Rapid Image Cycling Technique - Group Vs Alone


Rapid Image Cycling Technique – Group Vs Alone


This article may interest you if you are actively practicing William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling technique.  You have your list built and you are spinning it around.  You are learning to walk and talk and chew gum while cycling.

Bill Bengston has observed that when people do his Rapid Image Cycling technique in groups, the effects are often enhanced over doing it one-on-one or by oneself.  He postulates that groups create a larger resonance and it is this resonant bond that amplifies the healing.

What if there was a way to get a group of cycles going without a group of people?

There is and it’s simple.

Here it is:

Imagine that you have more than one cycle.  Ta da!

That’s right.  Have your list of images copied onto more than one spinning disc.  If you can imagine one cycle, it’s a small next step to have more than one cycle.

Here are some beginner options:

  • One spinning disc behind your head and one in front.
  • Two spinning discs behind you
  • One disc in your tumor and another one in outer space (or at least across the room)
  • Five cycles… one in each upper corner of the room you are in and one behind your head or in your tumor or your heart or…
  • Trillions of cycle attached to the sodium-potassium pump of your cell membranes (this one works if you have a biochemistry background)
  • Trillions of cycles with each one attached to a star in the sky.  Go look at the night sky and imagine that each light is carrying your cycle… and even the stars you cannot see are doing so,

When I cycle more than one cycle at a time, I get a broad spacious feeling.  My inner “atmosphere” feels fuller and emptier and freer.  It’s as if the spiritual forces have “traction”.  It’s like singing in the shower… the “voice” of my cycle suddenly resonates and reverberates in a beautiful and full way.  It’s not identical to working with a group of healers all cycling together but it does feel similarly robust.  If you want to work with a group of healers, feel free to join my Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group where I do a free distance healing session every week.

There is nothing necessarily better about lots of cycles versus one cycle.  It’s just an option.  Sometimes we want to listen to one note and sometimes we want to hear a whole orchestra or choir of notes.  

…which brings me to the more advanced option:

Instead of using your ego to playfully think up elaborate images of cycles, do something easier.  I ask questions and new mental images of spinning spheres and discs appear.  No fuss no muss!  It’s rather entertaining and usually more playful than trying to think it all up from scratch.

Here are a few questions to get you started: 

  • “how many cycles will help with this healing now?”
  • “Do four cycles feel better than one?  …than two?”
  • “Show me images of my cycling spinning”
  • “Where is my cycle spinning?  In front? In back? How many are there?”

My imagination will give me different images depending on what I am asking.  It’s fun! 

 What happens when you ask these questions while you are cycling?

It is a more advanced skill to “find” what my cycle appears as today, rather than projecting my imagination onto space.  This creates a living connection with my mental movie rather than just an egoic one.  It’s like there is a 2-way relationship that can grow and evolve instead of me “bossing the universe around.”

These are some ideas that I have come up with as I have played with Rapid Image Cycling technique over the past 13 years.  They are my playful musings and my way of keeping my relationship with the practice from becoming a dead ritual.  They are not Bill Bengston’s.  He may or may not find my ways of playing with image cycling helpful.  I do.  If you don’t know his rapid image cycling method, you should learn it from him.  Here’s a link to give you discounts on his book and audio training.   I encourage you to find your own playful ways of discovering how your image cycling practice can shift, change and show up differently each time you do it.  If you found this tip helpful, please let me know!  (And give me credit when you share it 🙂 )


If you are working with image cycling because you are working with cancer, please know that there is so much more to cancer healing than Rapid Image Cycling!  If you are cycling and not sure if it is making a difference, that is par for the first few cancer patients you treat.   Managing a naturally healing tumor takes clinical experience, and tweaking of your technique based on what is happening.  I have a 40-year career as a holistic health practitioner and have devoted my time since 2009 to cancer care, especially the Bengston Method.   If you want me to help, look through my Cancer FAQ’s on my website or YouTube channel and then schedule a complimentary Get Acquainted Call

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