Rapid Image Cycling and Manifesting

Rapid Image Cycling and Manifesting Your Desires

This article will help you if you are familiar with William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling and manifesting technique.  (*See below for how to learn it).  I have been working with this method for about 12 years now.  In a nutshell, the technique has you think of about 20 things you want that you don’t have, memorize them and then spin the images around very quickly.  I have got many many items on my list and I credit the exercise for helping me accomplish many goals and manifest many desires into my life.  I have manifested a new roof for my house, cars, relationships, things fixed, possessions, health goals, and the list goes on and on.  

Twenty years ago,  I thought that Rapid Image Cycling (RIC) was just positive thinking. While RIC certainly contains positive images it is much more than that.  However, positivity and visualizing desires is certainly one component of it.  So let’s talk about the limitations of positive thinking.  It’s not that positive thinking “works” or “doesn’t work”… it depends on the context.    It’s my sense that just positive thinking alone, without action, doesn’t do much.  Piers Steel, a highly regarded expert in motivation and author of The Procrastination Equation, describes research that shows that simply visualizing the outcomes we want does very little towards making them happen.  According to this research, it’s more helpful to focus on the action steps right in front of us, than it is to keep the end result in mind all the time.  

So where does Rapid Image Cycling fit into this?  Does it help us take actions towards our desires (thus helping them to materialize)?  In other articles I have  described how it engineers our ability to have desires and simultaneously be in the present moment (theoretically taking some actions).  It confuses the energetic matrix that is holding us stuck and blocked. At this spiritual level, RIC works lawfully but seemingly magically.  But today I want to write about something less philosophical/spiritual, more psychological.  More in the realm of what we can focus on and manage.

  1. Intuition Enhancement.  When I review my List every morning, I write it down slowly… pausing a moment or so on each item to make sure I still want it and freshen up my conscious link with each item.  This puts me into my day in such a way that I clearly notice opportunities that I simply would not have noticed if I hadn’t reviewed my list.  I get urges to ask strangers questions, reframe blocks as opportunities, research something on the internet, call a friend, have a difficult conversation, etc.  I have the attitude that all of creation is conspiring for my well being.  When I have recently reviewed my List, it’s easier to catch the waves of useful information coming my way.
  2. Action Enhancement.  As I am reviewing my list, I will often get an idea of something that I can do.  It is often an action that I do have the time, money and where-with-all to easily accomplish TODAY.  I have my planner next to me when I review my list so I can catch these inspirations.  I am always so impressed that they are simple and easy “next steps”.  I rarely get downloads of full project plans…just next steps.  It’s as the consciousness activated by my spinning List can feed me just the information I need.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Unlike my monkey mind, which can always think of 5-days of “to do’s” for just one day, these items are do-able.  I’ve learned that if I get ideas while I am reviewing my list, to give them more weight than all the “should and oughts” that may be bouncing around in my brain.

*Want to learn Rapid Image Cycling?  I recommend William Bengston’s audio training, which you can purchase here for a discount.  Please note that my language of how I use Image Cycling is my own artistic interpretation of what I experience.  Hopefully you too are making the practice your own.

If you have taken Bengston’s audio training, read his book, or attended his seminars and you are struggling, I can help.  If you want to feel confident that you are actually doing it, it can take 1-3 sessions.  If you want to go deep into your practice and pick my brain for all the nuances of how to really make it work for your situation, I have a 9-session package.  Schedule a complimentary Get Acquainted Call by using this link.

This article was inspired by the conversation I had in the Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group.  See the video for the live version of this topic.

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