Is “Channelling the Divine” Effective in Distance Healing?

Today’s topic is about “channeling” healing energy.  In this blog, I make the distinction between my healing technique(s) and simply being a channel for healing from Spirit/Universe. Acting as a channel to healing might sound like an effective method but it could limit the distance healing results. Here’s why…

I used to “channel” healing all the time.  It worked, to a certain extent. It’s a popular inner gesture for energy healing but now I think there is a better way. It was a paradigm that got me far.  Even when I was parenting or reading emails, I would imagine that the Divine was working through me to help others.  I remember I would sit and hold my patient’s ankles and let the channeling happen!  They would say they saw blue light around me and they felt wonderfully relaxed and would often feel much better with their digestion or back pain or whatever we were working on with their acupuncture.  When I became a harmonic medicine practitioner (sound healer) I would tune into the archetypal correspondences that I associated with the various sounds I used, but channelling no longer described what I was inwardly doing.  Resonance was a better word that described what was happening.

When I was a channel for divine healing, I needed to be pure or clear or available, which is fine, but if I was having an off day, my treatments were compromised.  It was about my ability to mediate…to stand between… my client and the source of their healing.  

When I was acting as a channel for divine healing it felt very nice.  I felt important and effective.  And I couldn’t do much with cancer. I enjoyed the light, love, and peace that descended into the room.  The Agape.  But I couldn’t do much with cancer.  

I learned that there is an even better way.  

I am now diligent at keeping myself out of the healing loop.

The “channel” for healing is between my patient and their source—the part of them or the part of the universe that can heal them. I’m still part of the picture, but I am not the mediator, merely a facilitator.  This precise language difference creates a shift in how I am present with my patient. 

It lets me off the hook and works better.  I don’t need to be reverent or peaceful or pious.  I can just be in the here-and now, with whatever is happening in the moment (which can be pleasant or even unpleasant—that’s not important). 

So, the issue comes when you are doing the “healing” and you are NOT a channel for divine healing, then, what ARE you?  

The closest analogy that I have come up with, is that I am the observer of the healing or not-healing (it’s important to not have an agenda).  I don’t diligently focus on healing, in hopes that by giving my attention I will create more of it. I certainly don’t try to block out any indications that healing is NOT happening, in hopes that if I don’t feed the awareness it won’t grow.  Both attitudes can get you somewhere with healing, but not to the place I’ve learned works for cancer.  They are too ego-based for cancer.   

So if I am not being  a channel and I am not focusing on the positive outcomes my patient and I desire, what do I DO inwardly in a healing session?

Here is what often works for me and my patients:

1. Establish contact with my patient by briefly focusing until I get a “click”.

2. Then I hold this contact very lightly.  I am still aware I am connected with them, but the connection goes to an automatic (not ego-managed) place in my consciousness.  It’s as if I maintain contact out of the corner of my eye.  I attempt a neutral stance, where I don’t interfere or manipulate in any way but still witness what is happening..  

3. I do a spinning visualization that puts me right up to the edge of the frequency of non-duality. This seems to open a portal or shift the rigidity of our 3D matrix and allows something else to be possible.  It is the lightest of touch… the lighter the better while still maintaining contact with my patient(s).  Among other things, the spinning visualization acts as a ego distraction so that I can stay out of the way and not “mess with” the current of healing that is between my patient and their Source.

If you are my patient I encourage you to just be yourself, with whatever experience you have.  Welcome whatever it is.  Don’t try to contrive a reverential attitude.  Come as you are.  Relax and witness the healing.  Be curious how it will appear today.  I love to ask the question, “What can I be aware of, that if I was aware of it, would enhance this healing?”  This puts me into an attitude of curiosity rather than manipulating something as complex as healing.  Wonder and curiosity OPEN up the energy… open us up to the Grace of the Universe that is in and throughout everything.  Manipulating and managing the healing is not as powerful.  God can do more with our surrender than with our control.

In summary, the way I knew how to be a channel for diety, carried a hint of “bossing God around” rather than allowing and witnessing.  It was as much about me as my patient.  Have you ever felt yucky if you sensed someone praying for you or trying to heal you?  I have. Sometimes it was fine, but other times, even though it was well-intentioned, it also felt invasive.  It was as if their heart-felt prayers were tainted with all their projected fears. I had to ward off their energy as I was trying to open to the Grace that heals everything.  

Channeling is a mechanistic model for something that is not mechanical.  The visual I get with channeling is that healing is “out there” and we direct it “in here”, often through us.  That is an analogy that I have outgrown.  The person that needs to be open to healing is the patient, not the practitioner.  When we simply stand as ourselves in the present moment, we are experiencing a strong connection to our Source.  Paradoxically, by just being ourselves, standing in our truth of being our normal self, it helps our patients stand in their truth and resonate with their source.   

I hope this teaching tidbit is helpful.  It’s made a tangible difference in the physical results I get with energy healing.  This is the kind of teaching that is NOT present in my book—I do this type of teaching in my free Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook to support my patients, their family members who are treating them, and the readers of my book.  If you have not reviewed my book on Amazon, please do so, and, please point people to the Facebook group, as when I wrote the book this group didn’t exist yet.

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