What If My Tumor Grows?

I am frequently asked, “What if my tumor grows? What if I get a fever? If the tumor is healing, does it just fall off?”   Watch the video:

  • Does the tumor just fall off?
  • My experiences working with tumors that get bigger and softer versus bigger and harder…

I have been treating cancer with energy medicine for decades.  I’ve seen all sorts of responses… from absolutely nothing, to complete remissions (without chemo or radiation).  People work with me not only because I am good at what I do, but because of my clinical experience of seeing SO MANY cancer situations.  It’s one thing to be able to “do” a healing technique.  It’s quite another thing to understand if one is being effective.  And another thing again, as to what to do about the process to tweak it into working better.  This tweaking has to do with my careful observation of the process, and very little to do with belief.

I encourage a healthy skepticism so that we can observe what is happening… not mistakenly see only what we want to see.    My clinical experience helps me understand when something is looking like the cures I have witnessed, and when it looks like not much healing is happening.   Are you dealing with cancer?  Energy therapy just may be the piece you need.  Please read my Cancer FAQ. Or view this Youtube playlist that goes through all the Frequently Asked Questions  Peace, Suzanne 

You CAN tell if energy therapy is working!

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