What Does A Natural Cancer Cure Look Like?

I am frequently asked,  “What does a naturally healing cancerous tumor look like as it heals?” In my 15 years of experience in working energetically with cancer,  I’ve seen so many ways people get all better (no cancer anywhere in their body), get partially better (living with cancer as a chronic condition that doesn’t require chemo), or who rapidly transition through death.  People come to me for help not so much because I’m good at energy-healing techniques (which I am), but also because I’m familiar with the process.  There is so much uncertainty with cancer and I’m able to help people make hard choices by contributing my clinical experience.   I’ve seen energy healing work in so many different ways. Watch the video to know:

  • My experiences working with cancer patients.
  • What the cures that I’ve seen looked and acted like.

And so no matter where you are in your cancer journey, whether you’re just diagnosed with a slow growing cancer or you’re on death’s door, I encourage you to use energy-healing therapies. They can’t hurt.  At worst, you will be spending quality time with yourself (if you are the patient) or your loved one (if you are giving them healing sessions) and they will need less medication and be more comfortable.   At best, there have been cures.  Most of my patients live much longer or much more comfortably. 

You CAN tell if energy therapy is working!

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