Octave Resonance Spinning™

Below is a brief summary of my introductory healing visualization, Octave Resonance Spinning™.  The steps below describe this foundational visualization that I start most of my  patients with. I offer it with hope you can use it to make a difference for a person or pet you love.

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  3. Are already familiar with energy healing therapies and want to add a simple quick technique to your already amazing tool kit.

Please keep in mind that it doesn’t take long to learn how to give an effective hands-on healing session.  It’s not too hard, and beginners have great luck!   You don’t need 40 years clinical practice with energy work like I have. You don’t need a whole weekend seminar (which would be great fun and you would improve your skills, but you don’t need it to get started).  My beginning training, the nuts-and-bolts of which is described below, has helped beginners cool down hot cancerous tumors in their friends, family members and pets (who are also friends and family members but they usually have fur).  

I developed this simple “get started” visualization when I found people not doing more complicated spiritual exercises because they were too hard to learn.

When I do Distance Healing sessions for people, I often train friends and family members how to do a simple hands-on-healing technique.  I suggest that they do this 5-10 minutes, 1-3 times daily.   This gives their loved one the amount of energy work that will make a difference.   I take the “laying on of hands” very literally… it means human hands gently touching a person or a pet’s body (helps plants too).  When I do a Distance Healing (where I am particularly good at cooling down hot, cancerous tumors, reducing pain, and more) my sessions can be amplified 10-100 times if my patient and their family is involved with learning how to do simple hands-on energy healing sessions themselves.  The visualization below can be learned quickly and is what I want my people to be doing in their mind while they are give or receiving hands-on energy work.

Octave Resonance Spinning™ solves problems I have encountered with these methods: 

Harmonic Medicine

    • When you do “Sound Healing” the most important instrument of healing frequency is your self.  This becomes quite a task if you don’t know how to do it.  As Senior Faculty of the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine, the best I could do was help my students “attune” to what I was doing.   This spinning meditation allows you to skip any attunement with a mentor and quickly resonate with the frequency of healing that is needed NOW.  One gets immediate feedback as to whether you are tuned into a beneficial frequency or not. 

William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling Technique

    • I’ve been guiding patients with this technique for over a decade. It’s my experience that it is worth trying if one has cancer (and some other ailments).   I have watched people die without even trying Rapid Image Cycling because it was too hard to learn. I developed this simpler entry technique that gives concrete results usually in the first session.  With success, people become motivated to continue deepening their ability to spin.  With the confidence gained from observable results, they become motivated to advance their skills, which may include private instruction in Rapid Image Cycling as well as introducing them to Bengston Method resources over at www.bengstonresearch.com or here.  

Anthroposophical Medicine

    • The Four-Fold way of looking at healing can seem abstract.  Spinning meditations give clear, usually immediate feedback on all four levels: Physical, Life Force, Emotional and Spiritual.  When you know what to pay attention to, you can tweak your technique to get better results.


    • Shamanism seems exotic.  Practitioners seem to have an other-worldly ability to straddle two frames of existence simultaneously.   Octave Resonance Spinning™  helps one access the power of Shamanism without needing to believe in it or make it a big deal.  You simply experience yourself doing it.  The foundational principles of Shamanism can be found in most cultures and this experiential access to it helps you claim your own authentic inner power. This is a “cheat sheet”.  It is NOT an explanation of why.  It doesn’t give the scientific, clinical nor philosophical reasoning behind the steps.  It isn’t a full history of the various cross-cultural spinning meditations I know.  It’s just the steps.  For more explanation and demonstration of how to apply it in a hands-on-healing session, consider purchasing my affordable $47 one-hour online video training.

Suzanne Clegg’s Octave Resonance Spinning™ Visualization:

Step 1:

Close your eyes and become aware of your body. Ground yourself into the NOW using the octaves of Physical, Life Force, Emotions/Images and Spirit. Be aware of the stillness in your Hara.

Step 2: 

Imagine a spinning ball of light behind your head.  Imagine that it contains possibilities of your happy future. You can’t see the possibilities of your future but you know they are there.  It’s OK to not even know what your happy future is… just that it exists and that some part of your consciousness is aware of happy things to look forward to.  Put that thought into the spinning ball.

Step 3:

Ask your imagination to spin your ball at the frequency of your patient’s healing. Notice what speed that is. 

Pass your left hand across your patient’s body while you keep your imaginary ball spinning and your Hara (lower abdomen) still and quiet. Notice what the energy field feels like.  Compare the field above a “sick” area with the field above a body part that appears healthy.  You can do this on top of clothes.

Step 4:

You will sense that your patient’s body seems to want your hand to go to a certain spot. Let your left hand go to that spot.  While holding the left hand there, try touching several other spots with your right hand.  You will notice that your left hand will feel different, depending on where you place your right hand.  When you have found an interesting or energetic position, hold your hands there.

Step 5:

After a few minutes it may start feeling boring instead of interesting. The first step is to change the position of the right hand to see if it activates the left hand again.  If it doesn’t activate the left hand, you change the location of the left hand as well.  Simply scan the body with your left hand and put it where it seems to want to go.

Step 6:

Keep spinning your imaginary ball full of wonderful possibilities of an attractive future. Keep being aware of the stillness in your Hara.

Continue to hold your hands in one place when it feels “interesting”.  Continue to shift the location when your current location feels “complete” or “quiet.” If needed, you can take little breaks and come back to where you were.

Step 7:

You can turn your patient over and work with their back, and you can have them sitting up. You want to allow yourself to be inspired how to change it up.  Avoid staying in one spot too long.

Step 8:

You will know the session is finished when there is a shift to an overall energetic quietude.  If you are treating cancer, either the tumor cools down or there is a cool breeze about an inch off the body over the tumor area. Sometimes it feels like their whole body “settles”.  This can take 5-60 minutes.  It’s OK to give a partial treatment.

There you have it!  As you can see, it’s simple enough to start getting results NOW.  It is also so rich with archetypal trans-rational symbolism that you can deepen your relationship to what is behind your spinning sphere for years to come. 

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