Why Rapid Image Cycling doesn’t work for some people

Why Rapid Image Cycling doesn’t Work for some People

Over the years, I’ve helped people with the Bengston Method.  Many of them struggled with it for one reason or another.  They stop.  They loved the research, it made sense, they felt stuff happening in their body… and they stopped.  Later on, I wondered if the Bengston Method and its Rapid Image Cycling just wasn’t for them, or if there was something I could have done to help them overcome their resistance.  In this blog, I will describe one way to get through the resistance so it can work better.

This tool comes from my experience as an Acutonics harmonic medicine practitioner  (sound healer).  It also comes from my many years of hands-on-healing experience with in-person cancer patients.  This will be most useful to you if you are familiar with Rapid Image Cycling (click here to learn from it’s author) or if you are working with my much simpler technique, Octave Resonance Spinning

The Octave Resonance Spinning is something you can do if you are working with yourself.  If you are energetically treating someone else, either in-person or over a distance, have your patient do the “feeling of their feelings” and you can notice how that affects your spinning.

  1. Start cycling and notice how you feel in your body, and in your emotions.
  2. Think of something that creates strong positive emotions in you.  Notice if the spinning is harder or easier, if it slows down or speeds up.
  3. Think of something that creates strong negative emotions in you.  Notice if the spinning is harder or easier, if it slows down or speeds up.  If there is any change at all, that means that you have found something important.  Especially if your cycling wants to putter out and stop!  
  4. Ask or intend that your spinning spin anyway.  Stay with the negative feeling while you are spinning… really make contact with it.  Notice it changes on its own.  You are not suppressing the negative feeling, but it loosens and “finishes” all on it’s own.  Witness this transformation and maintain contact with it.  Do NOT attempt to clear away the feeling.  Try to be neutrally present with it.  Part of you is feeling it and the other part (the part that is spinning) is witnessing the process.  If you simply clear away the feeling, you are managing it from your ego, which is not much different from suppressing it.  Suppressed negative emotions are notorious for interfering with healing, so don’t do that.

Even though you are cycling from an automatic place in your consciousness, you still need to be in the “here and now,” which includes body awareness and emotional awareness.  Avoid flying off into heaven with your thoughts affirming that “it’s working.”  It is working, and it will work better if you are on the earth doing your activities of daily living while you are cycling. 

If you struggle with Rapid Image Cycling, notice if you are scared when you do it.  This exercise will give you something dramatically helpful to do if that is the case.  You will raise your confidence as you feel better.  This can be nuanced.  If you want to work with me privately, please schedule a complimentary Get Acquainted Call.  I have one, three, and 10+ session packages that give you the support you need.  At the time of this writing, I am only doing house calls or working remotely with patients.

Let me know if this helps.  Can you feel the difference in your cycling depending on the emotional contact you have with people?  Please watch the accompanying video where I describe this tool to members of the Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group.

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