Quackery, Spiritual healers and Cancer

I am a Registered Dietician Nutritionist, herbalist, National Board Certified Acupuncturist, sound healer, and a medical intuitive. I specialize in energy healing for cancer. When I tell people that I am a Spiritual Healer, some people  think that:

  1. i) I am a Quack, or
  2. ii) They can pay me for a miracle.

Hopefully you know that neither are true. First things first. I get physical results with spiritual healing. However, this does not mean that there is some magical way in which I work wherein if you pay me you will get better. It’s much more intricate than that.  Spiritual healing works with the laws of the universe, it never defies them. It seems logical that since cancer is considered “incurable” and spiritual healing can promote its healing, then the spiritual healing must be working from a system that defies logic and reason.  We tend to want to artificially believe in it, in hope of resonating with what we want.  We hope this belief/resonance will allow our physical body to be helped by spiritual forces.  This well-intentioned practice risks creating the problem of losing touch with the here-and-now.  Physical healing doesn’t happen up in the sky.

  Physical healing happens in the physical body…here…now.   You block out awareness of anything that contradicts your belief when your consciousness is up in the sky believing that up is down or black is white.  This inner alignment with what you want can indeed help you focus on your goal, but it can only get you so far… and usually not far enough to help cancer.   When you keep your hopes on such a magical happening, you are actually pulling yourself out of the energetic matrix that you need to occupy in order to heal (aka Presence).  You limit your ability to receive inspiration on how to tweak whatever you are doing to make it work better.  You don’t want to do this.  What I do want you to do, is to not believe in me. Now don’t be spooked by this. Of course, I want you to believe that you are exploring something that you hope will help you. 

 But don’t believe that this particular process will work.  Rather, simply observe your process.  Observe how your body and the world around you responds to your process. Instead of believing that I will run some magic that will save you, believe that you have a great inner discriminator that will help you on your journey. Believe that you can be guided by your supra-conscious/God/Creator.   Believe that your current awareness is limited and that if you ask questions, your awareness will grow and with a new broader  perspective, the results you get will be better.  Your job, when we do a session, is to tweak your ability to receive healing from your source.  My job is to hold the healing matrix open strongly enough that you can shift something in you.  Often this is unconscious.  Thinking that I am doing the work (rather than you) will lead you to missing some awareness gems that will help you accomplish the transformation you desire. One of the chapters in my book is about the 22 ways to tell if energy healing is working. 

 You learn how to observe Physical, Life Force, Emotions, Imaginations and Spiritual events that let you know if you are on the right track.  If you really want to assist the energy healing process, you must get into an observatory, scientific stance about spiritual healing.  True faith does not shut off one’s thinking… it activates it.  Thinking doesn’t create the healing, but it helps you tweak your inner and outer activity so it can be more effective.  Thinking itself is a spiritual activity that can lead you to a “beyond thinking”, non-dualistic union/communion with healing.  This inner state of communion with the Divine is glamorized as a reverent open-hearted gesture.  In my experience, non-duality feels like “nothing” and is rather boring.

  I know how to get there and my thinking about it helped me know what to be aware of.   Many types of belief are simply versions of attempting to boss God around and are the opposite of genuine devotion to truth, love of the Divine, and communion with spiritual realities.  I teach my clients how to truly honor their desires for healing, happy relationships, abundance and love… and then surrender all of it and just be in the present moment.  I have them do exercises that they practice for 10-60 seconds throughout the day. When you are giving or receiving an energy healing, even if you are “going into the Silence” or “communing with True Nature” you want to keep the “witnessing and curious” part of you in the picture.  

 Healing is a dynamic process.  If you think you are doing it “right” you are instantly trapped in that point of view and will get less powerful results than if you can be open to inspiration.  Curiosity and wonder with your healing practice is the opposite of egotistically performing a healing.  A useful inner gesture is to allow your consciousness to be a cup that can be filled by Source… the cup needs to be at least half-empty so something new can fill it.  How to keep your cup empty?  Questions.  Ask Questions.  Observe everything (including how open your heart is, how quiet you are inwardly, the temperature changes, etc etc–see my book). One of my favorite questions is,  “What can I be aware of now that I wasn’t aware of five minutes ago?”   When you live with questions rather than conclusions you are receptive to ideas for your next steps. 

Summary Energy healing works best with your active involvement.  The energy work is a catalyst and I act as a coach to help you know what to notice. I understand that if you are here right now, you must be desperate for help with cancer and my heart goes out to you. I know it’s not easy to navigate the journey and perhaps I can help.   I conduct remote healing sessions on how to reduce pain and promote healing and well-being. Please see my Cancer FAQ page to know more.  If you are looking for private coaching, you can schedule a complimentary get acquainted call with me using this link.  If you have any further questions or if this article helped you gain some more clarity, I would love to hear from you in the comments section or you can personally email me at suzanne@spiritgate.com.

You CAN tell if energy therapy is working!

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