How to Break an Energy Therapy Plateau

How to Break an Energy Therapy Plateau

Isn’t it wonderful when you can do an energy-therapy technique like Octave Resonance Healing Approach, or the Bengston Method on a person’s hot cancerous tumor and it starts softening and shrinking!  

But what do we do when the cancer appears to be responding positively and now it seems to have plateaued?  It’s not getting worse, but it’s not getting much better.  Is this the natural course of events that we need to be patient with, or is there something we can do to prod the body-mind into shrinking the tumor?

First, it just may be some inner wisdom of the body to stall for a while, so do consider that.  Stops/starts, hot/cold, fast/slow seem to match the chaotic nature of cancer…even when it is healing.   However, it’s still prudent to support the natural healing forces as much as possible to see if we can jump-start the physical changes we want so much.  You don’t want to assume that you have done everything you can do and now it’s the body’s turn to respond if it will.

In general, I don’t think you can hurt a cancer patient by over-treating with something like Rapid Image Cycling or distance-healing.  The main harm in “over treating” is an emotional depletion of being so intensely focused on the treatments that you are “in the way.”  The treatment itself is benign and probably at least subtly helpful, but it can be exhausting to keep at it day and and day out.  Even if the tumor is cooling down every time you treat, eventually it needs to shrink in order to feel like your time/energy investment is worth it.

In my book, There Is Another Way, Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer (which I have all my human patients read as well), there is a whole chapter called “How to tell if it is working”.   But what do you do if it is certainly working, but at such a snail’s pace that you wonder if there is a way to speed things up?

A stall or the plateau might be nature’s way of gearing up for another big dismantling of the tumor, but it could also indicate that not much healing is happening.  Either way, it can only help to change things up.

A stall can be happening for any number of reasons.  Spiritual blocks can create physical stalls.  Physical ruts can create stagnant energy patterns.  Emotions can enhance or detract from healing.  The whole person stalls…not just the tumor.  However, it helps to look at the various parts of the whole person to see where we can get some leverage for progress.

I like to organize our human functional parts into four levels or “octaves”.  This list can get you thinking about what you can do to change things up:

Octave of the Physical

  • Change the frequency or duration of sessions
  • Change the healers or number of healers
  • Change the posture and position while doing hands-on-healing
  • Change the environment, or even just the view 

Octave of Life Force

  • Sleep better (Epsom Salt baths, herbs, bedtime routine…)
  • Exercise/move better/differently
  • Change the diet…dramatically (ie vegan-to-keto or vice versa)
  • Treat underlying health issues with herbs and whole-food supplements… (adrenal tonics, digestive support, Liver support, … )
  • Activities that are proven to enhance immune system such as hyperbaric oxygen, ozone,  infrared saunas or lights, sunbathing, 

Octave of Emotions and Images

  • End toxic relationships with anything (addictions, people, activities that drain you)
  • Change what is on your Rapid Image Cycling list.
  • Work on your head and your heart.  Remove emotional blocks to healing. There are so many psycho-spiritual tools!  Use what appeals to you.  Especially consider doing something that you haven’t done for a while or that is new, because we are trying to change something to break a plateau pattern.

Octave of the Spiritual

  • Get out of your spiritual rut… do your prayers or meditations differently
  • Journal for 5 minutes a day as if you are writing to a loving consciousness.  Something will occur to you that no amount of mental rumination will bring out.
  • Develop a living spiritual relationship to your spinning meditation practice.

The Octave Resonance part of this is activated when you acknowledge how interconnected these levels of existence are. When you change your diet… sense the spiritual and physical changes.  When you pray differently, notice that you start taking different physical actions.  When you appreciate how connected everything is to a structured orderly Universe that actually loves you, all sorts of things become infused with the information that will enhance healing and help you break your plateau.

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