What Do I Expect My Clients To Do When They Work with Me?

You might wonder not only what I do during a healing session, but also, what I expect of my clients.  Can anyone do this work?  The way I work with my clients is very individual.  Some people come to me thinking they are “purchasing a possible cure,”  This may feel like wishful thinking and ungrounded… and I agree and I don’t do that.  What I do is train and coach my patients to help them relate holistically to their body so that physical improvement occurs.  Most notably with cancer is how I teach people to reduce their own pain and cool down their own hot tumors just with using their minds and imagination. I expect my clients to do a spinning meditation throughout the day.  It’s that simple and there is such a depth with the practice that it is full of self development, soul development and pleasure. Watch this video to learn more about:

  • What do I coach my patients?
  • Process of activating your “spirit gate.”
  • How am I different from William Bengston?

If you’ve gone through this whole series and interested in this. Schedule a complimentary get acquainted call with me. Together we can decide if I can help you!

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