Distance Energy-Healing Vs Prayer

Distance Energy-Healing versus Prayer

Have you ever thought about distance-healing as just another form of prayer?  Perhaps it’s just a different cultural form of prayer?  

Prayer works.  Science shows that it works.  Distance-healing has also been proven scientifically and it clearly works.  Prayer is not the same as distance-healing.

One of the differences between distance energy-healing vs prayer is the way the healer makes conscious contact with the patient.  In prayer, one simply asks God to do the work.  I often pray for my patients separately from the distance healing sessions I do for them.   When I perform a distance healing I participate more actively.  For example, when I pray for someone to get better, it is such a general request that unless it is very dramatic healing I usually just get a general sense of love or increased overall well being.    In contrast, when I am performing a “distance healing session,” I am much more involved and I get very distinct feedback (such as my patient’s pain vanishing or their tumors cooling down or visions or bodily sensations).

Is one better than the other?  I would say that the one that works best is the best one, and it doesn’t hurt to do both.  It’s conceivable that they work synergistically and support each other (no research on that one that I am aware of).

There is also an “in-between” format where you actually sit and contemplate your patient’s recovery but you aren’t trying to do anything… all the doing is done by Source/God/Quantum Field.  You sort of “bliss-out” on universal love while holding an object that represents your patient, or you look at their picture.  I don’t get much traction with this method, but it is popular.

When I do distance energy-healing, I am always looking for ways to make “contact” with the person, pet or situation I want to “heal” .

Distance Energy-Healing vs Prayer
  1. Ground yourself and be in your body.  If you are feeling earthly and divine forces flowing through you, by resonance, your patient’s response will be better.
  2. Be in the Present Moment, which includes your physical sensations, your sense of vitality or dullness, your emotions and the meaning you are bringing to the event.  During the course of the healing session, things can change in each of these levels and with that feedback you can tweak your technique.
  3. Hold something that represents your patient in your hand.  This can be any random object that you assign that role to, a photo of them, a lock of their hair.  Sometimes my hand will tingle, get warmer or cooler or otherwise give me feedback.  Understanding of the feedback comes with practice.  You begin by noticing the signals you are getting and then the language of the feedback is created from there.
  4. Open your heart to the possibility of healing.  Kinaesthetically feel your chest soften with love.  You know how you shake someone’s hand and do a little “heart link” while you do that?  You can do that “heart link” without the hand shake.
  5. Ask for an image of your connection.  For example you could ask for a mental picture of them to be crystal clear when you are connected and to get blurry when you are not.  If it starts getting blurry, do something to get back in sync.
  6. Perform a ritual.  As you are doing the physical movements, really let them “speak” to you.  As Above So Below works but you nave to be connected enough to the “above” and the “below” to make adjustments as you do the operation.
  7. The list is endless… how do you connect with your patient when doing a distance healing?

Remember, that the healing doesn’t come through you into them, but connection really helps!  It’s as if your connection is supporting them to find their connection to their own healing.  This energetic connection goes beyond story and psychology because it works for distance healing of pets as well.   It’s so helpful to be connected deeply to your patient, but also very important to be detached. 

I so appreciate my connection with you, dear reader.  Thank you for reading.  I’d love to know if this energy-therapy titbit helped you and how.



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