Octave Resonance Healing

Octave Resonance Healing – This is Suzanne Clegg’s combination of Harmonic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Phenomenology, Anthroposophy, and Taoism. The different octaves represent the various levels of human experience. It is a structure to help you relate to the holographic way everything affects everything else. Something from each octave is incorporated in each in-office therapy session. If you are working through distance healing, Suzanne coaches you how to nourish and strengthen your Life Force and Physical Octaves.

Octave of Self Awareness

∞ Your Connection to YOU

∞ Octave Healing Technique

∞ Energetically Charged Cotton, Oil, or Water

∞ Awaken Your Spirituality and Creativity

Octave of Emotions & Images

∞ Bengston Energy Healing Method®

∞ Vibrational Imagine Technigue™

∞ Medical Intuitive Readings

∞ Guided Imagery

∞ Guided Dialogue with Your Spiritual Guidance

Octave of Life Force

∞ Acupuncture Acutonics® Sound Healing

∞ Qi Gong

∞ Healthy Eating and Whole Food Supplements

∞ Renewal through Sleeping and Creativity

∞ Connection to Nature

∞ Essential Oils, Chinese and Western Herbs

Octave of the Physical

∞ Exercise and Movement

∞ Structure and Body/Tissue Mechanics

∞ Environment (Clean Living, Avoiding Toxins)

What is an Octave?

If you are familiar with a piano, the notes that are eight steps apart are named the same thing. All the “C” notes on the piano are octaves of each other. In physics, an octave is an exact doubling or halving of the frequency. Middle C has exactly twice as many “cycles per second” as the C note below it. All the C’s on the piano sound more alike to each other than any other two notes. The same goes with any note. There can be octaves of any note. Since everything, at some level, is vibration, one can assume that everything has a musical counterpart. In Harmonic Medicine, health and disease have characteristic vibrational frequencies. Bringing in harmonies that enhance or detract from the “chord” being played by one’s life can effect change.

What do Octaves have to do with Healing?

It is becoming common knowledge that emotions affect the physical body and vice versa. The Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ deepens our awareness of how our physical bodies are connected to broader perspectives. When we do something, say on the physical level, we “listen” for how it is affecting our Life Force, our emotions, and our capacity to be self-aware. This also trickles down. When we experience a strong emotion, we can see it affecting our energy level, our physical symptoms, and our ideas about what is happening to us.

What Four Octaves?

These four octaves are common experiences to any wakeful human being. Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy inspires them. Steiner looks at the human being as having a physical body, an etheric body, an astral body, and a higher ego body. (His old-fashioned use of the word “ego” is more modernly referred to as one’s higher self).

Octave of the Physical:

In our physical body, we resemble the mineral kingdom. There is no reproduction. This is like a corpse. These are the raw physical materials that make up our bodies.

Octave of the Life Force:

In our physical/etheric bodies, we resemble the plant kingdom. This is like a sleeping body. The etheric forces are the shaping, budding, growing, generative forces that we call being alive.

Octave of the Emotions & Images:

Our physical/etheric/astral bodies, our experience is similar to animals. We have emotions, and we have the capacity to form pictures in our consciousness.

Octave of the Higher Vibrations

In our physical/etheric/astral/higher ego bodies, we are fully conscious human beings. We are able to think of ourselves as “I Am.” We have the capacity to reflect on our own thinking. We are individuals.

These four octaves describe a vibrational spectrum we are familiar with. It implies that are lower and even higher vibrations that are beyond most people’s ability to perceive.

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