Playfulness - A way to Enhance Distance Healing

Playfulness – A way to enhance distance healing: This is my ongoing series of how to enhance distance healing. I specialize in energy medicine for people and pets with cancer.  Training people how to use hands-on energy technologies, as well as distance healing is a part of that.  My 35+ years experience as a holistic healthcare professional then helps me help clients manage their naturally healing tumors, and I help them work with other healthcare professionals so they get the best possible care.  You might think that distance healing is “magical”, or “unscientific”. I’ve been doing it a while and have noticed there are ways to enhance its effectiveness.   Today’s tip is about being playful and whimsical with distance healing.  

Before I got very good at distance healing, I thought that in order to affect something from a distance, I had to get extremely reverent and serious… even pios.  I thought I needed to generate an emotional state of devotion and love. However, I’ve learned my clients get better results when I get whimsical, playful and experimental. I’ve learned to keep it light.  When heavy things like illness spiritually resolve to a healthier state, I always experience a sense of lightness.  If I am scared, serious, and devout, I can be part of the problem.   Negative emotion is an important part of a healing process which is not today’s topic.  Let’s just not glamorize it or make it important. The part of me that witnesses the illness and/or the negative emotion, needs to be light.   So when you’re doing distance healing stay light.  Stay happy and playful.  I talk about it in this video:   Playfulness – Ways to Enhance Distance Healing.

This is Tip # 5 to enhance giving or receiving distance healing.  Stay tuned for the next ways to enhance your distance healing. A group of us do a community distance healing every week at my Facebook Group Spirit Gate Cancer Support.  You are invited to join the group to give/receive distance healing as well as get your questions answered about energy medicine for cancer.

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