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Cancer FAQ

You have cancer and are exploring your options.

Maybe you have heard about William Bengston and his success with cancer.  Here are the answers to frequently asked questions:

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Suzanne: All cancers may respond—the question is, does your cancer respond? Things that inhibit cancer from responding to treatment are: (1) being at the end of your normal lifespan; (2) chemo and radiation therapy; (3) strict fasting; (4) not getting enough treatments and (5) not wanting to get well. During a healing session, I can tell if your body is “receiving” the treatment. I take my responsibility very seriously and will let you know how I see you responding. I am always using ways to activate a fuller response, but if it is not working, I will let you know and we can discuss options. The answers to the questions below assume that you fit the description of someone who “responds” to treatment.

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