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Cancer Therapy FAQs. You have cancer and are exploring your options.

Maybe you have heard about William Bengston and his success with cancer. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions:

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Suzanne: All cancers may respond—the question is, does your cancer respond? Things that inhibit cancer from responding to treatment are:

  1. Being at the end of your normal lifespan;
  2. Chemo and radiation therapy;
  3. Strict fasting;
  4. Not getting enough treatments; and
  5. Not wanting to get well.

During a healing session, I can tell if your body is “receiving” the treatment. I take my responsibility very seriously and will let you know how I see you responding. I am always using ways to activate a fuller response, but if it is not working, I will let you know and we can discuss options. The answers to the questions below assume that you fit the description of someone who “responds” to treatment.

Suzanne: That’s a good question. It has not always been so. Even though I have been helping people heal from very serious life-threatening illnesses for almost 30 years, “cancer” has a well-deserved fear surrounding it. Up to a few years ago, my role with cancer patients was supporting them—usually as they got a temporary remission or transitioned through death. I would support their psycho-spiritual processes—often in poignant profound ways. I would ease their pain and reduce the need for narcotics using acupuncture and sound healing. I would strengthen the body with nutrition, herbs and essential oils. My patients enjoyed superb support for their process, but the cancer or the chemo/radiation always seemed so much more powerful than what I was doing!

All that changed several years ago when I finally decided to take up William Bengston’s offer to privately mentor me with what he knew about energetically healing cancer. I have known William Bengston, Ph.D. since 1991 when my husband joined the faculty of St. Joseph’s college where they both work. I would go to picnics and faculty functions and delight in his latest research of curing cancer in mice. I would be amazed at the thoroughness, the scientific rigor and detachment with which he worked. I would talk to people he had healed. I would usually ask him to teach me how he did it. He would explain a technique that made absolutely no sense to me, I was a big-shot acupuncturist/ energy worker and what he told me couldn’t possibly be the key. I thought he was probably withholding the “real stuff” because what he did seemed so simple, so basic that it couldn’t possibly help with something as terrible as cancer. I guess I wasn’t ready yet. When I finally started having Bengston consult me with my patients, I discovered I had been right and wrong. Right that there was a lot more to healing cancer than a simple technique, and wrong that the technique wasn’t an important gateway to healing.


Suzanne: Wouldn’t it be nice if the tumor got smaller and smaller and smaller and then gone? It doesn’t usually work this way. Be prepared. This is a natural, not a magical process and most tumors get bigger before they get smaller. Tumors get larger for two reasons: they are either perfusing with lymph and blood and changing into non-tumors, or they are simply getting worse and worse. Fortunately, the size of the tumor is not the only important feature and there are ways to tell what it is doing. I like to work with your oncologist so we know if we are going in the right direction.

Suzanne: This is not necessarily a bad sign in tumors not exposed to chemo/radiation. If you are like most, you will freak out (remember this is a natural process and you would be in total denial not to be scared. Emotions need to be experienced, not stuffed). You (or a family member willing to treat you regularly) will be expected to learn how to do a rapid image cycling technique so that you can use your strong emotion for your benefit—whether it is negative or positive. Next, you read the articles by Dr. Bengston where he described how the mice grew huge tumors that became soft and then disappeared quickly. The mice were running around in their cages with healthy appetites, bright eyes, chasing and having fun–all with huge tumors. There was a distinct difference between the large-tumored healing mice who lived and the also tumored untreated mice who died. This trend also holds for people. People dying of cancer become listless, lose their appetite, their interest in life, they become very sad or depressed and there is a general overall withering of everything.  If you suddenly start acting like a dying person rather than a living healing person, then that is the sign the treatment may not working–not the size of the tumor. If you are feeling good, sleeping well, eating well, living well and your body is ‘taking’ the treatment, it is all a sign that you are getting well. The slight exception to this rule is that naturally healing tumors often create a fever, which should not be suppressed and is a good sign. Nearly every naturally-healing tumor gets bigger before it gets smaller. Live cancer cells are present in this growing tumor. If you get a test it will tell you, yes indeed you have a tumor. There are many natural and unnatural healing methods for cancer. This one usually includes a “getting bigger before it gets smaller” phase. You don’t have to do this method, but know that if you are responding well to the treatments, if your gut says you are OK and if other aspects of your health are improving, it bodes well. This being said, please remember that in life THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES! Just because I have helped others with a similar condition does not mean I will be able to help you. If I think I can help you, I will do my best. I take my responsibility very seriously and I will be the first to tell you if I think I cannot help. I am human and I can be wrong.

