Unlocking the Power of Spiritual Science and Healing

Unlocking the Power of Spiritual Science and Healing

Unlocking the Power of Spiritual Science and Healing


To have one basis for science and another basis for spirituality and life… is false.  There is one life and there is a unifying thread through all of it.   This science/life split is  not necessary, and it actually gets in the way of doing good science and of having a genuine spiritual experience and connection to life.

Applying scientific thinking to personal spiritual experiences involves becoming the Witness.  Spiritual exploration doesn’t defy nature, it reveals it.  Thinking clearly about how spiritual interventions like prayer, thinking, the Bengston Method, Image Cycling and distance healing can enhance those experiences.  Thought is a spiritual activity.  Our thoughts can create a vibrant connection between us and the Divine.  Our ideas about the non-physical foster intimacy with our Creator.  The give-and-take of a living, breathing, and thinking spiritual practice is so different from reciting rote prayers,  adhering blindly to tribal dictates, or following a formula for distance healing.   I like to think of those “forms” as baby steps, to get us familiar with the territory.  The true art of healing and the truth of our genuine spiritual connection is forever modifying its format. 

Clear thinking IS a spiritual activity.    Even meditation, where you “let go of thoughts” is a type of thinking.  I’m not recommending that you worship your thoughts and that you imbue your thoughts with God-status.  I’m saying that in trying to be “spiritual”, which implies connecting to something “beyond thought,” it really helps to cultivate the clear thinking of our inner Witness. 

Neurophysiology and spiritual science

Let me share a little about myself. In the 1980s I walked the halls of the University of Utah graduate school as a neurophysiology student, and my time there instilled in me a deep appreciation for scientific thinking. I also worked in New York City as a researcher at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where we meticulously conducted experiments on human cancer cells, seeking to unravel the mysteries of the cell membrane and its role in cancer. My experience in Western medical research methodology left an indelible mark on my approach to understanding the world.  I learned how to ask questions, test hypotheses and question assumptions. 

As I grew older, I witnessed a shift in our culture’s perspective on the psychological sciences. What was once considered pseudoscience is now recognized as a field that can be scientifically explored. Thanks to advances in research and therapy, we’ve come to understand that our psychological, mental, and emotional experiences can be objectively studied and treated.

Yet, amid these scientific strides, there’s still an aspect of our existence that remains largely unexplored: spiritual science. Unlike our ancestors, who lived deeply immersed in spiritual frameworks, we’ve grown progressively more focused on the physical world. While this shift has yielded incredible advancements, we may have overlooked the immense potential of spiritual exploration.

The Science of Resonance

One way to look at spiritual phenomena such as cancer cures, distance healing, hands on healing, or group prayer is the concept of resonance. Much like physical resonance with tuning forks or emotional resonance with social situations, spiritual resonance occurs when our thoughts align with a particular idea, creating a palpable spiritual connection.  For example, when I’m doing an Octave Resonance Distance Healing™ session I sense an actual physical chill, a click, a flow, a relaxation, a temperature change that responds to what I would call a spiritual impulse.  I call it spiritual because it is beyond the psychological and it’s beyond my ego.  These responses seem to come from “somewhere outside of what I know” into my bodily-felt sensations.   I don’t manage them, but I do Witness them, and attempt to think clearly about what they mean, trends, causation, and how I can inwardly and outwardly respond so as to enhance possible healing results.

I’ve found that I cannot investigate spiritual healing without doing spiritual things.  I cannot think as clearly about someone else’s description of their spiritual experience as I do about my own.  I’ve found that inner gestures of devotion to truth, caring, curiosity and wonder go a long way in helping me authentically connect spiritually to my patients and to life.  

Curiosity and Wonder Help with Spiritual Discovery

In the world of spiritual science, experimenting with new approaches is essential. If we merely repeat the same actions without innovation, we limit our ability to make progress. Think of it as tweaking an experiment and observing how it affects the outcome. By doing so, we can expand our understanding of the unseen world and potentially unlock new levels of healing.

Imagine changing something about your approach to a guided visualization, such as sitting up straighter, hydrating more, or choosing a different location. These small adjustments can lead to profound insights and experiences. Remember, the goal is not just to make it work better but to deepen your connection to the process and explore its potential.

The Spiritual Scientist’s Journey

Let’s take the example of  participating in a the guided visualization that I lead most Fridays in my Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group.  As you follow along with my instructions of what to visualize,  consider what changes you can make to enhance your experience. Observe how altering one aspect of your approach affects the outcome. It’s a bit like the scientific method, but applied to the realm of spirituality.

By being open to change and embracing the role of the witness, you can introduce a level of objectivity into your spiritual exploration. This objectivity has the power to create real change, both within yourself and potentially for others.

Entering the Sanctuary

For the full experience, you will want to join us for the free group healing event on Facebook.  Here’s a taste of part of it.  You close your eyes and visualize yourself walking down a forest path, a path well-trodden by many before you. Each step you take represents a cognitive groove, a pattern of thought and experience influenced by your cultural upbringing.

As you venture deeper into the forest, you’ll discover a hidden wall. Beyond this wall lies a healing sanctuary, a place where universal wisdom and healing energy reside. Take a moment to prepare yourself mentally for what lies ahead, and consult with the gatekeeper, who may offer guidance on what to change in your approach.

Remember, it’s essential to focus on just one or two changes to maintain the intimacy of the experience. As you enter the sanctuary, notice the presence of others who have embarked on their own unique paths.

Exploring Your Path

Within the sanctuary, each of us has our own path. It may be wide or narrow, but it’s uniquely ours. Along this path, you’ll come across a pond. As you explore, pay attention to the details of your journey, and observe any shifts in your thoughts or feelings.

You have the freedom to experiment, to make subtle changes to your approach. Maybe you’ll sit up straighter, hydrate a bit more, or find a different location. Whatever you choose, take note of how it impacts your experience and what feels different.

A Journey of Discovery

After this guided visualization, take a moment to reflect on your experience. What did you change? How did those changes affect your journey within the sanctuary? By engaging in this process with an open mind and a spirit of inquiry, you’re not just seeking a better outcome; it comes to meet you.  Ask and it is given.

As we continue to delve into the intersection of science and spirituality, let’s remain open to the possibilities of the unseen world. Just as we’ve made strides in understanding the physical and psychological realms, there’s much to discover in the realm of spiritual science. Together, we can unlock its potential for healing and transformation as we discover what is there, rather than impose our ego’s crude understanding onto it.

I invite you to join our Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group, where you can connect with others on a similar journey.

Thank you for joining us on this path of discovery, where the boundaries of science and spirituality blur, and the potential for healing knows no bounds.

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