Spiritual Practice - A Way to Enhances Distance Healing

This is my ongoing series in understanding the principles that enhance distance healing. Today’s tip is about how important it is to incorporate spiritual practice into distance healing Distance healing is not about bossing God around.  It’s not about directing events… and yet tangible measurable results do happen.  For example, I can fairly reliably cool down hot tumors and reduce pain in people and animals with cancer.   But I don’t do it by commanding or demanding or even believing that it will happen. It’s more about allowing Grace to happen. 

  • How do we be very specific about what we want and still allow a miracle? 
  • How do we allow something that we aren’t controlling? 
  • How do we create a container for healing so that it can come into being?

The way I do this subtle but powerful inner gesture is with a daily personal spiritual practice.  Frankly, most religions and most distance healing practices cut off genuine spirituality. They get you somewhere, but not to the place I go when I work with cancer.  The way to have genuine spirituality is… (drumroll please for a cosmic Duh!)… is to actually to have a genuine personal spiritual practice irrespective of dogma. A good religious practice can guide you towards authentic spirituality, but often we use religion as a substitute. There needs to be something authentic and objective with it.  It’s an actual give-and-take between you and the Divine, between you and the non-physical, between you and your supra-conscious, between you and God, between you and the parts of yourself that you’re usually only vaguely aware of. This spiritual “place” is beyond emotions and images. This spiritual place includes thinking and comprehending Truth, as well as the place beyond thinking– the places where the thoughts and inspiration come comes from.  Hopefully, this tip helps you appreciate that while there are technique and skill in Distance Healing, it’s more about how to allow than how to do.  That is something that is cultivated over time in the privacy of your inner gesture to your very real and powerful spiritual self. Here’s a video I am talking about Using Spiritual Practice to Enhance Distance Healing.

Stay tuned for other ways to enhance your distance healing. A group of us do a community distance healing every week at my Facebook Group Spirit Gate Cancer Support”. You are invited to join the group to give/receive distance healing as well as get your questions answered about energy medicine for cancer.

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