Suzanne: Before you arrive, please read through this document again and fill out the comprehensive medical history form. Bring the history form with you to your first visit.

  • It’s good to have a friend or family member read it too! Fear can prevent us from noticing very important information, so a support system is very important.
  • You need to be under the care of a doctor — preferably an oncologist. There will be medical issues that arise that will be best handled by a physician.
  • In the first session we will review the process, answer your questions and you will receive a basic treatment that will include my Octave Healing Method™ (my version of what William Bengston taught me). I will energetically assess how your cancer responds. We will both be assessing the rapport we have with the whole situation. If we are to proceed, I need to feel confident that I can help, and you need to feel confident that it is what you want to try.
  • The second session will be a thorough discussion of your health history. We will begin the process of strategizing the right dietary and lifestyle supports you will need. Then I will give you a session. No two sessions are ever exactly alike. In general they are a blend of the Octave Healing Method™, Acutonics® (sound healing), acupuncture, essential oils, touch, off-the-body energy work, talking, and therapeutic quiet. Many energy methods are incompatible with each other and I am trained to know how to avoid doing too many things. For cancer I mostly use what William Bengston taught me, but if you are not responding vibrantly, I can do acupuncture or other energy methods that may activate your Qi so that you “take” the more subtle treatment.
  • Sessions usually last 45-60 minutes, with the first few sessions taking longer.

Suzanne: Natural healing works with the wisdom of the body. Chemo/radiation work by simply killing the cancer cells. Although they are polar opposites, natural healing can help your body withstand the stress of chemo or radiation therapy. My ideal clients are those that “respond” to my work. Chemotherapy or radiation almost always stop this “responsiveness”. I can usually tell right away if it is worth pursuing. Surgery is not a deterrent. Many of my clients have been helped in that space between surgery and the time to start chemo. I especially like to work with youth who have a few weeks before they need to start chemo as they generally respond vibrantly to my method. There are always exceptions. If you want to work naturally I can still help, but most of what is in this “interview with Suzanne” applies to what typically happens to my patients who have never had chemo or radiation therapy.

Suzanne: Remember this is a NATURAL process. How fast you heal is up to you and your body. As with most really important things, there are no guarantees. After a little while, your gut will tell you if you are on the right track. Usually it is not subtle at all–it’s very clear to everyone that you are getting better. If it is working, don’t worry about the number of treatments. Rather, enjoy the fact that you are alive. You can work with an oncologist to determine when it is “really gone”

Natural functions don’t flow in straight lines. Expect fluctuation. Expect your healing process to be your healing process–not someone else’s. You will have lots of questions. In general, rapidly growing cancers respond faster than slow growing cancers. It may not be worth it to treat a slow growing skin or prostate cancer. Paradoxically,the fast-growing cancers are often the fastest to respond. Children respond faster than adults. It is best to treat the cancer when it is “hot”. This has some correspondence to growing (metastasizing). If you travel a distance for a treatment and your cancer is not hot, we can still treat it–it’s just not as powerful. A metaphorical image I use is that when the cancer is hot it is “asking for” or “hungry for” information on healing. The energy work connects it with this missing information. Feeding it information when it is not asking or not “hungry” is not as important. Often we just do treatments when we can get our schedules together, but this piece becomes important when there are judgment calls about how aggressive to be on certain days. If a cancer cools down after a treatment and in a few hours gets hot again; it is OK to treat again the same day. It is typical for people to travel quite a ways to get treatments. We do a burst of treatments whether they are hot or not, and then they go away and come back in a week or so.

Suzanne: No. Detachment is a better attitude. One of the reasons animals respond so well to energy work may be that they don’t have pre-conceived notions about what is happening. They simply experience it and whatever happens, happens. Belief and disbelief are two sides of the same coin that can interfere. The healing comes from a “place” way beyond conscious belief.

