Will Energy Healing Work with Chemo or Radiation Therapy?

I am frequently asked,  “How does chemo or radiation affect the process?  Will energy healing work if I’ve had chemo?” 

Doing an inner process inside yourself can:

  • cool down your tumors,
  • clearly benefit your life quality by reducing pain,
  • give you some measure of control by connecting with your natural healing forces
  • perhaps  help you live longer (this is of course highly individual)

I used to be very, very, very cautious about taking on patients that have had chemoradiation. When I would put my hands on somebody who had had chemo, even if the chemo had been quite some time ago, I got this little piddly-little response. It would take more than an hour and a half to cool down the tumor instead of the 10 minutes it normally takes for someone who hasn’t had chemo. I felt like that chemo/radiation therapy was a barrier that I couldn’t get past. Then I got a patient who had received full chemo for her Stage 4 cancer. To my surprise,  she got better in one or two treatments.  She had a completely clean PET scan (indicating no tumor activity anywhere), she had a inner transformation, and a year later she is still cancer free. I learned much from helping her.  Watch the video where I talk more about this:  

So my answer to the question – “will energy healing work if I already had chemo?” is we can try and I can let you know if I think that it’s worth continuing or not. 

You CAN tell if energy therapy is working!

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