Mastering Bengston Image Cycling

Mastering Bengston Image Cycling: The Three Essential Phases

Embarking on the journey of Bengston Image Cycling may initially appear daunting, but the potential it holds for manifesting intentions and promoting healing is truly remarkable. I remember back in 1996 when my husband and I sought help from William Bengston for our infant daughter. At the time, our pediatric ophthalmologist suspected a brain tumor as the cause of her eye problems.  Bill, a colleague of my husband, graciously offered his assistance.  We found ourselves in his living room, where he worked on our peacefully sleeping baby by gently touching her head. Intrigued, I asked him what he was doing.  He explained that he was using his imagination to spin images of his personal desires at a rapid rate, while simultaneously clairvoyantly examining our daughter’s brain, touching her head and giving her a “healing session.”

He said he could teach me how to do it and I tried but it seemed impossible. Over the next 13 years, as I witnessed from the sidelines his mice research showing complete cancer remissions, I took stabs at learning Rapid Image Cycling yet always got stuck.

Perhaps you, too, find yourself in a similar predicament.

Looking back, I realize that two factors stopped me from learning this seemingly elusive but simple technique.  Firstly, my arrogance hindered my genuine curiosity, clouding my mind with preconceived notions about energy healing and spirituality.   Secondly, I failed to recognize that learning Image Cycling comprises three distinct phases. Instead I attempted to tackle them all at once, getting tangled up in poor results and diminished confidence.

Drawing from my experience teaching hundreds of private clients seeking to effectively master Image Cycling for self-treatment and healing for themselves and their animals, I am committed to sharing insights to spare you a similar journey. It’s important to note that I am not affiliated with Bengston, and the following insights are solely based on my own experiences.

Phase 1: Dreaming – Crafting Your Vision:

When embarking on Image Cycling, the first phase involves careful planning and envisioning. Embrace your inner storyteller and dare to dream of the images of your desires. Compile a list of approximately 20 items that you wish to manifest in your life. Take the time to ponder, considering the emotions and attachments associated with each image. Bengston has rules of what and how to put items on your list that you can learn from him.  This meticulous planning phase lays the groundwork for the subsequent stages of Image Cycling.

Phase 2: Drilling – The Rapid Succession of Images:

With the blueprint of your intentions in place, it’s time to dive into the second phase of Image Cycling—drilling. Unlike the planning and storytelling of the Dream phase, drilling requires focused and rapid succession of images. This exercise demands your utmost concentration as you swiftly move from one image to the next, maintaining clarity throughout.  While you can perceive the mental images, there is no time to fully immerse yourself in the emotions they evoke. This deliberate detachment from emotions forms a crucial layer within the technique.  Remember, drilling is an unnatural and mentally demanding exercise–it’s not meant to be easy.

Phase 3: Letting Go – Hypercycling in the Present Moment:

The third phase of Bengston Image Cycling, which I call hypercycling, is one of letting go even deeper. It involves spinning your images at such a rapid pace that you detach from them entirely. In this phase you are capable of engaging in your mental, physical and emotional daily activities while hypercycling. This seamless integration of Image Cycling enables you to benefit from its power throughout your day.

Mastering the Phases:

Attempting to tackle all three phases simultaneously can lead to frustration and hinder your progress. Each phase of Bengston Image Cycling demands a different type of focus and mental engagement. By recognizing the distinct nature of each phase, you can approach them individually, mastering each one separately..

Bonus Phases.

Once you have reached the stage of hypercycling, the practice becomes highly personalized. I take great pleasure in guiding my clients on how to make Image Cycling their own, integrating it with their unique worldview and experiences.  I help them know if they are doing it right, and most important, tweaking their technique so that it actually helps their healing process.


Bengston Image Cycling offers a well-researched method for manifesting your intentions and promoting healing. Understanding the three distinct phases—dreaming, drilling, and hypercycling—is crucial for mastering and can save you precious time and accelerate your progress.   Approach each phase with dedication, cultivating the specific focus and mental engagement required.  

Take the Next Step:  Schedule a Complimentary Get Acquainted Call to personalize Image Cycling for your healing journey.  In this conversation we will be determining if I can help you:

  • Learn how to Image Cycle with confidence
  • Learn how to treat a loved one (human or animal) effectively
  • Discuss how to (and how not to) use it with other energy therapies
  • Learn how to tell if it is working
  • Work with your time/money/energy budget to give it your best shot.
  • Possibly get friends and family members helping with the healing sessions.
  • Use my clinical experience to strategize how to actually heal, not just how to use a technique and hope for the best.

I only accept clients I think I can help.  Use this link to schedule our meeting.

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