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  1. Enable Suzanne to continue free live group remote-healing sessions. 
  2. Help patients to get energetic support to activate their natural healing forces. 
  3. Allow for an “energetic exchange” between group members and Suzanne.

Who Is Suzanne Clegg, RDN LAc?

If you’re here you probably know what Suzanne does. Apart from her professional work, she loves to spend time in nature. She is a 63-year-old independent woman leading a simple van life. She wholeheartedly wants to support people and pets with cancer.  Her idea of a good time is to feel a room filled with the energy of light-love-peace while a hot cancerous tumor becomes cool and pain-free.   For many years, she has been offering free distance healing sessions on her Facebook group – Spirit Gate Cancer Support. You’re welcome to join the group if you are interested in energy therapies.  If you are enjoying the group and desire to have an “energetic exchange”  you can donate something here.


What Clients Are Saying

You CAN tell if energy therapy is working!

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