the spirit gate group knew I could totally relax and trust. As the days went on, I felt each experience go deeper, often with tears or feelings of joy as I connected with spirit. I became much more adept at spinning and visualizations became very clear and strong. I think this will also help with the spirit gate healings. Most of all and as you know I’m on a breast cancer ‘journey’ and there have been times over the last year of treatments of despair and suffering, the twelve days have affirmed in me feeling of having roots in my future, that there is a future and one where there is hope. I certainly feel empowered and that never comes from making resolutions at the start of the year on your own. With so much gratitude to you and wishes for a happy fulfilling year ahead


Remembering my dreams requires that I lay there a little longer in the morning and stay in that dreamy state. Unfortunately, this caused me to sleep in and for too long every single morning. So instead, I decided to shuffle and draw a card from my tarot card deck the day before. I probably could have drawn three but I drew one, just to keep it simple. While we are live with your 20 minute process, I'm not inclined to comment. It feels like a distraction to me when we already have such a short time together and I already feel a bit rushed to read through the goals and then revise them when new stuff comes in. (No way do I have enough time to rewrite my goals.) That's just me, though. Some people seem to like that or need that and that's okay too. My favorite part of all of this is the creative visualization. I close my eyes when you lead us through them. What's most interesting to me is when I try out an image (which sometimes comes out of nowhere) and see how it FEELS. Am I feeling resistance? Or do I let my breath out all the way? Relaxing is my sign that I've landed on a winner. You alluded to that today. When I do the drawing, it's a back and forth between my right brain and left brain. My right brain pops out the image and my left brain says aha, that's what that means! I'm so analytical by nature, I can't help myself. LOL. When I look back months from now, I imagine I will see connections I don't now see

Angela B

I’m entering into the next level with my intuition. Divination at one point in my journey felt like a religious “taboo”. I changed that paradigm about 5 years ago and began taking my own personal spiritual journey, without doubt or fear. I’ve had this! I am also critical of “psychics”, not because there is anything evil or awful about the psychic space, but because there are dangers of doing “ego inspired” magic, rather than “divinely inspired” magic. That’s why I always ask for supervision from a higher spiritual Being as I work with my psychic impressions. Then I don’t take them too seriously. All the prophets and spiritual leaders of human history had “visions”, everyone dreams, everyone has intuitions. It’s part of being human. If we don’t confuse our psychic impressions with TRUTH, and work with them as the symbolic revelations from our subconscious or our supra-conscious, then they become portals to Divine guidance. But, I’m finding myself feeling a bit apprehensive, about the year to come. It feels BIG, BOLD, and a bit scary. It feels unsettling. Fear means you are shifting your grounding (think Kidneys). It always feels scary to shift to higher ground, truer ground, more individually powerful ground…. On the other hand, if it really is going to be big, bold, scary and unsettling—I also feel empowered with the wisdom to prepare. I’m not sure what I’m asking for. I think a breath of wisdom on how to look at a future that may be unsettling without fear? Ask for images that reveal what it’s like on the other side of Fear. The images will shift their form as you reach your goals. I have done your exercises through today, although I did not do January. I haven’t caught up yet and I missed the first day. I am not keying into dreams, but I am pulling cards each morning before the meditation. I’m writing down the cards on the back of my drawing. I think it’s the cards that I’m pulling that feel unsettling. (I use Angel Cards by the way). Wonderful!

Kimberly Thompson

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