Art, Healing and the Bengston Method

Art, Healing and the Bengston Method

Art, Healing and the Bengston Method

Art is a spiritual activity. It can help us heal.

Healing is a spiritual activity. The process is artistic.

There is a mystery in genuine spiritual healing  that we cannot manipulate, but we can invoke it.  The most powerful invocation is often the simplest,— unconscious “need” telegraphing out, seeking a cure.   Something within us reaches for healing that is answered.  

Healing Versus Not-Healing

As with all art, there is contrast.  Forces for healing and forces that block it.  The pure information of wholeness splits into a pair as it incarnates into conscious experience.  We may experience this as simultaneous hope and despair, healing and illness or other paradoxes. 

The meeting place of these forces is the place of transformation.

The transformation happens unconsciously.  We can watch the activity through emotions, life force, the physical body and the environment.  After an initial asking for healing, attempts to direct the transformation often come from the same dualistic realm, merely stirring the  contrast we are trying to escape.  It is a different experience to simply be present with the contrast, aware of opposites clashing, with our heart open to the spiritual miracle that will emerge.

You know you are in this center place, when there is paradox.  Bad yet good.  Lethal yet life-giving.  It’s important to change yet okay as it is.  In the center, not picking sides, we access a perspective where healing isn’t too hard and does matter. This micro point of infinite power is supremely simple to inhabit – simply be here now.

Taoists say this is bringing Heaven to Earth.

In Christianity, this place where the contradictions meet is mediated and transformed by the Christ. 

In Hegelian Philosophy, this is the “negation of the negation.”  The absolute freedom of becoming.

In Science, it’s detachment, wondering, creating a hypothesis, observing emerging truth from experiments.  

The list of perspectives goes on and on.  

I invite you to go into your world view and find this place, a location within your consciousness that is real and authentic and reliable.

What does this have to do with the art of healing?

Have you written a poem, feeling something was writing through you – amazed at the wisdom or beauty created?

Have you painted something surpassing conscious expectations?

Have you sculpted and found something emerged from clay, looking like you created it, with its own consciousness?

Have you danced, your movement surprising and delighting you?

Have you and your partner made love, with tremendous healing emerging?

Have you cooked, finding spectacular flavors hard to reproduce, but skill and repetition make it reproducible?

Have you had a psychotherapy session where talking about the past integrates and heals the present, seemingly by magic?

Have you done Rapid Image Cycling, with spontaneous heart-felt connections sustaining you in surprising ways?

These are all arts, part of our human experience.

Art and its access to spirit can be cultivated.  It is something you can practice and get better at.  Good artists can reliably generate this spiritual experience out of the forms they work with.  So can you,

I invite you to become an artist with your healing.  If you are already an artist with your healing, deepen your practice.

Here are some ways to artistically work with the Bengston Method

  • Create art for every item on your Image Cycling list.  Dance, paint, doodle, sing, sculpt, write, do poetry.
  • Then let it go, like a great painter selling a painting.   The work of the painting continues long after the release.  
  • Hypercycling is a form of release of our desires.
  • Stay in the here and now.  Notice what releasing the form of your carefully crafted images does in the present.  

With my private clients, I find what is authentically spiritual in them.  It often involves art. We create games and forms with their cycling practice that foster a living relationship to their healing.  Not just to their cycling, but to what the cycling was built to uncover… the Grace of the Divine, the information of healing that penetrates everything, including cold hard cash. Real physical changes that seem miraculous as they are unrelated to any perceivable cause and effect.

Need help?   Sometimes, I stay in my center while I witness yours. I cycle and watch the magic happen while we talk about how to cycle, nutrition, herbs.  Sometimes I help you journey with your imagination encountering obstacles and dissipating them by standing with them and doing nothing but witnessing them while cycling.  They reliably transform!  Maybe I can help you.  

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May you be safe in your center,

May you be happy, curious and engaged in your center.

May you allow healing in your center.

May your center bring you ease, even amidst your contradictions.

3 thoughts on “Art, Healing and the Bengston Method”

  1. Barbara Bartley Baldwin

    Thank you Suzanne! I love that this arrived today during the season of balance, only days away from the equinox!
    I will forward this to some other folks who will benefit from your wise words!
    Love and Blessings to you and yours ,
    Barbara BB

  2. Thanks for this. It helps me to grasp that the work I do in The Story Clinic is a good mix with the Bengston method which I practice as well, but I’ve never thought of doing them together. A story for each image helps to disintegrate the need for a single story.

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