My services are not the foundation for your healing. Your children, your spouse, and your unfinished projects are not the foundations. They call to you and inspire you to live, but your connection to YOU is the foundation. This is your spiritual connection to the part of you that creates your body. Cancer tends to get us honest very fast. Authentic answers to big questions about what your life is about are the foundations. Your own inner knowing about what you want to do is the foundation. When you are clear about that, your inner guidance doesn’t get mixed messages and you can navigate towards your goal. Just be honest with yourself. Is this worth trying? You may be coming to me because you don’t like the odds of your survival otherwise. You don’t have to believe in me, you simply need to try the process. If you need to believe in something, believe that it “might be possible” so it is worth investigating. In my method, it is OK to be afraid, angry, sad and have all those other messy emotions. Far be it from me to have you suppress negative emotion–that causes cancer!! I will show you very concrete techniques to transform negative emotion into fuel for healing.

Suzanne: The actual “tumor cooling” technique is profoundly simple, but those who respond report changes on every level of their being. If your only response is that your cancer goes away, I get suspicious that it is temporary. We will be using my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ to understand and work through the “issues that are in your tissues”. This happens differently for everyone. On the Physical Octave, you may be exercising in new ways or eliminating toxins in your environment. On the Life Force Octave, your diet and your relationships to nature, people and work may change. On the Octave of Emotions and Images, you will most likely become aware of the emotional issues that have been “stored” in your tissues. During the treatments, I often “see intuitively” what is “leaving” you as you do your healing. I experience your emotional baggage in many ways: having an emotion that doesn’t feel like “mine”, pictures of traumatic events, symbolic scenes that re-create the feelings from a time of prior wounding, or simply as shadows leaving you. You will be having your own experience of it and I can coach you on how to fully release and let go of what has been stopping you from healing. On the Octave of Higher Vibrations, you will become aware of the meaning of your illness in your biography and embrace the learning it provides. A good cancer cure involves every aspect of your being. You still have issues. You are still mortal. You just have a new lease on life.

Suzanne: Closely. You need to understand where they are coming from and receive any help they have to give you. They are great for understanding if the progression of a tumor is typical or not. They have great diagnostic tests that can tell you if you are tumor-free. Some people will want to do every test imaginable as frequently as possible. Others have steered-clear of the whole institution. I am not opposed to western cancer treatments–they save lives and people recover! I have trained at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center on the ethics of cancer care. You have the right to choose what happens to your body. Period. If you have insurance, you have the right to medical care and you get to choose your care. If an oncologist, in good conscience, doesn’t feel comfortable monitoring a “natural” cancer protocol, you have the right for a referral to a doctor who can supply medical care. If you feel there is a conflict that keeps you from getting the care you need, a social worker trained in mediation can be summoned (insurance pays for it). Often there are concerns with wounds and concurrent conditions that respond nicely to some basic doctoring. That being said, remember that I am pretty good at handling colds, flues, digestive problems, aches, pains, sinuses, allergies, menstrual problems, insomnia, depression… My philosophy is to try natural non-invasive treatments before I go get pharmaceuticals. Please discuss your non-cancer bodily concerns with me. It will help your holistic approach work better. Do see other health professionals as needed–just keep me in the loop.

I have a lot of western medical training and have great respect for it. My passion for natural healing is not about being opposed to western medicine, as much as being thrilled with coaxing natural healing forces into action!

Suzanne: Actively. You are in charge of your body and your healing is your process. You are coming to me because you want some help. You will have others on your support team (physicians, family, friends and other therapists). The Octave Resonance Healing Method™ is a critical link in this support system but it is not the whole system. It needs to filter down into your conscious thinking about the meaning of your life, your emotions, your life force, and of course your physical body. There are areas that need attention all along the way. It is a working together with everything that gets us the results we want. The beauty of this Method is how utterly simple it is, so that attending to little things like nutrition, exercise, and emotional health becomes a pleasure rather than a fearful scramble.

