Does Desire Help or Hurt Distance Healing

Does DESIRE Help or Hurt Distance Healing?

This is my continuing series on how to enhance distance healing. Today’s topic is about where healing comes from. It helps to have a relationship with where healing comes from. There are religious and philosophic ways of constructing that. Healing happens in the now but it actually comes from the future. I  invite healing into a person as I’m cooling down their tumors. I’m working in the here and now but what I want hasn’t happened yet. And it’s in the future and I actively work with the practice of  “desiring.”  The future contains, among other things, many positive possibilities.  Consciously connecting to such possibilities is very helpful. However, there are ways to desire a positive future that doesn’t help at all.  Rather, one can completely cut oneself off from positive possibilities. 

It can be tricky. I train people to how to be very clear about what they want and how to simultaneously be detached from it.  Some people detach by pretending they don’t want what they actually desire deeply, but that doesn’t allow it to come in.  Others attach so deeply that they are “white-knuckling” their desires, which invariable blocks their desires from manifesting.    There is another way, a better way, of having a healthy relationship with the future so that the desire connects with a spiritual optimizing force.   This can be a challenge when you are worried about dying. 

How can you really care about living and simultaneously “let go and let God”? I teach people how to do this.   So the tip is this:  Ponder this paradox of desire/surrender.  If you are NEEDING the future to be a certain way, relax and surrender.  If you are too relaxed and don’t care, generate some desire. The sweet spot in the middle of this paradox is where you want to live. I talk about it in this video:  Relationship with the Future – Ways to Enhance Distance Healing.

This is Tip # 9 in my ongoing series of how to enhance giving or receiving distance healing.  Stay tuned for upcoming tips.. A group of us do a community distance healing every week at my Facebook Group Spirit Gate Cancer Support.  You are invited to join the group to give/receive distance healing as well as get your questions answered about energy medicine for cancer.

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