Is Energy Healing a Miracle?

Is Energy Healing a Miracle?

Is Energy Healing a Miracle?

Have you ever put baking soda into water and added some vinegar?  It foams and froths seemingly miraculously.  If we know a bit of chemistry, we don’t think of it as miraculous because we know that’s how acids and bases react with each other.

What about the miracle of conception, gestation, and birth of a baby?  It seems miraculous (and it is, in the poetic sense of the word!), but obstetricians and midwives are able to manage so many aspects of the process and understand how much of it works.

Whether it is an acid-base reaction, or a birth, there are lawful processes that occur. AND there is a bit of the miraculous that penetrates all of existence … always.

I like the image that we are swimming in a sea of grace.  If you haven’t noticed it, that’s ok…perhaps the fish doesn’t notice the water she is swimming in either… doesn’t mean it’s not there.  Most of what we are aware of in our 3-dimensional reality is in the realm of cause-and-effect.  From biochemical reactions, making babies, having arguments, making love… one thing creates a change in another thing. I like to call the field of play that all these causes and effects are playing on  “The Information Field of Grace.”  Other names for this are WuChi, non-duality and quantum waves (in contrast to quantum particles). 

There are actions we can take that open us to grace and then we can watch it do its seemingly miraculous thing.  Grace can appear on many levels.  Let’s look at a few examples my Octave Resonance Healing approach.

  • A Spiritual action would be to pray for something and it happens.  Seems like a miracle.
  • An Emotions/Images action would be to do something like automatic writing, where we pretend we are addressing a deity or ancestor.  When we write “their” answer, it is so much more helpful than what we would have understood if we were just journalling to our thoughts.  Seems like a miracle.
  • A Life Force action would be to do some mindful breathing exercises before bed so we can fall asleep faster.  Seems like a miracle.
  • A Physical action would be to knead dough and it rises.  We turn on our computers and they work.  Seems like a miracle.

What about energy-healing work?  Does it operate through lawful predictable mechanisms?  As an acupuncturist, I have spent 40 years manipulating and directing the energy field of people’s bodies to adjust their hormones, relieve pain, improve digestion, improve sleep and more.  I actually know the acupuncture points to use that make these things happen!  I understand and clairvoyantly see energy flows and whether they are blocked.  I can then do things that restore their free movement.  My experience of acupuncture is that is very much in the realm of cause-and-effect and I can manipulate the Qi towards my patient’s health goals.

When I was mentored by William Bengston (who taught me so much more than Rapid Image Cycling… he taught me how to work with naturally healing cancerous tumors) I had to let go of how I had previously managed people’s energy fields.  I had to let go of the paradigm (a strong foundational point of view) that had served me so well.

Instead of managing the healing process, I learned to witness it and honor it.  I let my patients’ bodies guide me to where they needed touch. I learned what to pay attention to so I could tell if I was being helpful.  I did Rapid Image Cycling in a multitude of playful innovative ways.  I learned how to open to grace and nurture it along.

As awe-inspiring as “opening to grace” is, I see it as a lawful principle, not something outside of how nature works.  It seems to be the very foundation of nature and when we reach a place where this foundation is touched, grace unfolds, appears, opens and arises.   

Just because energy healing is not particularly mainstream, doesn’t mean that it cannot be learned.  It’s not so much a “gift” as a “skill”.  Talent helps, but training helps more…much more.  

Please do not think that in order to embrace energy healing you have to let go of your rational mind and surrender your soul to some unknowable force.  It’s not too hard to learn if you have some guidance, and it can make a huge difference in ways that physical medicine and psychological therapies do not touch.

I tutor families how to give simple and powerful energy medicine sessions to their loved ones.  I specialize in cancer but can help with most ailments.  

Suzanne Clegg, RDN LAc

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