How to Tune Into the Flow of Healing

Here’s another tip on how to enhance distance healing. One of the things I frequently tell newcomers in my training programs is to not make the healing flow, but to observe the healing flow. But how does one “let the energy flow?”

Many healers know how to create an energy flow in their body.  Sometimes it is called a “Qi Sensation,” or a magnetic drawing sensation or a tingling sensation.  When performing a distance healing, you can imagine that there is healing going to the client and can imagine white light around them. This alone may generate a “Qi sensation” or “energy flow sensation”  in your body. It’s fun because you can really sense a flow of energy. There is nothing wrong about doing this, but usually it makes the practitioner feel nice but nothing much happens in the patient.

When I was learning how to facilitate pain reduction and cancerous tumors cooling down in my distance healing patients, I found that it was as much about what I wasn’t doing than what I was doing.  

A Qi Sensation or Flow Sensation in your body doesn’t get you where you need to go with conditions like cancer.  It’s a temporary “feel good.” It’s not that those sensations don’t happen in a good distance healing, often they do, but there is an important difference.  If YOU are the one intending on generating the energy-flow sensations, as if those sensations in your body are what are doing the healing, you will be less powerful than if you can ALLOW the sensations to arise from your patient’s process, not from your intention to heal

You don’t want to create them from your Ego or even from anything conscious. It’s easy to create a Qi sensation, which may help your patient  feel a little better and maybe the pain will go away but the deep complex place that actually facilitates profound healing doesn’t feel like anything at all.  It is beyond duality, so there is nothing to feel.  Likewise, if you are feeling something, it may or may not mean healing is actually happening.  If I feel a flow of energy, that means that I am having an experience… not necessarily that my patient is.  

So today’s tip is about tuning in to a flow of healing information that is independent of the healer’s ability to create a “Qi sensation”.

When I do a distance healing, first I think of the patient I’m working with and then I just look around in their energy field to a place where there is already a flow.  I “find” the flow… I don’t “create” it. Then I attempt to go a little further… into the source of that flow. It’s a place or dimension that defies description… but I can find it if I look for the thread that created the flow.  It is not electricity and it is not magnetism… it’s much more subtle than that. When the flow is experienced kinesthetically, I suppose it might at that point be electromagnetic, but it’s source is not. The origin of the flow makes all the difference!   I have my intention to facilitate healing with my patient, and then I simply trust that the healing information is there. I look for it until I find it.  If I don’t immediately find it, I ask a question like, “What can I be aware of, that if I was aware of it, would help me facilitate healing in my client?”  Then I wait a bit and something occurs to me that often brings up a sense of Qi or Flow. Eureka! I have found it… but I haven’t created it. I haven’t believed it into existence.  I haven’t unblocked it.  I haven’t manipulated it, because what I have found defies manipulation and is never blocked.  I merely go to the place where it is already.

There are so many ways this flow appears.  It is subtle, but often both patient and myself feel it.  I train family members how to do healing sessions with their loved ones.  If they can’t find the flow, there are hundreds of things to try so that they can.  Drawing on my experience as an acupuncturist, sound healer, philosopher and medical intuitive, I can usually find something to shift in me or my clients so that we can be aware of the grace that permeates the Universe.  

Once I have found it, I simply witness it and that witnessing seems to have amplification of its effect.  When I have found that healing connection, I often feel like I am basking in love. Other times I feel a strong Qi sensation.  Other times I feel little but my patient feels a lot. Other times there are physical shifts like a hot cancerous tumor cooling down.  These are all indicators that something beneficial is happening. I try not to “boss God around” and insist that my patient’s healing looks a certain way to me.  Their healing is orchestrated between them and their Source. I am not a mediator as much as I am a witness. I’m always curious to see how I will experience my patient’s healing today.  

I hope this tip helps you “go with the flow” as you give or receive distance healing.

I talk about it in this video:  How to Tune the Flow of Healing – Ways to Enhance Distance Healing.

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