Resonance - A Time-tested Way To Enhance Distance Healing

Resonance – A Time-tested Way To Enhance Distance Healing

Can resonance help remote-healing work?  It may seem presumptuous to apply scientific thinking to something so seemingly magical, but I assert that there is a mechanism that we can be aware of so that we can get better at it.  Being effective with distance-healing is not just a matter of talent or “giftedness.”  It is a skill that can be learned.  

Some distance healers imagine a ball of light going from their heart to their patient’s body.  It is as if their imagination “carries” the healing information to their patient.  This works a bit, but it mimics a more physical  deed of “Qi Transfer.”  As an acupuncturist I know a lot about transferring Qi from areas of excess to areas of deficiency to create a healing balance.  One could in fact say that that describes what acupuncture is.  With all due respect to people who “send” healing energy to other people and they feel better, I think there is a more powerful way. 

Most religions break out of the limitations of “sending healing energy” by asking a deity or a saint to do the work for them.  I would call this “prayer.” not “distance healing.”  

With distance-healing we are actually doing “something.” We are certainly wishing our patients well, but exactly how do we do that?  What model or metaphor helps us powerfully affect others over a distance?

I get a lot of mileage out of the concept of “resonance” as being what connects us.  Things resonate when they have a synchronous vibratory frequency.  When things resonate, they amplify each other.  You may experience this if you sing in a shower.  Suddenly your voice sounds rich and full!  That’s because of the resonance that gets going inside the small space.  Another example is going to a party.  You “resonate” with certain people more than others because of commonality.  

Tuning forks are another example of resonance.  If you hit one tine of the tuning fork, the tine on the other side immediately starts vibrating at the same speed as the one you struck.  That’s because both tines of the tuning fork are the same length.  Similar things resonate.  Identical things resonate even more.

We can use this concept of resonance to enhance distance healing in a variety of ways.  

  1. Everyone shows up at the same time.  With distance healing groups, we are not physically present with each other at the same time in the same room.  But we can appreciate how we are very much together in time with the people who are co-creating a live distance healing event.  Acknowledging the group experience, we expand out of our individual resonance with healing and tap into the group resonance.
  2. Everyone watches the same video or listens to the same audio.  When you watch something that someone else watched before you did, you can “tune in” to them and resonate with them by being open to how you are sharing this experience with them, even if you are “sharing” the experience at a later time.  
  3. Everyone holds a similar object.  Clubs do this.  They have similar clothing, jewelry, handshakes or hairstyles.  In my distance healing group I encourage everyone to hold something that can symbolize the patients we are working on.
  4. Everyone does a similar visualization.  Even though everyone’s imagination will be slightly different, it will also be slightly the same.  For example, if I guide a group to imagine themselves walking down a forest path, each forest path will be different.  But it will be more similar than some of us taking a walk in a corporate office building.  Similarity builds resonance.
  5. Everyone does their spinning meditation at a frequency that harmonizes with others.  You do this with intention.  See Octave Resonance Spinning Visualization for how to do this.  If you are familiar with the Bengston Method or Rapid Image Cycling, you can do this as well (paying attention to the frequency of your spinning).
  6. Everyone open their heart to the possibility of healing.  This heart-linking can be resonating with the idea of healing and can be quite powerful.

How do you tell if group resonance is happening?

  1. Your heart is often the most reliable indicator.  When you are linking your heart to the others in the group, your heart gives you a warm soft feedback.  It’s a bodily felt sensation…not just a loving thought.
  2. You may feel a sense of flow or  of being “in sync” or balanced.

If you’d like to listen to the discussion in my distant-healing group that brought out this writing, view the video below:

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