Spinning Chakras and Spinning Meditations

Spinning Chakras and Spinning Meditations

Chakras are energy vortexes  described in many cultures.  Each culture’s description of chakras has similarities and differences with each other.  In my cross-cultural exploration of chakras,  I have discovered different perspectives on chakras than what is popularized nowadays.  I have done some very interesting energy-healings with these different points of view.

The Myth of the Chakra

There is a persistent myth that good health is preceded by chakras that are perfectly spinning.  There are energetic chakra therapies that “tune up” your chakras and get them spinning properly and this promotes health.  I feel that this is a very limited and somewhat materialistic perspective on something that is not material.  One doesn’t “fix” chakras.  I think that the physical body can be quite healthy with or without the chakras functioning.  Many extremely healthy people have un-awakened chakras.  Many very unhealthy people have very awakened and active chakras.  Sometimes there is a relationship between health and chakras, but not always.

In this article, we will look at the Chakras from a completely different perspective.

How Rudolf Steiner Saw the Chakras:

Rudolph Steiner was an Austrian philosopher who originated the philosophy of ‘Anthroposophy.’  He saw the spiritual world as an objective, intellectually comprehensible and researchable reality.  He described the chakras as organs of perception.  Think of it.  Your “heart” knows things differently than your “gut” or your “head”.    You can perceive things through these various energy centers and be physically healthy or unhealthy.

Steiner believed that the chakras are “subtle organs” we are born with and as we go through life, our chakras become potent organs of perception, not unlike our five sense organs. Through our trials and tribulations and experiences of life, these organs tune us into things that enable us to become better at perceiving.  Steiner never subscribed to the view that chakras are organs that needed fixing in any situation. He simply advised us to use them and develop them.  He recommended many spiritual practices to do just that.

Am I Promoting Blind Belief in Steiner’s Point of View?

No. Pretty much because of the same reason I don’t promote belief in the color pink either. When I pick up a brightly pink-colored bottle and become aware of how the pink makes me feel, I notice it makes me feel a certain way. When I pick up a transparent bottle with clear water in it, it makes me feel something very different – it is a difference I can observe. The same goes for chakras. It is not important whether I believe in Steiner’s theory – by tuning in to it, I can observe a distinct change in myself and that experience is very different from believing in a certain theory.

How does one experience a chakra?

The Chakra Exercise:

In my Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group, I recently led a live chakra meditation.  Here’s the gist of it:

  1. Start spinning a ball of light in your imagination*.

  2. Invite it to locate itself a few inches above your head  (in the “7th Chakra” area) and observe how it feels there.

  3. Invite it to locate itself between your eyebrows (6th Chakra).  Notice how it spins differently here than it did when it was above your head.

  4. Now go down to your throat (5th Chakra)  What is yet new here?

  5. Heart Center (4th Chakra).  Is it spinning at the same speed?  A different speed?  What changes in your body as your spinning ball descends into this area?

  6. Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra)  Do you get any images or sensations?

  7. Lower Abdomen (2nd Chakra)  Really research and notice and inquire

  8. Perineum (1st Chakra)  How big is your ball when you put it down here?  Larger than the upper chakras?  Smaller?  

This is highly personal spiritual research.  If you do this exercise just 40 times, you will have a living relationship to these seven chakras that will completely escape you if you are busy fixing them.  They are wonderful to get to know!

*You can learn more about playing with a spinning ball of light by watching my Octave Resonance Spinning Meditation™ video or using William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling Technique™. Click HERE to check out William Bensgton resources.

How do the Chakras assist with healing?

We are not fixing the chakras, so how do we use them for healing?  As we do an energy healing session, we can feel with our hands, see with our eyes, and also sense with our chakras.  We get information from them if we tune into them.  You will become aware of things that you simply were not aware of before, which will help you tweak your healing technique.  You will sense things and get impressions of what is important. You will allow healing energy in that you couldn’t before.   Much of this chakra work is accessed through inquiring into what is going on inside yourself as you contemplate these various energy centers.

By taking into consideration the various points of view from the different chakras, we become more creative and alive in how we perceive and live within a healing technique. This opens us up to information from the “non-physical here and now” and we become part of something more than what we were.

I’ve attached the video where I introduced this topic of chakras in my weekly Live Distance Healing over at my Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group.  You are welcome to join us.  We are a closely-knit community of healers and cancer patients.

I also invite you to join my Facebook Group where I regularly host live sessions. Take a look at my latest Facebook Live where I introduce you to the Chakras. So join me and my closely-knit community of cancer warriors who support each other in this very difficult journey towards healing.

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