Your Healing Hands May Naturally Soothe Cancer Pain

I’ve been teaching people how to give simple effective energy-healing sessions to their beloved family members and even pets with cancer. I found I was repeating myself a lot. When people had to wait for appointments with me. I felt bad that I couldn’t get them started with something until we could meet.  Time is of the essence of many cancer situations! Or I would train one family member, they would realize how great it was, and they would try to teach another friend or family member, and there were gaps that made it difficult. I needed a way to bridge the gap between what was on my website, my book, and private time with me.  I’m discovering that when my private patients watch this video, 

  • They do better.  
  • They can easily train friends and family members how to support them

When people who don’t work with me privately take the video class, they may:

  • be able to immediately start working with their friend with cancer
  • understand what is required of them and realize that with a bit of coaching from me, they can do 90% of the therapy themselves, making it very affordable

Click here for information on my introductory masterclass on how to give a simple hands-on healing session.

You CAN tell if energy therapy is working!

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