Once you are free of cancer, you want to eliminate the physical, emotional and life force drains that got you there in the first place. Healing relies on the natural system to be intact. It’s a working together that gets it done. To promote this result, I support you with my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ (Chinese Medicine, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and soul/ spiritual changes) to promote health.

Suzanne: I use my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™:
At the Physical Octave, most tumors feel hot at the beginning of a session and then they cool down. If this doesn’t happen, they are “not responding”. Your physician can also order helpful blood tests and scans. Many people get a fever when their tumor heals, so if this happens contact Suzanne. Do not take any medication that will reduce the fever. Suzanne can help you manage the fever with leg wraps…or you can just ride it out.

At the Life Force Octave, your body “responds” to the Octave Healing Method™. There is a subtle but clear sensation of “connection” that occurs. This is similar to your experience of shaking someone’s hand–you can tell by their hand grip and their eye contact if they are really greeting you. My 30 years experience with energy medicine has refined my ability to know when there is “contact”. Tumors have a characteristic “life force signature”, which I can usually identify. Chemo/radiation often stop this response, so if that’s you, I look for other ways of telling how you are doing.

At the Emotions & Images Octave, I am a Medical Intuitive and am able to receive therapeutic images that inform you and me about what is happening. You may also experience emotions (typically peace and bliss) or have your own images relating to what is happening.

At the Higher Vibrations Octave you may experience waves of peace or love that assures you something good is happening. Sometimes not. The best indicator is when I feel “Nothing”. This “Nothing” is a “non-place” of non-duality that defies description.

Suzanne: No. Usually you have more energy, less pain, better digestion, improved sleep. Overall you feel a little or a lot better in all sorts of ways.

Suzanne: There is no way of knowing or predicting. In my experience cancer gets better on its own time. It is a natural process with a myriad of physical/mental/spiritual factors. Some people will recover in just one treatment (rare). Others will require several 20-60 hours of therapy (typical). Still others will require many more hours of therapy (also rare). If it is 2 or 200 or something else…does it matter if you are going in the right direction?

Remember there is no guarantee you will receive any specific results and I make no express or implied claim that your cancer will be cured. Everyone is an individual.

Suzanne: His book The Energy Cure: One Man’s Quest to Unravel the Mystery of Hands-on Healing and CD set were published by Sounds True in October 2010 and can be ordered for a discount by clicking here. The CD set has a great explanation of Rapid Image Cycling which I recommend to patients. See my Octave Resonance Spinning Visualization video for a simplified spinning meditation that can be a wonderful stepping stone into a powerful Rapid Image Cycling practice. Please learn how to do Rapid Image Cycling from Bengston himself. If you run into difficulty, the above video is an example of how I break down the common barriers people have when attempting it. Energy-therapy for cancer is not too hard and it may make a huge difference.

Suzanne: You can have a session without being physically present with me. The upper two parts of my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ don’t require your physical presence. Higher Vibrational therapies do affect the lower physical and Life forces, but are different from them and can be accessed with intention. I like to include people in the process via phone, Skype or iChat. I can also charge cotton, oil or water with healing intention to keep the upper octaves active between physical visits.

Suzanne: Not at all. Fees are very reasonable for the value and expertise provided, they reflect the cost of running a professional office. The cost depends on what you need.

Suzanne: Enjoy your new lease on life! Once your cancer is undetectable, you will continue to get some sessions. Usually by this time, you are clearly at ease (and thrilled) with the process so a few more sessions feels like good insurance. You won’t need them as often. You won’t need them forever. Continue to enjoy doing all the great things you learned to do for your health. Get whatever western diagnostic tests you need to know where you stand. In Dr. Bengston’s experience the cancer will not recur in the same area or type with people. In contrast to mainstream approaches to cancer, in most cases people get better and stay better. In rare instances, a completely different type of cancer occurs in their body. There have been no controlled studies using this method on people. With mice, when the cured mice were re-injected with the once-lethal cancer, they had become totally immune to it. They lived their normal life span of two years and died of “natural causes”. This “immunity” to cancer is typical, but of course not guaranteed, for people. This method is experimental, and I hope you are willing to stay in touch for several years after your treatments so we can help others know the long-term results.


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