Why Doing It 'Right' Might Actually Be Wrong

Rethinking Distance Healing: Why Doing It ‘Right’ Might Actually Be Wrong

If You Are Doing Distance Healing Right…

… you are doing it wrong.

Does this sound like you?

You are crazy enough, desperate enough, or educated enough to spend some time using energy healing for cancer.  You have some hope (otherwise, you wouldn’t even try).  You have a format to follow or you’re learning from a favorite teacher.  You care about the person or pet with cancer that you’re working on and you want to do it right.

I’m here to tell you, that is an unhelpful position.  You want to be curious, interested, and very observant, but the second you are doing it right, you are doing it wrong because it changes constantly.

You are not alone.  

What follows are some suggestions for what you’ll want to do while you are imperfectly showing up.

Distance healing is always fresh and changing, but it’s OK to follow a format… at least to get started.  Just be sure to know that the healing happens through the format.  The format is a container for the work and it needs to change in response to what the moment requires.

The way you structure your internal and external distance healing processes is important, does make a difference, and needs to be kept fresh and evolving from the feedback received from a healing session.  

The format I use in the SpiritGate Cancer Support Group – leading a free, live distance healing session every Friday:

  • Show up and announce yourself to the group
  • Tune into each other to enhance the group resonance
  • Follow my guided visualization, amongst the forest and ponds
  • Witness the Grace of the Divine doing the work
  • Notice what has changed for you as we conclude

Another form, or format, is to hold your healer’s hair or a photo of them, and walk around doing Bengston’s Image Cycling™ while you are distracting yourself with conversation or things in your environment.

Another form is to sit, ground yourself, and send a healing light to the healee.

Praying for someone is a form of distance healing and, if you pray, you may follow a certain format.

There are many, many other forms.  Just know that the forms may act like a door, but they are not the main event.  The main event of distance healing is non-dualistic and emerges in and through the particular form. When we mistake a form for what lives and breathes through it, we lose the creative living power of distance healing.

Ways to keep your form fresh and responsive to the non-dual healing information:

  1. Assume that you don’t know how to properly give a distance healing right now. 
    1. You may have had a great session or a seemingly wasted session yesterday, but that was then and this is now.
    2. Be curious about what you can be aware of in this present moment that will help you give or receive a distance healing.
  2. Notice what is different, or change things to make it different. Use my Octave Resonance™ approach to guide you through the layer:
    1. Physical:  change your posture, your clothing, the room you are in, the device you are using, the sound, the time of day.
    2. Life Force:  while fasting, after a binge, after a Just Right meal, after a night of refreshing sleep, after a sleepless night; touching the person you are healing or touching their hair or photo.
    3. Emotions and Image:  there are no proper emotions to have while distance healing.  
    4. Spiritual:  let the meaning of your desire to give energy healing evolve and mature. It’s often more than what we see.
  3. Be in the NOW – the intersection of your past and future.  
    1. Let the past and the future inform the now.  Curiosity about the past and future’s contribution to now will help you Be Here Now.
    2. You are connected to your past and future… it is a light, spacious connection.
  4. Notice things without making them more important than they are.
    1. Don’t assume the tumor needs to cool down every time in order for healing to happen.
    2. Don’t assume that you need to feel reverent or peaceful when you give a session.

I hope this helps you be a more effective distance healer.  Please join the SpiritGate Cancer Support Group and help us help others!


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