Can unpleasant emotions help heal cancer?

Can unpleasant emotions help heal cancer?

Can unpleasant emotions help heal cancer?

You grasp the profound impact of emotions on the physical body.  You may have embarked on the profound journey of unraveling emotional intricacies to heal yourself.  Imagine harnessing the energy of your emotions (even the uncomfortable ones) to facilitate your physical healing. In this blog post, I’ll share a simple visualization exercise that combines emotional power with Image Cycling.  I’ll also critique some attitudes to emotional healing that limit what can be accomplished.  

It is well known that chronic diseases like cancer may be influenced, at least in part, by psychological conflicts or traumas.  The theory suggests that by addressing and resolving these underlying causes, we can also eliminate the generative force behind cancer. Healing our emotions is thought to empower our immune system to function optimally, enhancing its ability to combat diseases. While this holistic approach may lead to more lasting remissions compared to solely physical treatments, it’s important to acknowledge that emotions alone cannot be held responsible for the development of cancer.

Attributing cancer solely to emotions can inadvertently burden individuals with emotional guilt, oversimplifying a complex issue. Just like a pearl formed around an irritating grain of sand, cancer arises from a combination of factors that evolve over time. Even if we were to identify and remove the initial cause, there’s a history of adjustments and adaptations that do not simply vanish.

If you are forgiving, grieving, communicating, inner child work, past life work, and creating joy in your life, what does it mean when the cancer obliviously marches on?  So many patients on their deathbed are grateful for the cancer as it helped them heal relationships and truly care for the things that matter to them.  It gave them the motivation to purge themselves of unresolved emotional baggage.  But they die anyway.  Does that mean that they failed to heal the emotional cause? They didn’t work hard enough on their emotional issues? Isn’t that blaming the victim?

Based on my extensive experience supporting cancer patients, I have observed that emotional healing often results from a more fundamental and subtle energetic healing process, but not the primary cause of rapid physical healing. It seems that there is a subtle shift, and then all sorts of body-mind-spirit healing ensue.  

Does that mean I don’t focus on emotions?  Not at all.  

Consider the cases where a spontaneous cancer remission occurs.  Emotional healing can indeed play a significant role. However, it’s not usually the sole reason behind spontaneous remissions. Many individuals I’ve worked with consider themselves “cured of cancer” while continuing to address their emotional challenges. They find happiness and relief in being free from the constant battle with cancer, even if core emotional work remains.

Approaching emotional healing with curiosity and interest opens doors to profound transformations. While it would be wonderful if resolving emotions could completely eradicate physical illness, the reality is often different. Instead, I find it more beneficial to perceive both the physical cancer and emotional trauma as outcomes of the underlying causes, such as genetics, radiation exposure, tobacco smoke, harmful chemicals, pollutants, lifestyle, infections, chronic inflammation, age, and weakened immune systems.  Some clients perceive the conglomeration of emotional/physical causes as spiritual, which is a topic for another blog.

With this understanding, let’s explore a spinning meditation technique that can transform negative emotions into a vital force for physical healing.

Let’s delve into three common emotional attitudes that can hinder healing and discover how each can be effectively addressed:

  1. Bitterness and resentment
  2. Recklessness
  3. Hopelessness and Doubt

These emotional stances are not only hard on the body, but they can keep us from taking actions that may promote our healing.  By using a simple spinning meditation, we can transform:

  1. Bitterness into poignancy
  2. Recklessness into a detached but grounded exploration and experimentation
  3. Hopelessness and Doubt into curiosity

If you are struggling with cancer, it’s pretty normal to have had or now have at least a little of one of these.

Experiencing negative emotions doesn’t necessarily cause or cure cancer, but it can significantly impact the healing process. 

In my work, I often encounter intelligent, emotionally aware, and conscious clients. Energy work is often a good fit for psycho-spiritually savvy folks. Yet there are some pre-psychological roots that are causing the psychological problem.  Energy work has the potential to unveil those deeper layers, enabling profound healing breakthroughs.



This exercise will help use the energy of negative emotions towards our healing.

STEP 1.  Identify a negative emotion that you want to transform.

  • Do you harbor bitterness, feeling frustrated that illness is overshadowing other aspects of your life?
  • Are you being reckless, neglecting the actions necessary for your healing while hoping for a miraculous recovery?  
  • Do you find hopelessness and doubt clouding your ability to consider any form of healing?  

STEP 2:  Acknowledge the state of your emotions without judgment. Recognize that they serve as a pivotal point for healing.

STEP 3:  Instead of labeling your uncomfortable emotions as wrong, view them as opportunities for growth and transformation.

STEP 4:  While visualizing a spinning disc of light behind your head (you can also use  my Octave Resonance Spinning exercise or William Bengston’s Image Cycling), allow yourself to feel and be present with your “negative” emotion. Maintain the spinning motion simultaneously. Observe without attempting to force a change. You will notice the emotion naturally shifting into something else, often within a minute.

STEP 5:  Continue feeling the “negative” feeling while spinning.  Observe as it changes without trying to make it change.  Just observe and be present with your feeling.  It will morph into something else.  Typically a major shift occurs within a minute or so, often leaving you with a sense of equanimity. 

Try it now… it just takes a few minutes.

Did you feel a difference, a shift?  In my private work with clients, they open themselves to the Grace of the Divine, the Information Field of Health, the Source that creates health that is beyond emotions and mental pictures, transcending this dimension where we unsuccessfully try to manage the Formless Void.  It can be rather wonderful!

A member of my Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group shared their experience using this technique during an oncology appointment.   When they went to the oncologist, the fear and heavy mood in the office they walked into were intense.  They cycled (did their spinning meditation) when they entered the office, when they were doing their paperwork, and when they were seeing the doctor.  The spinning practice seemingly eliminated any polarization, fostering a supportive care environment.  

Please join us for a free Group Distance healing in the Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group.  Bring your emotional pain into the sanctuary and let’s support each others’ body/mind/spirit healing journeys!

For individualized support, I offer various modalities cultivated over my 40-year career as a holistic health professional. The spinning meditation technique, combined with other approaches, has shown amazing results. If you’re familiar with Image Cycling and seek guidance to fine-tune your practice or have questions about its efficacy, book a complimentary Get Acquainted Call, explore my website at spiritgate.com, or watch the Cancer FAQs playlist on YouTube.

Remember, emotional healing is a valuable ally in physical healing.  Let’s use our spinning meditations to be present with our emotions in an unconventional and powerfully transformative way.

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