Energy Work with Cancer is More Affordable than You Think

I am frequently asked, “Do I have any training material?”  or “Can I learn how to do this in a way that is effective?”  I answer, “Yes!” I have been using energy, medicine, laying on of hands, and distance healing for cancer for about 15 years. And I really like it because I’m able to help many people and pets live longer and more comfortably. I’m able to train family members so they can participate in really supporting their loved one with cancer.   It costs less, as they give most the treatments.  It works better, because the one with cancer can get the number and frequency of sessions they need without waiting for appointments with me, In most of my Youtube videos, I talk a lot about training family members to give simple energy healing sessions for their beloved pet or person with cancer.

 Here are some of my free/low-cost resources for energy work with cancer: Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group: Every Friday, I do Distance Healing Live at 10:30 AM Eastern Time on Spirit Gate Cancer Support Group. I guide participants through a simple distance-healing method. More healers and more healees tend to make it more powerful. Participants submit names for healing ahead of time. You can join us live or watch the replay!  My Book – “There Is Another Way – Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer“. It is a primer for how to work with cancer in an animal or a person. People have another layer of complexity but everything that applies to animals also applies to people.  Available on Amazon, Kindle and soon as an audiobook. One-hour Masterclass

A simple, self-paced and affordable video training hands-on-healing class teaching people how to give simple effective energy-healing sessions to their beloved family members and even pets with cancer.   Zoom Call: We get together as a group and either a group of patients or one patient in a group of relatives and friends. And I train with all that and there are prerequisites for that. And you just have to contact me and see what’s happening, because the programs are evolving and they take different forms, different times. 

And then, of course, there’s the one on one training.  This is the bulk of my work, as each case is so important and so individual.  I often supplement one-on-one time with the training materials above.  With training, my clients are able to do 90% of the work and rely on my to tweak their technique, and give guidance based on my 40 years clinical experience as a holistic health professional. If you are considering going further and working with me privately, let’s get on the phone and have a conversation. Use this link to schedule a 15 minute “get acquainted call.

You CAN tell if energy therapy is working!

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