Innovation and Change - A Way to Enhance Distance Healing

How “Doing it Right” can Interfere with Distance Healing This is my ongoing series of how to enhance distance healing. I do a lot of distance healing and specialize in cancer. I am able to cool down hot cancerous tumors, reduce pain and extend life significantly for people and pets. And I do this by training not just doing the distance healing but training family members to how to do hands-on human.  Today’s tip is about how to enhance distance healing by using innovation and change rather than “proper technique”.  This is especially important for cancer. I’ve been an acupuncturist for decades and I found that I had my favorite treatments for headaches, menstrual problems or hormonal issues. I used powerful protocols that worked most of the time. But with cancer, I’m learning that I really have to change it up. It seems that cancer really adapts to what you’re doing and seems to “learn” how to go around it and grow anyway. I’ve discovered that if I change my technique frequently,  it’s like cancer doesn’t have time to figure me out, and then I’m able to get results.  There are many ways to keep the process fluid:

  • Change the time of day, 
  • Change the number of people involved, 
  • Change how often you treat. 
  • Change how long you treat. 
  • Change the frequency that you are internally generating.
  • Change where you touch
  • Change how you connect with your patient (or your healer if you are the patient) 
  • Ask yourself the question “how should I do it now?”. And then do what occurs to you..
  • There are hundreds of ways to change it up…let your intuition be your guide. 

I talk about it in this video:  Innovation and Change – Ways to Enhance Distance Healing.

This is Tip # 6 to enhance giving or receiving distance healing.  Stay tuned for the next ways to enhance your distance healing. A group of us do a community distance healing every week at my Facebook Group Spirit Gate Cancer Support.  You are invited to join the group to give/receive distance healing as well as get your questions answered about energy medicine for cancer.

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