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Painful Hot Cancerous Tumor?

Use the healing power of your hands to Reduce pain and bring comfort
Rapid Image Cycling Technique
A short, simple, self-paced hands-on-healing class. You can do something other than watch your beloved Animal or human companion suffer and wither away with cancer.
Rapid Image Cycling Technique

Hands-on-healing To Stop Pain* In A Hot Cancerous Tumor

In this simple, self-paced Masterclass you will learn:


Use your head, your heart and your hands to give a simple energy-healing session to someone with a hot cancerous tumor. How to begin it, how to end it and what to do in between.


An inner gesture and a simple meditation that works to get your ego out of the way.


Where to place your hands, what to feel for and for how long.


Cancer has its own signals that let you know how it is responding. These are things you can feel with your hands or see with your eyes.
*Pain reduction is the most-often reported result. The Masterclass describes 22 other ways to tell if your energy sessions are helping. See below for who responds best, as everyone is different.


  1. You have a beloved family member, friend or pet with a hot cancerous tumor.
  2. You are starting to experience a living nightmare of managing medications, managing side effects of medications, trips to doctors, and feeling he
  3. Rapid Image Cycling Techniquelpless as the cancer marches on.
  4. You need to DO SOMETHING that is concretely effective, instead of feeling helpless and useless. Your doctor/vet has not recommended aggressive medical measures, but you cannot sit idly by and do nothing. 
  5. You want to do something natural that may reduce the need for medication, leading to fewer side effects of the meds, fewer trips to the doctor, and better quality of life. 
  6. You want to find a way to be present with your friend’s cancer in such a way that brings physical, emotional and spiritual comfort to them, to you and the whole family.  
  7. You already have some knowledge of energy-healing therapies. This class jumps right into showing you how to give a treatment and doesn’t attempt to convince you it’s worth trying… you already know that.  You can be a beginner, just not completely new to the power of hands-on healing.
  8. You will be able to spend 15-30 minutes most days giving a soothing hands-on-healing session to your friend.  Once a week is not going to do much to reduce their pain, breathing, digestion, and sleeping problems.  This Masterclass guides you through a “long” session (20-30 minutes) and teaches you how to go longer or shorter times

Warning:  The first time you cool down a hot cancerous tumor with your bare hands, it can delight you and can shift your awareness of what may be possible.  That shift can have moments of profound peace as well as profound excitement.  Be prepared for your own inner transformation as you help your friend.

The very first listen will have you doing a simple hands-on-healing energy session. It’s not that hard to activate the natural healing forces in your friend, family member or pet… and it can make a huge difference!

About Me

How I came to offer this Masterclass

Hi! I am Suzanne Clegg. I have been a holistic health practitioner for over 35 years as a National Board Certified Acupuncturist, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Herbalist, Sound Healer and Medical Intuitive. I’ve worked in hospitals, rehab centers and private practice.

I am the author of There Is Another Way: Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer. I have been using various energy-healing technologies specifically with cancer for about 12 years. I have my own approach…the Octave Resonance Healing Approach™.

This class came out of my realization that some very effective energy-medicine tools can be taught quickly to family members. Cancer is a family affair. I’d like to help you help your loved one.

– Suzanne Clegg

Rapid Image Cycling Technique


A few minutes of orientation and we jump right into a 20-minute guided treatment. You can mark this part of the presentation and play it over and over until you don’t need it. After the treatment ends, I go through how to modify it for different situations. The whole presentation is 60 minutes long

No. You simply need to do the technique. You press “play” on the presentation, and I guide you through the steps. Your patient is the healer. You are just the “toucher”. Intuition and sensitivity to subtle energies does help you stay interested because you get more feedback. The healing happens between the patient and their Source… it doesn’t go through you so you are off the hook.

Yes. Cancer is chaotic, but there are some general trends.
Fast growing hot tumors usually cool down and stop hurting better than slow growing, small or cool tumors.

Slow growing and cool tumors can still be treated, but the physical benefits are not so dramatic.

Natural healing works through the immune system, and it works easier with an intact one. Sometimes people who have had aggressive chemo and radiation therapies that have deeply attacked their body do not respond physically. Their pain may not go away. It’s still a nice way to spend time with them and may still bring other comforts.

  • Younger people and animals respond more robustly than older ones, though I have seen exceptions.
  • They shouldn’t be fasting.
  • If they are a person, they need to want to get better.
  • If tumors are hot from chemo or radiation therapy, they don’t usually respond as well (or it’s just harder to tell if it’s helping). This is a wonderful method if your friend and their doctor/veterinarian have opted out of those therapies. You can really make a big difference!

Everything that applies to animals also applies to people. People have another layer of self-awareness that gets incorporated in more advanced healing approaches. This Masterclass is focused on reducing the heat and pain in aggressive tumors and in that way, humans and animals are similar.

Many people will get results after the first time or so. Don’t give up until you have given at least 10 sessions. If you are having fun practicing, you will quickly get the hang of it.

No, and please don’t. I work best with people who are teachable and capable of carefully observing physical changes in their patient. We will be working with energy-healing tools, not magic tricks. If it’s not working, don’t hunker-down and believe in it harder! Rather, ask a question and tweak your technique.

This class is deliberately simple so that newbies can experience success. It is specifically about cancer. If you are familiar with another healing method (such as acupuncture, Reiki, Bengston Method, Quantum Touch, Eden Energy Medicine, etc.) some of what you learn in this presentation will help you apply what you already know specifically to cancer.

Closely. Hands-on-healing is in no way, shape or form a substitute for good medical care. Even if the energy work creates massive physical healing (which it does occasionally); even if you don’t like doctors; even if the doctor has sent your friend home to die; your loved-one still benefits from having a competent medical team. Energy therapies are not considered as woo-woo as they were just a few years ago. Especially in oncology, psycho-spiritual support from family and friends is highly encouraged.

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