Where is the LIGHT in the darkness of cancer?

Where is the LIGHT in the darkness of cancer?

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Even cancer.

No matter what stage of cancer you are in, whether you’ve just been diagnosed or it’s a chronic condition you’ve managed for a decade.  Whether you are in remission or at death’s door.  Whether it’s you that has cancer,  your cat, dog, horse, mother, father, son, daughter, husband, wife or dear friend…

… there is a silver lining.

It’s part of how this three-dimensional world works.  Yin/Yang, light/dark, up/down, inside/outside–duality.  If you are familiar with basic chemistry or physics, you know that right down to the molecular level there is polarity.  The world is set up in pairs, causes and effects.  With a very dark shadow, there is a very bright light.  

Take a moment and feel into this.

What is the gift of this illness?

What soul qualities is it stretching into you?

Congratulations!  You are here not only with your shadow of cancer, but also with the light of your light!

Each of us, of course, has our own experience.  If you cannot see the Light and power embedded in your suffering, that’s okay, but let me suggest that there is one shadow that all cancers share:


The utter chaos and lack of control with this condition, invites us, sometimes forces us, to find our center… our Self.  With the only guarantee being death if you do nothing, how do you set out on a path to “beat cancer” when the roadmap is so blurry?  Even the specialists can only offer palliative care, or temporary tumor suppression.  After you emotionally flip and flop… being angry and scared and confused… you are left with your Self and your Shadow (fears) and your Light (hopes).

But your Self may be daunted by the prospects and often gets lost.  Fortunately, your Self is just a thought away.  Healing involves the return of the SelfBody healing, mind healing and spirit healing all involve returning to ourselves.  

Physically, the cancerous tumor seems to be reaching and reaching for the information it needs to stop growing… it wants to die but it doesn’t have what it needs to stop, so it keeps multiplying and reaching.  When a tumor cools down, due to an energy healing, it’s as if it has been fed the information it needs from  the Self—that unconscious part of you that knows how to initiate autophagy and apoptosis (normal clean-up processes that cause the death of cells that don’t belong in a healthy body).  This albeit unconscious part of you, knows how to activate white blood cells that suddenly recognize the call for help from the cancer cells (who would like to die), rather than ignore them

Mentally, as we seek solutions… we find them… often too many of them.  “Ask and it’s Given.”  The trick is asking the right questions, which brings us to the Spiritual.

Spiritual healing is coming home to your Self.  The missing note of your authenticity returns.  The imbalances are balanced.  The Soul pieces return.  There is an integration and flow from the top down that just didn’t happen before.  You have traction… no longer slipping towards death.

How do we invoke or activate Spiritual healing?  One popular way is to focus on the Light of hope, faith and optimism.  This is the understandable attempt to disidentify with the shadow of despair and fear.  However, YOU (the real true and free YOU) are not the light and you are not the dark, so it’s not so powerful to hold your identity in either camp… not even the positive one.

YOU are the point between them.

Consider the lemniscate ∞ with fear /despair on one side and hope/optimism on the other.  The point where they cross… that is where something new can come in.  It’s in the crossing back and forth that you move across this infinitesimally small point that is a portal into another dimension of healing information.  If you are identifying with one side or the other, you are locked into duality.

So when you despair, don’t stay there… move over to hope.

When you tremble in confusion… ask for clarity

When you are in pain… seek relief (energy healing works well!)

And NOTICE that it’s not so much the hope, clarity and pain relief that help you find your SELF… it’s the movement towards hope, clarity and relief that do so.  Who knew?

If you are “positive thinking”… you may want to let yourself feel a bit of the fear so that you are aware of danger and make adjustments.

Hint:  If you can stay close to the center, you can cross that point more frequently and keep finding your Self more and more. If you do a spinning meditation that includes the paradoxes of desire and not-desire, you are waayyy ahead… but that’s for a different article. 

You are the person navigating the light and the dark… your identity is neither.  This is freedom. This is where really helpful inner guidance comes from.  

Exercise:  Let your left hand hold the shadow and your right hand hold the light.  Let your heart integrate them in your center.

Sometimes we confuse the Light of hope with freedom.  It certainly feels better!  But there are two devils:  one that whispers “It’s too hard”  and the other that whispers “It doesn’t matter.”  Both devils enslave us to duality and the freedom of pure Presence and neutrality eludes us. 

Healing happens when we are honest and authentic, which in this three- dimensional reality, includes a host of opposites.

What does this have to do with energy-healing?

It’s an invitation to bring ALL of you to the party.  Your fears and your hopes.  Bring them, but don’t claim them as who you are.  You are carrying them, but they are not you.  You are vast and free and you are navigating the polarity.  THAT is the part of you that can release you from the see-saw.  If you bring both parts of you to the party, and you stand in the paradox, it cultivates an inner gesture of authenticity, and you are able to be PRESENT just as you are.  Bring THIS part of you to this distance healing.

It keeps you from straining to be positive…trying to manage those negative gremlins that keep popping out in spite of your faithful efforts.  Too much work!! Not necessary!  The inner gesture of “coming as you are” is honest and helps you be responsive to what is happening in the here-and-now.  Honesty helps you tap into that free part of you that has loads of guidance that will show you your roadmap of how to get through cancer. 

Do the exercise again with a few additions:

  1. Left hand holds your shadows in a tightly closed fist.
  2. Right hand hold your light in a tightly closed fist
  3. Spin a disc of light behind your head until you experience a centered feeling.
  4. Be aware of your heart.
  5. Open both of your hands and hold the light/dark lightly
  6. Let your heart integrate the light and dark
  7. Let the spinning keep you centered and not over-identifying with either polarity
  8. Write down what happens.
  9. Email me at suzanne@spiritgate.com or join the Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group and tell us what you discovered with this exercise. 

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