Using WARMTH to Boost Immunity Against Coronavirus

Warmth can help fight viruses—even the COVID-19 virus!  Part of my work with my cancer patients, is to help them to boost their immune system using my Octave Resonance Healing Approach (TM). Here are a few tips that may help with some of your COVID-19 concerns.  They focus on the Octave of Life Force, specifically WARMTH. FEVER — DO NOT SUPPRESS IT Fevers are wonderful. They are not symptoms of illness that you should suppress without a very very good reason.  Comfort is not a good reason. They’re actually your body warming itself up so that it can activate white blood cells, which create antibodies specifically for the exact virus you are infected with and kill it.    If you get a fever, don’t suppress it with acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen. 

For most people a fever, even a fairly high fever,  is therapeutic and you want to let it do its magic.  When your fever is rising you feel cold.  Drink ginger tea and get under the covers and rest.  This will activate your immune system.  When your fever is coming down, you will feel hot.  Kick off the covers and keep resting.  A little twitching is usually not considered “too high.”  To get through the discomfort, think about all the antibodies your immune system is producing with its hard work!   Your body is wise.  When it needs to warm up to fight germs, you will feel cold.  It is especially important not to suppress a fever when you feel cold.  When your body finishes getting hot enough, you no longer feel cold, and you start feeling hot.  This is when you have the urge to kick off the covers.  At this point it will not hurt your immune system to reduce the fever. However, please do NOT do this with medications, as they will inhibit the very immune processes that your body so valiantly created with its fever.  Kick off the covers.  

Put your feet in luke-warm water in the bathtub.  You can also wrap wet towels around your legs.  Simply take a hand towel and get it wet (room temperature water)  and put it around your calves.  Wrap the wet towel in a large dry towel to keep your calves wet  and your bed dry.  Rest.  It will probably take about 10 minutes to bring the fever down, which is about as long as it takes ibuprofen or Tylenol. If you live in the United States, I can help you obtain some calcium lactate (email me atsuzanne@spiritgate.com).  This is a form of calcium that is absorbed extremely fast into the blood stream.  One purpose of a fever is to get more calcium out of your bones and it is the calcium in the blood that activates the white blood cells.  You can take calcium lactate and either skip the fever, or you can take the fever down with calcium lactate. KEEP YOUR NECK AND CHEST WARM Warmth on your neck and chest actually keep your mucus more fluid.  When mucus gets hard and sticky, it can’t do it’s job of mechanically removing virus from your airways.  

Wear a scarf or a turtle-neck or both. AGGRESSIVELY HYDRATE WITH WARM DRINKS Herbal teas like ginger, mint, chamomile, green tea, etc, if drunk warm, can keep phlegm and mucus more fluid.  Drinking a lot of fluid (12-16 cups/day) helps the kidneys flush out.  6-8 cups/day, is just not going to be enough.  Being reasonably well hydrated is a good preventive for viral infections, but doubling the amount on non-caffeinated liquid you consume at the first signs of getting sick may act like a miracle drug!   Drink your liquids warm and you have double the medicine. NETTI-POT — NASAL DOUCHE Makes sense that a warm saline rinse will lower the amount germs your body has to deal with.   MUSTARD PLASTER This is a super effective, time-honored therapy.  

Mustard plasters create a hot mildly irritating sensation on your chest and it actually loosens up the phlegm and allows the hot sticky mucus starts to flow. Email me (or do a Google/YouTube search) if you need help with how to make a mustard plaster. You can also use a Celluma LED light, or a hot water bottle on your chest.  They both have wonderful soothing penetrating warmth.  Avoid electric heating pads and electric blankets.  They are warm, but the electricity can interfere with the immune system.  Don’t forget warm baths, warm showers, and warm hugs. 🙂  I hope these tips help you and your loved ones!  I have been using warmth to treat viruses for decades. You can do warmth practices with whatever else you are doing.  

Now that we’ve warmed you up

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