Why Connecting with Animals Can Help Us Heal

Why Connecting with Animals Can Help Us Heal

Many of us already know the joys of having pets or interacting with animals in our daily lives. Whether it’s a dog greeting us at the door with a wagging tail or a bird singing outside our window, animals have a way of bringing happiness and peace into our lives. But did you know that animals can also help us heal?

Energy medicine, a form of therapy that uses subtle energy fields to promote healing, has shown that animals can be healed with this type of treatment. We can learn how to benefit from energy therapies by observing how animals respond.  Hint:  they don’t believe in it… it’s something else.  Neutrality.  They simply show up and don’t  block the healing process with their thinking minds.  This neutrality is very different from positive thinking and belief in the process.  It’s more powerful

Animals’ consciousness is amazing… and different from human consciousness.  They have strengths and weaknesses that we humans don’t have. They perceive the world we share differently than we do, but we can still learn from them. Humans have the ability to be neutral like animals, but they also have psychological ego structures that can interfere with their true nature.  It’s not so hard to access this automatic neutral place in us. 

Animals can teach us how to not get in the way of the part of us that knows how to heal. If we can resonate with (attune to, copy, imitate) the detached automatic perspective that animals have, perhaps we can remember how to heal.  Animals can remind us how to access our subconscious programs that contain all the information we need to allow what we care about to manifest.

Let’s try this short exercise to learn from the animals:

  1. Hold a token in your hand.
    • This object can be anything… a rock, a pen, a photo, or a cup all work.  Give this object the job of representing something that you want to heal.  A body part,  a person or a situation are all nice things to energetically support (heal).
  2. Think of an animal that you love.  
    • Bird, cat, dog, horse, hamster, etc. 
  3. If you are not an animal lover, think of an animal that is often in your environment.  Perhaps a bird, a cow, a snake, a mouse.  Do not attempt to embellish this animal exercise by visualizing a unicorn, Pegasus the flying horse, or a deified animal.  Stick with a regular animal that lives in your environment.
  4. Turn on your spinner
    • Do William Bengston’s Image cycling exercise.  If you don’t know that…
    • Spin a disc of light behind your head.  Spin it so fast that it starts to disappear because it’s going so fast.  
  5. Resonate with the animal.
    • Pretend that this animal has the ability to show you how to let go and allow the spinner to just spin.  Let the animal energy teach you how to find the  spinner. Animals are not likely to believe in healing, but they almost automatically tune in to what they want.  They can teach you to tune in as well.  Even if you already know how to spin a disc and you know how to be detached, assume that resonating with this animal’s soul will help you with some important nuance.
  6. Spin for One minute.
    • Stay spinning for one minute, attuning to the energetic contribution your animal is offering.
  7. Finish and close.
    • When you sense it is enough, thank your animal, and put your token down. 
    • This can be almost instantaneous or after a minute or so.  
    • If it is taking longer than a minute, you can “ask” or “intend” that the healing continue on autopilot.

Other than healing, the goal of this exercise is to learn something new about how you can detach your ego from the energy-healing process.  Animals come already wired to do just that.  In fact, they are rarely equipped to do what humans do…egoically manage what they focus on.

Let me know if this one-minute spinning exercise helped you attune to the energetic contribution your animal is offering. Did you feel something different or new?  Did you learn important nuances that can help you in your healing?

By connecting with animals and learning from their innate ability to tune in to what they want, we can tap into our own natural healing abilities and improve our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

So next time you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or in need of some healing energy, take a moment to connect with an animal in your life. Spin a disc of light behind your head for a minute.  Whether it’s a furry friend or a bird singing outside your window, their presence and energy can help you find peace and healing in your own life.

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